a general education-biologic basis of gender identity + (unfinished)

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another resource doing the same, The Definition of Normal


Biologic variation

there are innumerable natural distinct genetic variations that comprise an intersex diagnosis found in humans and animals of all species. In humans XX and XY are merely assumptions as none of you have ever had your genome sequenced unless somethings gone wrong and docs had to test certain organs to figure out why you cant carry child or why a certain drugs are unreactive though many go their entire lives never knowing. outside of XX and XY there are XXXY XXXO XXY ,XXO, even a single X or O (fun fact the only combination that cannot support life is a single Y). and that’s before you get in to Chimarism http://www.britannica.com/topic/chimera-genetics and Mosaicism http://www.britannica.com/science/hermaphroditism#ref87063. where one can have various combinations of all the above in separate systems of the body.

“There are people who don’t have XX or XY chromosome pairs, because chromosomes sometimes stick together instead of separating during meiosis. So babies can be born XO, XXX, XXY, and so on. There’s also this special group of genes in a region on the Y chromosome which code for sexual characteristics, or the sex-determining region on the Y (SRY). These genes can cross over to the X chromosome during meiosis, meaning a baby with a Y chromosome can be without the genes that code for male traits and that a baby without a Y chromosome can have them. Then, even if you have the genes which code for a trait, doesn’t mean that you’ll get the trait because errors can and do occur sometimes.Having XY chromosomes is not necessary for being male and does not necessarily make one male.”- Anna Sylene LaCourse

only 0.43% of births have visually ambiguous genitalia, as high as 4% is expected taking into the lack of documentation on a binary form and a need for further study. they are routinely operated on before they leave the hospital (before an age of consent) and mislabeled either male or female to fit the narrow binary view of the world. even if sometimes we still identify and fall snugly within it.

“your biology is wrong”, nice lesson, speaking to everything that follows..


awesome periodic table perspective-equivelant takedown of the binary, “what if we only listed those..”


living rock


britains oldest tree changes sex after 3000 yrs


cross sexed butterfly


anouther article on her 🙂


crossexed cardinal-i find it pertinent to state the bird was lonely,and never sang 😦


crossexed bellbird


chimera cat,venus the twofaced kitty,gorgeous 🙂


another black kitty this one mosaic from the UK named bellini 🙂


beaked whale


female lions with manes


^another take on em J


dragons crossexed due to incubation temperature


small list of intersex animals BBC


list of hermaphroditic animals as a primary source of reproduction


cross-sexed adaptability


evolution an be seen in parts of your own body,short video


Interview with Judith Mank, Chair of Evolutionary and Comparative Biology


cross sexed bird brain study


The Problematic Ideology of Natural Sex


self fertilisation


fun clone theory,an intersex virgin mary creates XY male


it was induced to create human stem cells!


extention of the theory,female self reproduction only more females,or allowing lesbian couples to have offspring from both parents


naturaly occuring pathgeneosis in komodo dragons


a method successful in mice, to create an embryo by fusing skin cells with sperm cells — eliminating the need for an egg to conceive a child


mitocondrial dna is seperate from a cells own dna, paper supports the idea it is a stand alone organism evolved with our own primitive single celled selves begetting more complex forms like our own currently.


we only inherent mitochondrial DNA from our mothers, they use that to search family history, carryn male family names are just that, in name only http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/24/science/mitochondrial-dna-mothers.html

first 3 parent baby born in mexico, thru mitrocondrial DNA donation


endogeoneous retroviruses account for 8% of the human genome


chromosomal sex swapping more common than thought


gene manipulation

potential reverse aging using gene therapy


biotech company claims they used gene therapy to attempt reverse aging


telomeres, diet and mediation less stress may lengthen these protective caps on the genome


they are now allowed to use CRISPER to manipulate the human genome! 2016



dont do this to your newborn intersex child, It denies us bodily autonomy and the ability to self define our sex/gender thru informed consent medical therapys and surgical intervention at a later age


unsex the birth certificate


Malta becomes first nation to outlaw “normalization surgery”


man tries to kill intersex baby 3 times L


Eliminating intersex babies is not a legitimate use of genetic embryo testing


The extraordinary case of the Guevedoces



start here to gain an understanding of  “disorders of sex development” (DSD)


6 most common genetic sexes in humans


kathryn hepburn is a well know woman living with one form called AIS ( Androgony Insensitivity Syndrom) her genetic makeup is XY, typically that associated with a male.


AIS/PAIS humans


explained here are the grades of PAIS (Partial Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) take note that until about 10 weeks gestational age, male and female embryos appear identical in external anatomy, it is only with the presence or absence of certain hormones that direction of growth is divergent.


here Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY trisomy) is explained.these chromosomal changes usually occur as random events during the formation of reproductive cells (eggs and sperm) in a parent befor conception.its mosaic variations occur as  random events during cell division early in fetal development.


Turner Syndrome (monosomy X)  results when one normal X chromosome is present in a child’s cells and the other sex chromosome is missing or structurally altered.About half of individuals with Turner syndrome have monosomy X, which means each cell in the individual’s body has only one copy of the X chromosome instead of the usual two sex chromosomes; can also occur if one of the sex chromosomes is partially missing or rearranged rather than completely absent.


48,XXYY Syndrome


47,XYY Syndrome


47,XXX Syndrome


CAH congenital adrenal hyperplasmia -masculinisation of females and males


CAH 46xx (21 hydroxalase deffencicy)


assigned male 😦


acute adrenal crisis


i would suggest a look at

OII http://oiiinternational.com/

male with 2 penises


woman with 2 vaginas


Guevedoces, born female become male at puberty


man fails paternity test due to chimara twin


fertility in a woman with a predominantly 46,XY karyotype


Gender identity, gender assignment and reassignment in individuals with disorders of sex development: a major dilemma



a short video from a professor at standford,as entertaining as it is educational


a case study of transexual twins reared apart from birth


bbc-australian team identifies one genetic marker causation


Androgen Receptor (AR) Repeat Length Polymorphism – the technical name for the gene


what the professor was refering to, female numbers in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BSTc) of the brain


pictures of the (BSTc) in hetro and gay males contrasted to femal and trans


this has links to studys about the BCTS, hypothalimus, grey matter, and odorus tests


new brain scan found significant differences between male and female brains in four regions of white matter, formersly the BcTS was only able to be recognised post mortum.


well wasnt that just a happy coincidence! i googled looking for a specific paper and found a plethera!


Dilemmas in Conceptualizing Gender Identity Variants as Psychiatric Conditions-find full txt


Female Neuron Numbers in Limbic Nucleus


“is there something unique about the transgender brain?”


has badass sources to gather that directly applies here


nice article “what it means to be transgender” restates the above though is missing genetic links and only uses odorus tests an one brainscan


the Praeger handbook of Transsexuality; changing gender to match mind


insular cortex- While measuring brain activity with magnetic resonance imaging during blood pressure trials, researchers found that men and women had opposite responses in the right front of the insular cortex, a part of the brain integral to the experience of emotions, blood pressure control and self-awareness.


Researchers demonstrate gender identity is reflected in the brain, including transgenderism- a study on the effects of crossex hormone levels and their affect on the brain


study  that  lends itself that the presence of testosterone in any number of periods during fetal development from external sources is the only sex masculinising decider. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3146061/

testosterones effect on the brain (apply this to a female nervous system..)


a nice rundown about brain differences from a trans resource in Missouri/Kansas


Female digit ratio. Research has shown that a high digit ratio (index finger length to ring finger length) is associated with an abnormally low exposure to Testosterone in the womb. Consequently, these researchers have done the test we’ve waited for — a study of MTF transsexuals, and confirmed that this group has the high digit ratio, and in fact is a good match to genetic females.


mosaic brains, 4 papers (finish reading)


interesting article, has links to 4 more studys about brain differences (finish reading)


quick recap and interpretation from a blogger


xeno estrogens

DES exsposure – xeno estrogens in pesticides


The purpose of this review is to summarize the accumulated data on birth related outcomes, cancer and endocrine related effects of DES in exposed mothers and their offspring, and to discuss current ideas on mechanisms of action and paths forward to insure that another product like DES is never prescribed to pregnant women again.


BPA exsposure- xeno estrogens in plastics


fatty diets theorized to increase oestrogens as cause for “feminization of males”  hypospadias



transgender skeleton found 2.500 yrs old


5,000 yr old transgender skeleton


we were once revered as vessels of the goddess


10 intersex gods/goddesses


matriarchy; the cross without the circle, why Christians are so afraid of trans people


the chalice and the blade, Raine Esler


a contrast between Indic culture and abrahamic


24 Transgender Historical Figures


Gender Variance Whos Who, awesome compilation tons of information and history, a list of just about everyone whos ever had any direct or indirect impact on the trans community.


trans man in 1879 known for their hunting prowess


5 trans women you don’t learn about in history class


“In 1952, Christine Jorgensen became the first American to publicly announce her sex reassignment surgery.” Abroad



homosexuality also has a genetic advantage to the overall gene pool


further explanation to the X chromosomes role in it all


a study on homophobia- “demonstrated the involvement of psychoticism and immature defense mechanisms in homophobic attitudes, while a contrasting role is played by neurotic defense mechanisms and depressive symptoms. Moreover, secure attachment is an indicator of low levels of homophobia compared with the subjects demonstrating a fearful style of attachment. Hence, in the assessment of homophobia and in the relevant programs of prevention”


study concludes that the more homopobic a person is the more likely they are to be closeted gay


animals so far observed with homosexuality https://www.facebook.com/IFeakingLoveScience/videos/1382344771786530/

study on lesbian mountain gorillas in rawanda


first gay nmarriage in 54 AD also a short timeline of its legality since


5 gay love stories from the ages


confederate/union untold history gay civil war soldiers


the latest “gay” gene study


“The intersections of trans women and lesbian identities, communities, and movements”: An introduction


other existences

not all “real” trans women are out of the closet- this speaks to social pressure to stay in, powerful piece


Asexual or Ace


Gender Queer, Kate Bornsteins blog


two-spirit, contains a list of native words for it as well


Questioning, Gender Questioning is a resource produced by GLHV in conjunction with the Trans Melbourne Gender Project. It is designed to provide information and support to young people between 16 and 25 who are questioning their gender or supporting someone who is doing so. It will be distributed through counsellors, school nurses and health services.




affirmative therapy for trans and gender non conforming clients


5 truths about your gender identity exploration


educational resources for understanding gender identity

awesome educational video from the BBC the extraordinary making of you


pt.1 national geographic, awesome gender identity education, sex,lies and gender


pt.2 proves that you cant assign gender based on Moneys failed circumcision mutilation


pt.3 intersex identites as neither/or soley male or female ,they define their gender


pt.4 puberty supression


pt.5 social oppression and discrimination/ nature so far in half of its species has noted gender variance


endocrine society’s stance that gender identity has a basis in biology


to search the endocrine societys database of thousands of papers on various aspects of all this, use key words transsexual, intersex, gender identity, cross-sex


boston medical report that gender identity has a basis in biologic causation


Evidence Supporting the Biologic Nature of Gender Identity


i think once you realize the mechanics of variable genetics,you see how we were predetermined to suffer the consequences of random hormonal stress within the womb, thru exposure to xeno estrogens in pesticides and plastics, and naturally occurring genetic variation. even in nature a plethora of plants and animals change sex characteristics as a means of surviving stress periods, if not evolving in the genetic swapping processes of cell division, pollination, and procreation. once you realize we are all connected and not somehow removed from other lifeforms, it stands to reason that we would have the original coding shared by other forms, that even if we’re added up chromosomal to scientific equations of human, that those chromosomes themselves still retain the first trick life ever knew, a sexual, single celled reproduction. that even without environmental stresses (though a key component of evolution) it still uses that original combination in amongst many varied attempts to unlock new codes. While it causes great distress and harm we are a natural process of life!

trans 101

Sylvia Riviera law project 101


Trans Advocate 101




APA 101 questions and answers



NCoD,national coming out day, is celebration of the 1987 march on Washington for LG rights, now LGBTQIA rights


original trans pride flag created by Monica Helms, now resides in the Smithsonian


how to get a trans color filter for your pic to show support


a new transgender symbol summed up by the creator, seems legit, though have a problem with it,but cant put my finger on it..


images of transgender symbols


intersex flag




boston major flys trans flag until its fully inlusive non discrimination resolution is passed



10 things every girl should learn to say


11 miconceptions


what your really doing when you ignore pronouns


130+ examples of cis privelage for you to reflect on


cisgender defined


cultural cisgenderism


kyriarchy,the system of oppression that intersects all other areas of oppression

‘Is it a man or a woman? Transitioning and the cis gaze’ by Ray Filar


“But I’m An Ally! I’m On Your Side!”


shitty trans ally bingo


shitty trans ally bingo explained


how to spot “concern” trolls


4 reasons why your “harmless opinion” isn’t so harmless


the biological sex vs gender identity conundrum http://www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/rjmedwed/sex_vs_gender

3 phrases that “unintentionally” marginalize trans women


we exist within a patriarchal society


“the day I chose my heterosexuality”


resources for understanding physical transition

TS and TG roadmap, good place to start to understand physical and social transition


Transgender Care, a nice site explaining all the effects from HRT, to electrolysis, to surgery, with a links to over 3000 other trans sites.


transgender health information program, nice run down on what to expect for each therapy/regime/surgery, Montreal Canada


a drs powerpoint explaining treatment


a guide for hospitals 5/25/16 PDF


transgender health, the lancet, ongoing publication


^ really nice overview of whats involved, specific to primary care providers


^best practices guide for the primary care and transitional care of transgender patients 2016


for pharmacists, AMJH American journal of health, system pharmacy


^HRC, providing LGBTQ-inclusive care and services at your pharmacy


we have a shortage of trans competent doctors everything from primary care to surgery


Transline Project health, “We host a national online transgender medical consultation service that offers health care providers up-to-date transgender clinical information and individualized case consultation across a broad range of clinical transgender issues. TransLine is staffed by expert medical providers from LGBT clinics from around the nation who can help you provide the best possible care to your transgender patients.”


Psychological Reprogramming and Transition


catching up, the constant catch 22 L described as jetdrag having lost much of our life pretransition


families in transiton,a resource guide for family members of transtioning youth


the rats of NIHM, to me it speaks of isolation at my parents, and how I was better off on my own. It could also speak to a rise in variance, are we the “beautiful ones” who forgot how to mate?


clinical harm/good

Gender Variance Whos Who, nice site with a lot of history in it. DrHarry Benjamin was the most empathetic and perhaps the most helpful, he fled nazi germany arriving here and setting up practice, In 1948,“Harry Benjamin is introduced to a “boy who wants to become a girl”, and whose mother seeks a treatment to assist, rather than thwart the child. The following year, he begins treating transsexuals in San Francisco and New York with hormones” (transgender history). Utilizing the first synthetic forms of estrogen introduced; Di-Ethyl Stilbesterol in 1938 and Premarin in 1942 for the treatment of menopause, benefits far outweighed the long standing use of herbal remedies and their estrogenic properties. Upon autopsy, the child now a deceased adult, was found to have always had undeveloped ovarian tissue.


myths about regret


Dr john Money while viewing identity soley on anatomy, did do the first sex change operations in America at john Hopkins working with Benjamine, making it the first treatment center for transsexualism. He advocated for physical conformity within the binary to a point of downfall where he used a botched circumcision and applied further genital mutilation to attempt to define gender based on his theorys of nurture over nature raising the boy as a girl.


Paul McHugh replaced Money and shut down the surgical aspects of the gender clinic at Hopkins, this is a nice history of everything from the perspective of the university which happens to ignore evidence based research counter to its directors claims against surgery


the scary “science”still going on at johns Hopkins


Paul McHugh, the administration at John’s Hopkins refuses to disavow him and his positions, despite his legal troubles and close association with numerous hate groups.


J after john Hopkins closed its doors to trans patients, a Dr Stanley Biber filled the void, who eventually trained Dr Marci Bowers who is now the worlds leading expert training new surgeons from all over!


Michael bailey and eugenics, psychology at northwestern university until 2004 where he resigned after investigation into ethics violations for his transphobic book “the man who would be queen”


Kenith Zucker who has been abusing trans children for 30+ yrs and who at one point was on and developed a board overseeing our access to care thru the DSM with croney Ray Blanchard who have all been removed in its latest revision, including recently shutting down his gender clinic in canda.


1 APA says its revisioning DSMV (zucker and palls have been the ones overseeing “gender identity” since our inception in DSMIII that labeled us as mentally disordered)


2 WPATH provides its opinions and calls for full redaction from the DSM


3 various activists call out the board overseeing gender criteria (zucker and blanchard)


4 zucker mishappenly brought attention to his hatework by suing an activist named lynn conway for defemation when all she did was post findings from anouther medical entity that contradicted his claims of reperative therapy and desistance


one of the papers he didn’t like was by Arlene Istar lev


lynn conways detailed description of zuckers rein and downfall


5 the DSM head removes zucker and everyone under him, rebuilding the diagnostic group


The makeup of the subgroups was as follows: child (Drs. Pleak and Menvielle); adolescent (Drs. Bradley and Green); adult (Drs. Eyler, Coleman and Tompkins), and DSD (Drs. Meyer-Bahlburg and Byne).- Report of the APA Task Force on Treatment of Gender Identity Disorder


6 the board worked with medical professionals and individuals to develop a criteria that wouldnt effect our ability to access medical care, removed all but those seeking surgery from disorder criteria, though stops short from complete removal


  1. zuckers practice a clinic in canada is shut down after the nation passes anti reparative therapy guidelines, his clinic cannot prove that reparative therapy is not continually taking place, he resigns.


zucker and dissonance,end of a hate era the end of the desistance myth


and still their cronies are spouting misinterpretation of the science thru their theorys, though without the Blanchard theory mindset it does give a nice timeline of brain studys, you can tell where the paper was dismissed and sent back to be revised mandating that they add things they conveintly left out like the fact the hypothesis the theory is based on are unproven themselves.basicly they don’t look at the evidence and develop a hypothesis, they twist and omit the evidence to fit their theory.


^John Hopkins University publicly disavows recent paper and its authors !


^ brynn explains it all


A classic example of transphobia in older-generation gay men, men such as Blanchard zuckers croney, called “Fourattists” who..

“ held sway in the elite gay community during the 80’s and 90’s. It was a time when prevailing gay male wisdom derided postop women as “crazy queens who’d gone too far”.  That provincial viewpoint became so entrenched that many gay psychiatrists, psychologists and social pundits pitched in and pushed it too, as it if were simply a matter of fact. Many such men, men such as Simon LeVayDean HamerRay BlanchardJames CantorJames S. FitzgeraldChandler BurrSteven Pinker, etc., published and/or promoted such transphobic viewpoints, often referring to trans women as “transsexual men”.  After all “they knew queens” – or so they thought.”


the TERFs are an ideology, Trans Exclusionary Radial Feminists,sometimes they come with PHDs in all the wrong places, who have done and mean to do gender minority’s social,physical,and emotional harm; which has resulted in exclusionary practices in western medicine, in governments, and even having gender identity strickn from the UNs human rights charter for a number of years. many of whom are still working toward that goal of dehumanization to this day though now their hate is only shared by those with their same “dinosaur” ideology and now largely dismissed by professionals in the feilds they used to speak on.


^Janice Raymond


^how Raymond denied healthcare to trans people in 1981


^ Intersex critique of TERF “gender critical” ideology, nice


^ rebuttle to the times TERF opinion “what makes a woman”, from the same intersex Dr.


the fallacy of implying hierarchy upon those suffering from gender disphoria, primary/secondary transsexuals


gender dysphoria, not body dysmorphia


“Autogynephilia/partial-autogynephillia” blanchards made up diagnosis that fits their transphobic theorys




due to a lack of insurance, or coverage, or personal finance some are forced to makeshift street dealers and black markets for things like hormones, and in self desperation even surgery. this happened in hamilton right down the street this yr in 2016 due to the wasteland of mental and physical healthcare in butler/warren counties of ohio, self surgery


6 yr old trans girl tries to rip off anatomy


transitioning on the black market-hormones


form of the black market


this article is about “pumping” silicone injections


“It is not the butterfly’s place to lecture the
entomologist; it may feel pain whilst being pinned to a corkboard, but it had best keep that to itself.”
– Élise Hendrick, National Women’s Studies Association Conference, 2008

How research is misused to harm,A compilation of articles, thanks to brynn


2011 transgender discrimination survey- by a federal task force, showing disparency across the board in every realm imaginable


study shows trans people arent suicidal because their trans rather the discrimination we face


WPATH Wall Street Journal Editorial Critiques Transgender Health July 2, 2014

Dr. Paul McHugh (“Transgender surgery isn’t the solution”) writes about the study at Johns Hopkins in the 1970’s showing poor outcomes from transgender surgeries, leading to McHugh shutting down Johns Hopkins’ transgender program in 1979, and the US Department of Health and Human Services declaring transgender surgery experimental, and therefore not covered. Two weeks ago, HHS reversed its 1981 decision, and removed transgender health exclusions from Medicare. McHugh seems unaware of the work in transgender health in these last 30 years that led to this reversal by HHS. 


trans identity is not a mental illness


WHO is set to release trans people from a mental illness category all together in ICD11

^this is about why people in japan like the diagnosis,because it opened the door for treatment


to this day the dionosaurs refuse to die, this was mchugh’s latest attempt to kill trans kids


^ rebuttle against Hopkins latest attempt to murder trans people


^nearly 700 members of john Hopkins university including the dean disavows mchughs latest attack


^  Petition to Hopkins to Address False LGBT Reports, internal


^ takedown of mchughs latest transphobic attack


^ awesomesauce! Hopkins despite mchugh has reopened its surgical clinic


^coupled with a public policy !


health disparities

mental health disparity

what its like to be trans in a mental health facility, historicly and currently it gets much worse


substance abuse


trans people face a 60% addiction rate and LGB sections face 30%- nice video discussion




SAMSAH top health issues for the LGBT populations- information and resource kit


NAMI how does disparity affect the LGBT community


Marquette University and UC San Francisco has found that researchers are not reporting sexual orientation and transgender identities in psychotherapy outcome studies for anxiety and depression, which the authors say poses significant challenges for determining whether or not these treatments work for LGBT people.


American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, (1) how mental health has contributed to trans stigma, (2) why more than good intentions are needed, (3) a research agenda for the development of high-quality evidence-based behavioral health care for the trans community, and (4) clinician recommendations.


Transgender health and well-being: Gains and opportunities in policy and law.

(1) how the bathroom myth has been used every time a trans nondiscrimination bill is considered, (2) transgender nondiscrimination laws and policies, (3) the expansion of gender discrimination, (4) strategies for promoting mental health and well-being among trans people, (5) policy developments supporting the mental health and well-being of trans people, and (6) opportunities for action.


* Expecting Rejection: Understanding the Minority Stress Experiences of Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Individuals




^ an interview with Brian Rood: Expectation of rejection makes people who are transgender feel anxious, isolated, depressed




Medical health disparities

The NIH declares LGBT people as health disparity population


Lancet medical journal releases need for transgender medical competency


A survey by the Royal College of Nurses has found that more than half of nurses have cared for transgender patients, but only 13% of them felt prepared to do so.


8 pdfs recognized by the CDC




medical necessity statements

AAP American Academy of Pediatrics, a letter from their president


AAFP American College of Family Physicians

In 2007, an AAFP Commission declared that the association has a policy opposing any

form of patient discrimination and stated its opposition to the exclusion of transgender health care: “RESOLVED, That the American Academy of Family Physicians endorse payment by third party payors to provide transsexual care benefits for transgender patients.”


ACOG American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

“Transgender individuals face harassment, discrimination, and rejection within our

society. Lack of awareness, knowledge, and sensitivity in health care communities

eventually leads to inadequate access to, underutilization of, and disparities within the

health care system for this population. Although the care for these patients is often

managed by a specialty team, obstetrician-gynecologists should be prepared to assist of refer transgender individuals with routine treatment and screening as well as hormonal and surgical therapies. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists opposes discrimination on the basis of gender identity and urges public and private health insurance plans to cover the treatment of gender identity disorder.”


ACP American College of Physicians,

calls for clinical LGBT competency recognizing disparency of care


AMA American Medical Association


“An established body of medical research demonstrates the effectiveness and medical

necessity of mental health care, hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery as forms of therapeutic treatment for many people diagnosed with GID … Therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the AMA supports public and private health insurance coverage for

treatment of gender identity disorder.”


AMSA American Medical Student Association,

issues guidance for care of transgender patients


APA American Psychology Association

As stated in the Policy on Transgender, Gender Identity & Gender Expression NonDiscrimination,the APA “opposes all public and private discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived gender identity and expression and urges the repeal of discriminatory laws and policies” and “calls upon psychologists in their professional roles to provide appropriate, nondiscriminatory treatment to transgender and gender variant individuals and encourages psychologists to take a leadership role in working against discrimination towards transgender and gender variant individuals[.]”

The “APA recognizes the efficacy, benefit and medical necessity of gender transition

treatments for appropriately evaluated individuals and calls upon public and private

insurers to cover these medically necessary treatments.”


APA guidelines


does the APA guidance go far enough?


AAFP American Academy of Family Physicians (resolutions 1002-1006)


APHA American Public Health Association

The APHA issued a policy statement concluding that

“transgendered individuals are not receiving adequate health care, information, or inclusion within research studies because of discrimination by and/or lack of training of health care providers and researchers;


The APHA thus “Urges researchers and health care workers to be sensitive to the lives of transgendered individuals and treat them with dignity and respect, and not to force them to fit within rigid gender norms. This includes referring to them as the gender with which they identify; Urges researchers, health care workers, the National Institutes of Health, and the Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention to be aware of the distinct health care needs of transgendered individuals; and Urges the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make available resources, including funding for research, that will enable a better understanding of the health risks of transgendered individuals, especially the barriers they experience within health care settings…”


DoD Dept of defense, effective oct 1st 2016

  1. Service members with a diagnosis from a military medical provider indicating that gender transition is medically necessary, will be provided medical care and treatment for the diagnosed medical condition. Recommendations of a military medical provider will address the severity of the Service member’s medical condition and the urgency of any proposed medical treatment. Medical advice to commanders will be provided in a manner consistent with processes used for other medical conditions that may limit the Service member’s performance of official duties.


HHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, released guidelines 5/14/16

“The final rule helps consumers who are seeking to understand their rights and clarifies the responsibilities of health care providers and insurers that receive federal funds. The final rule also addresses the responsibilities of issuers that offer plans in the Health Insurance Marketplaces. Among other things, the final rule prohibits marketing practices or benefit designs that discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. The final rule also prohibits discriminatory practices by health care providers, such as hospitals that accept Medicare or doctors who participate in the Medicaid program.”


NASW National Association of Social Workers

“NASW supports the rights of all individuals to receive health insurance and other health coverage without discrimination on the basis of gender identity, and specifically without exclusion of services related to transgender or transsexual transition…in order to receive medical and mental health services through their primary care physician and the appropriate referrals to medical specialists, which may include hormone replacement therapy, surgical interventions, prosthetic devices, and other medical procedures.”


NCCH National Commission on Correctional Healthcare

“The health risks of overlooking the particular needs of transgender inmates are so severe that acknowledgment of the problem and policies that assure appropriate and responsible provision of health care are needed…

Because prisons, jails, and juvenile justice facilities have a responsibility to ensure the

physical and mental health and well-being of transgender people in their custody,

correctional health staff should manage these inmates in a manner that respects the

biomedical and psychological aspects of a gender identity disorder (GID) diagnosis.”


PA Phycological Association of Ohio’s statement on ending conversion therapy


WPATH World Professional Association of Transgender Health,

WPATH found that decades of experience with the Standards of Care show gender

transitions and related care to be accepted, good medical practice and effective treatment. In a 2008 clarification, WPATH stated:

“Sex reassignment, properly indicated and performed as provided by the Standards of

Care, has proven to be beneficial and effective in the treatment of individuals with

transsexualism, gender identity disorder, and/or gender dysphoria. Sex reassignment

plays an undisputed role in contributing toward favorable outcomes, and comprises Real Life Experience, legal name and sex change on identity documents, as well as medically necessary hormone treatment, counseling, psychotherapy, and other medical procedures…The medical procedures attendant to sex reassignment are not ‘cosmetic’ or ‘elective’ or for the mere convenience of the patient. These reconstructive procedures are not optional in any meaningful sense, but are understood to be medically necessary for the treatment of the diagnosed condition.”


WMA World Medical Association


WHO world health organisation, document explaining social inequality concerning access to health care and the detriment to health


a joint letter from the APA, APSPA, NASW, and AAPCSW

“The nation’s leading mental health professional organizations are expressing dismay over the spate of recent bills and laws that would allow for individuals and businesses to deny services, employment and housing to LGBT people under the guise of religious freedom. Studies confirm that discrimination, bias and prejudice have negative consequences on one’s mental health and overall well-being. Specifically, research has linked anti-LGBT discrimination to increased risk of depression, anxiety and substance use. And studies show that lesbian, gay and bisexual youth are up to six times more likely to attempt suicide while 41 percent of transgender people report having made a suicide attempt.

It is important to note that several studies also show marked increases in overall physical and mental health when governments enact laws and policies, such as the executive orders recently signed by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf that strengthen equality for LGBT people. Community and family acceptance has also been shown to contribute significantly to fewer occurrences of depression, anxiety and suicidality for LGBT youth.

Our organizations have strong ongoing commitments to promote the health and well-being of LGBT adults and youth; to eliminate violence against LGBT people; and to support full equality in areas such as marriage, employment, housing, public accommodation, military service, licensing, parenting, adoptions and access to legal benefits.

We urge states to reject these harmful and discriminatory bills and to repeal such laws that have already passed.”


resources for understanding puberty suppression

its a lot easier to prevent horrible masculinizing and feminizing effects of the misaligned endocrine than it is to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hrs of painfull invasive treatments to rid oneself of them after the fact. Basicly denied puberty suppression you are condemning your child to a living hell, it affects our ability to develop relationships with peers and pass fluidly in  sociciety that wants us dead…

nice explanation


have a trans kid? Don’t know what to do?


NBC short video of a pediatric explaining puberty blockers


a good report,local even


PBS Is gender identity biologically hard-wired? ( video)


PBS growing up trans (video)


Childrens hospital pioneering proper healthcare for adolescents


inter-act, intersex youth services


accord Alliance has # of very interesting documents to look further into


guidance for transgender youth, treatment


AAP, trans youth face may struggle to find gender-affirming care


study,Hormone treatment of gender identity disorder in a cohort of children and adolescents, medical journal of Australia,2012


“Reperative therapy”

leelah alcorns suicide note


heres the first generic reporting


her blogg friends ..worried..


heres a “better” report


a petition to end the harmfull attempts at “reperative” therapy


how do we find justice


not one more


petition to have the correct name on leelahs tombstone


list of vigils


wonder how this will affect zuckers position in the feild..


pretty raw post,kinda like it


jenny boylan response


article about abusive parents


dc march


the case for prosecuting it as child abuse


find a petition in your state


our local lgbt officer in cincy speaks out in newsletter to the force 🙂








a better take


ACLU,every major medical board stance on reperative therapy


ohio considering bannning conversion therapy 🙂 it failed L dennise dreihouse in the bill only mentioned us as a mere after thought in an issue brought to light by our own loss.


white house against reperative therapy


its being called SHOK Stop Harming Our kids


oregon bans conversion therapy


republican senate kills anti discrimination bill 😦


we have adopted a stretch of I-71 where she died as part of the adopt a highway program thru ODOT get envolved here. We need pink or red leaved trees to plant.


every clinical position statement on the subject



a dr explains how to talk to your cis children about gender identity


a great article calling for more parents to step up in the wake of leelah’s death


mom schools haters


mom stood up for her trans daughter at school 🙂


Tim father of DW stands up


moms take on her trans daughter meeting lavern cox,has a cute sad little video thats good


evangelical Christian mother defends her trans daughter against texas


8 things supportive parents of trans kids want you to know


9 ways intersex youth want to be supported


open letter from a mom of a trans girl, Next family is a resource for non traditional families


a study on transgender teens


study finds trans kids arent confused


yet anouther study proving it is not a phase


anouther study saying kids allowed to be themselves fair well in life.


study says to keep trans kids from killing themselves accept them


mtv did a decent article about a study on trans kids


nice peice from ireland about the need for affirmation and medical


girl scouts turn down 200,000-double it in less than a week for pro trans inclusion 🙂


awesome video, gs member counters transphobic members video “peace out g scout”


a guide for all school personell dealing with trans kids K-12


foster care


the color of blue


a cute fairytale for trans children


study says rejection by family harms by taking away support structures needed in developing coping mechanisms  and is directly coorelated with suicide and substance abuse


Helping Families Support Their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Children


Detransition, Desistance, and Disinformation: A Guide for Understanding Transgender Children Debates


resources for parents





study on LGBT aging/elders


GRIA,GLBTI Rights in Ageing Inc, GRAI is a leader in the evidence which informs policy and practice to ensure quality ageing and aged care services for GLBTI elders. Within are 10 research reports from everything from employment, care facilities, medical care, etc


Providing Competent and Affirming Services for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults


trans stories from any age


For Aging Trans People, Growing Old is Especially Isolating, elder care facilities


finding safe housing for elder LGBT people a struggle, one complex opens in Chicago


^same one in Chicago but mentions one in Washington, another take


95-Year-Old Shares Her Hope For Fellow Trans People


befor the internet was invented In the 90s we had no tools for research nor words and terminology outside of limited medical terminology none knew unless they were being treated under the old SoC witch was built on gatekeeping. The interwebs allowed us to connect with one another and explore gender, and yet it is only in the past 5 yrs or so that there is the abundance of resources you can find now. The world is evolving for the better, yet in some areas it seems to be regressing. This article talks about transitioning for 3 different age groups.


92 yr old interview


FEDERAL precedence, 22% of the american workforce is protected though everyone can appeal state lawsuits to the federal level

Examples of Court Decisions Supporting Coverage of LGBT-Related Discrimination Under Title VII from the EEOC


the US gets bad marks on its UN report card for human rights


white house federal non discrimination policy goes into effect


the fed


every federal agency overseeing labor has released guidelines


the breakdown


EEOC decision


files 3rd lawsuit


hobby lobby verdict in our favor


^ The judge wrote in a footnote that the unisex bathroom could resolve her co-workers’ discomfort by giving co-workers “the option of using it.”


“Using a restroom inconsistent with your identity is a terrible humiliation and an invitation to harassment. It’s the same as saying you can’t use the restroom at all. And if you can’t use the restroom, you can’t work.” – Harper Jean Tobin, NCTE Director of Policy

supreme court backs us in 2 cases


* OPM – us Office of Personell Management-did a study revealing that employers would rather hire a underqualified worker than an overqualified transgender worker http://ohr.dc.gov/page/QualifiedAndTransgender

^they ruled federal workers get healthcare coverage




^ all contractors must remove health exclusions by the first of 2016


^ a better timeline explanation of it removing its own,and then requiring it


labor dept on dress codes


VAWA Violence Against Women Act includes gender identity as of 2012




DoJ just did a press conference validating transgender lives and promising to protect us against bigotry they equated to jim crow laws and recognizing it as a civil rights movement. jump to 36:15 to watch


to read the full statement ^


OCR releases official statement and rules


HHS releases rules that no one can discriminate in medicaid


^ By including gender identity in the regulations, they said, insurance and service providers would have to cover drugs, surgeries, and other services associated with some transgender people’s gender transitions.


^HHS , final ruling


DOL dept of labor releases final guidelines


all federal facilities must accommodate trans people in restrooms


political history

1880 drag ball


lost photos of the LGBT nightclub seen from the 1920s-30s


look inside the nightclub life in Europe befor hitler destroyed it, mentions magnus hirchfeild


1967 queen Elizabeth II decriminalizes homosexuality in England


the riot in a california bar called the tenderloin 3 yrs befor stonewall


stonewall uprising was sparked by black trans women of color, namely Sylvia reveira and marsha p Johnson


drunken history, stonewall, video


2015 kim davis was jailed for contempt when she refused to allow marriage liscences


the anti trans bills introduced since 2015


resources for understanding social transition

video, What it Means to be transgender in America


Transgender Law and Policy Institute, a wealth of law,cases,resources on anything from immigration to employment, has guidelines and resources for enacting law and policy (look further into)


Human Rights and Gender Identity
Issue Paper by Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights


Protecting Transgender Rights Promotes Transgender Health


“how many trans people are there in America? 1.4 million, expect that to increase as they include us in census and allow human rights, a lot are fearfull thus closeted


how many trans people are in your state? Oh has .45% or less than half of 1 percent


preliminary UCLA law statistics

http://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/visualization/lgbt-stats/?topic=LGBT&area=39#densityhow many are born intersex? 1/150


“What is the minimum number of people in group required for you to treat them with respect? How many is too few? How many is enough? Do we really only need to treat people with respect when there are enough of them?”


places of optimal runaway, must include healthcare for surgery, employment protections in its civil rights code, does it have a school to go to? Etc

read first, this is what happened when I tried to develop a best cities for trans people list, no place is safe and they wouldn’t feel confident stating any area as a good place to be L


MAP movement advancement project, easy to navigate, color coded and shows areas equality based on issues faced by both gender and sexual minorities


a nice state by state rundown with ratings using school, protection, and medical care as the basis for their point system 1 -50 with explanations why one should leave or veer away from certain states 😦 ^ they compiled maps from MAP,NCTE,HRC, TLC,ACLU and others


a diffrent one from NCTE updated to 2011


6 best states to live in if your trans


19 best places to live in the worst states


map of homophobia,rasism,sexism by state based on tweets


most detailed map of gay marriages to date


hategroups not including TERFs


topless law map, female equality


areas that send the most people to prison


states where Hillary or trump will win..


^ http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/

police killings




Vermont- Burlington on a freinds word which is also close to montreal!



explanation of states and their refusal or allowance of amending name,gender,or birth certificates


andrea jones goes topless in protest of tenn bmv that refused to allow her to correct ID 2011


map of states and birth certificate laws,  2015


portal state by state by territory how to correct, change, and amend


updating and amending school records


how to change your gender with social security even if you changed your name with them, you might want to make sure about a gender

passports can sometimes be used in lue of a birth certificate https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports/information/gender.html

^national center for transgender equality example


^the actual fed site concerning passports


^somethn about getn a passport in ohio but id rather not an go to a regional center an try not to use birth certificate at all.


social security gender correction


a felony barring a name change in Virginia 😦 wtf


how to get your fb URL to quit deadnaming you

“make a fake facebook page, setup a URL for it thats something random, then change it to the exact username of your personal facebook page, and it’ll transfer it from your personal profile to the page you just made. then delete the page, and your personal profile will then have a random number assigned to it.”


the finacial penalty for being transgender in america,pdf


what employment discrimination is like for trans people


transgender law centers example pdf concerning employment


now for a positive outlook


awesome job listing portal (could use help applying to everything)


trans healthcare ,list of employeers


top pro transgender companies of 2015


best of the best employers for trans inclusiveness 2016


a chicago non profit attempting to do something about unemployment


for the employeer


creating a LGBT freidly work environment


HRC equality index 2016


AU transgender people and work,  a guide for Victorian employers to help integrate Transgender people into the workplace. It outlines what “Transgender” actually is, and gives guidance on making sure Human Rights Laws aren’t breached.



how to file a greivance with the OCR (office of civil rights)


HUD tells shelters they must respect ones gender identity


HUDs policy notice


HUDs guidlines


epidemic of homelessness, federal task force findings and report


transitioning our shelters, a guide to trans safety for homeless shelters http://www.thetaskforce.org/static_html/downloads/reports/reports/transitioning_our_shelters.pdf

HUD releases resources for shelters concerning proper housing! 3/7/2016


^the actual program and resources list on its siteseveral PDFs dealing with the rules


^equal access for trans people


^HUD finalized rule 9/16




first adult shelter


NY- center to offer hormones,and housing to trans teens


first of its kind trans center opens in NY a joint resource comglomeration 2016


we are trying to develop commune style communities, safe places removed from your society but as always finace we are denied is a major hindrance as at the very least we need to buy the land..

heres a startup fund me attempt for a place in WV


^ theres this one too but seems run by someone with a business angle


^ heres one in cali


^ Queen Bee in Chicago for TGGN colored folk

trans housing network, offer of room or space for the homeless or for rent


incarceration/ the “justice” system

DoJ department of justice memo


NCCHC National Commission on Correctional Health Care

Position Statement: Transgender Health Care in Correctional Settings


“The health risks of overlooking the particular needs of transgender inmates are so severe that acknowledgment of the problem and policies that assure appropriate and responsible provision of health care are needed…

“Because prisons, jails, and juvenile justice facilities have a responsibility to ensure the

physical and mental health and well-being of transgender people in their custody,

correctional health staff should manage these inmates in a manner that respects the

biomedical and psychological aspects of a gender identity disorder (GID) diagnosis.”

transitioning in prison but as a guard


EEOC finds firing of our trans police cheif was discriminatory


canadas first transgender judge


prison rape elimination act


california must cover surgery while in prison.


federal judge refuses a stay on the order


its affirmed! california penitentiarys must cover surgery 🙂


Transgender California inmates must be allowed female commissary items


diamond,POWERFUL :.( and has a refrence to the justice department laying down some ruling that further needs checked up on.


department of justice backs diamond video talk


elton john and michael stipe on the issue


ACLU damage of solitary confinement


seclusion, moving past its use as disciplinary tool- Harvey J. Reed is director of the Ohio Department of Youth Services


michelle kosilek, won surgery while incarcerated but denied by an evil appeals court, i cry for her,i cry for all of us 😦


AMA american medical associations stance on medical treatments while incarcerated


ohio, federal judge rules hormones must be administered to transwomen


fairly decent speal about abuse in prisons, covers alot of bases, consider PRINT


jailhouse lawyer handbook, explaining precedence


Senator Al Franken confronts the DoJ


a guide to treating lgbt people fairly during incarceration,in partnership with MAP and Sylvia Reveira Project


the report


civil commitment- Reginald Artis served 27 years behind bars. But just because her sentence was up didn’t mean she got to go free. L


transgdner law center hiring a staff attorney for detention complaints


DoJ states that it prohibits imprisoning transgender inmates in cells based soley on birth anatomy


a call to end profiling by police


angela vance cincinnati’s LGBT liason officer speaks out


Trans woman jailed for 8 days for her own hormones because her ID didn’t match her presentation, settles lawsuit in court J


how similar the US human rights violations during incarceration are to China


Unjust: How the Broken Criminal Justice System Fails Transgender People http://www.lgbtmap.org/criminal-justice-trans

Damning report shows negligence and abuse of trans women of color


DoJ releases training video on how to interact and deal with transgnder people


immigration/ refugees

“Do You See How Much I’m Suffering Here?”

Abuse against Transgender Women in US Immigration Detention


ICE win ! 🙂

the lady who interupted the president


janecit interupts presidents speach over imigration reform


it prompts ICE to respond and it fails yet again


ICE official response to “heckler”


abc news release


Today diverse groups including the Trans and/or Women’s Action Camp and Northwest Detention Center Resistance engaged in direct action against the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA that is privately run by Geo Group for profit.

Part of the protest focused on ICE’s abusive practice of placing transgender detainees in solitary confinement. While transgender women only make up 1 out of 500 detained immigrants in this country, they make up an alarming 1 out of every 5 confirmed sexual assaults in immigration detention.


canada and the US have made LGBT refugees from syria and the middle east a priority 🙂 . its a contradiction then that they call those fleeing certain death in central and south america aliens :/ http://www.pressreader.com/…/20160115/281779923125101

clinton as secretary of state,asks foreign leaders to join the US in passing human rights laws in protection of gender and sexuality minorities



best places in Europe to be trans,equality index


this is where to start to find out if you can immigrate to Canada from US L


ORAM is an international non-profit organization devoted to capacity-building and advocacy on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable refugees, including those fleeing persecution based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. HAS A BUNCH OF LINKS CONCERNING EVERYTHING 2015 from siria to russia


list of countries where homosexuality is illegal, needs to include the LGB-t community as a whole because the US should be lit up like christmas lights as well as the entirety of Russia


2010 seems to be the year the UN took notice of human rights for LGBT

this is a UN speech by a rights activist named Sass Ragando Sasot in 2009 pleading for inclusion, it wouldnt be untill 2011 that the UN would adopt policy, 2012 they included us in their human rights charter.recently in 2014, the US got bad marks on the UN report card of human rights violations, which has spurred the development of federal precedence in america protecting this vulnerable minority. this is rather long and boring to some but sets the tone.. – 10:49,it can be shortened by a few mins


Africa- Camaroon

Same-sex sexual acts are banned by section 347 of the penal code with a penalty of 5 years imprisonment and a fine of 20,000 to 200,000 francs.[1]

A gay Cameroonian man was granted the right to claim asylum in the United Kingdom due to his sexuality in early July 2010. Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma, responded to the court’s action by acknowledging that homosexuality was definitely illegal in Cameroon, but also arguing that homosexuals were not prosecuted for their private activities. He dismissed the asylum-seeker’s claims, saying that the man had nothing to fear from the law: “Do you think he is the only gay person in Cameroon?”[10]

In August 2011, a gay Cameroonian man was granted temporary immigration bail from the UK Border Agency after Air France refused to carry him to Yaoundé.[11] In May 2012, the UK Border Agency sought to return asylum-seeker Ediage Valerie Ekwedde, finding “no credible evidence” that he was gay, but was forced to keep Ekwedde in custody after he threatened to “make a fuss” on the Air France flight returning him to Cameroon.[7]


Australia , intersex statistics largest survey done to date. James was left sterilised by the procedure. “I had felt insane because I dreamed I was a boy for so long and it was actually real and I went through it all for no reason,” he said.


Sao Pala, Brazil, 2015 WARNING/TRIGGERING VIDEO this is a bystander cellphone video of, Laura Vermont, being hunted by a mob and a motorcylce gang, finally beaten to death by police in brazil. i will explain the video shortly on the page that pops up on this link, then i will play the entire 3 min video that can be found towards the bottom of the page this sends you to. video is 2:39 + the minute or two it takes to read this “Laura left home in Vila Nova Curuçá, where she lived with father, mother and sister, to attend a party with friends in Northeast Avenue,Around 4 am Saturday, Laura was seen walking desperately for Northeast Avenue, all bloodied and disoriented. she was being hunted by a mob,this is the voices in the distance,and a group of motorcyclists youll see looking for her.the police called to the scene by anouther citizen, lied and their own witnesses inadvertantly tripped them up, combined with this cell footage and neighboring business surveilance they found no evidence of the officers claim,they have since been arrested.this coming on the heels of anouther of the departments nearly deadly beating and torture of a restrained trans model who was beaten by officers to a point she was unrecognisable, she was taunted assualted hair shaved from her head an forced to pose nude while she was coached in what to say while delirious”



senant moves trans rights bill forward



transsexual celebrity yet horrid LGBT rights


6 murdered in honduras on the streets and in their homes in less than 2 months,cause of death ranging from gunshot wounds to being set on fire



trans women breaking stereotypes,”I am not a hisrah”


on the day we mourn our dead in the worldwide transgender day of remembrance on no 20th 2011 a fire was set in a convention we were using in indonesia killing 15 trans women. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/8903555/New-Delhi-fire-kills-15-eunuchs-at-convention.html

trans model set to represent india attacked by police in front of minister who did nothing to stop it


first trans boarding school forced to close due to bigots


 malaysia arrests trans women for crimes of “crossdressing”


awesome, judge sets precedence allowing a trans man proper identifying documents


shira law, bigot cop gangs bust up trans meeting places



Report on Human Rights Conditions of Transgender Women in Mexico




Norway (: trans people can legally change gender legally with a mouse click


poland 😦


Pakistan L



russia strips trans people of liscenses


^a plea from an activist “get us the hell out of here!”


^Europe Commissioner for Human Rights – condemned the new law


^oklahoma in the US same thing, though not explicitly targeting


^screw putin an activist says


^regardless they held the olympics anyway, putin prmised not to enforce the law on any visiting athlete https://www.rt.com/news/russia-olympics-gay-law-948/

Uganda 8 yr old arrested for lesbianism could face prison if convicted



studies show 1/3 of LGBT travelers face discrimina6tion while on vacation. It does not mention trans women who are harassed and demeanded by TSA agents evn flying within America, let alone being denied entry to other countries.


in oct 2015, 32 memebers of congress demanded reform of the TSA for trans travelers, obviously nothings been done L


In February 2016, two transgender women, both foreign nationals, were charged with being disguised as women and entering a place restricted only to women. They were jailed until they each paid a fine and were then deported.


trans woman denied entry to Dubai for being trans



trans-face: coincides with black face.

“Though the number of Americans who say that they personally know someone who is transgender has grown, 84% of Americans continue to learn about transgender people through the media,” said Nick Adams, Director of Programs for Transgender Media at GLAAD. “Therefore it’s crucial that the media increase and improve the coverage of transgender issues, and that transgender people have the opportunity to tell their own stories about our lives and the issues we face.”


news coverage,police,murder,overall transphobia


quick 2 min how to report on trans issues in the media clip montage


this paper has adopted guidelines


GLADD media reference guide


invalidation in a headline


Predatory publishers who incite disgust by pretending our lives are up for debate


why trans women should be played by trans women


why slumpy old cis men shouldnt play trans characters


nice you tube pointing out the trope of using trans women as a plotwist something to be rediculed laughed at and disgusting


GLADD victems and villians,10 yrs of misrepresentation


a timeline totally lacking but gives good insight to shows most wouldnt know about concerning trans representation and misrepresentation on tv


105 trans characters on television


25 yrs of transphobia in comedy


Why Transgender Actors Should Be Cast in Cisgender Roles


writing intersex characters for television


our misrepresentation in video games


^ why trans representation in videogames is failing trans gamers


what if wonder woman was trans as well?


we have a trans opera singer an she sung the anthem at an oaks game



trans comedian on Americas got talent


john oliver from daily show made awesome trans 101


first trans oscar winner asked not to perform,no mention


first trans actor to win a Independant Spirit Award as best supporting female


the matrix metaphore for coming out, directed by 2 trans women as well..


10 reasons we are not caitlyn jenner


trans misrepresentation in the media, college thesis, nice


10 transgender and non binary bands you should listen to


9 Films Featuring Trans* Actors You Should See


HER STORY written by trans people,casted by trans people,acted by trans people, about trans people 🙂


armed forces

It’s estimated that over 134,000 American veterans are transgender, and over 15,000 trans people are serving in military today despite rules forbidding them to serve openly. start here for an understanding of the issues


pentagon lifts transgender ban


our highest ranking trans officer- US


the highest ranking trans woman- Australia


navy considers pulling back on discharging trans people


Mental Health and Medical Health Disparities in 5135 Transgender Veterans Receiving Healthcare in the Veterans Health Administration: A Case–Control Study




Karen’s story


VA proposes rule change that would get rid of exclusions on surgery


oh! Win! J DoD releases guidelines, allows trans people to serve openly but demands they assimilate under their current gender norms untile surgery but they do allow surgery coverage now! Whoot!




^”The U.S. Defense Department on Tuesday released a new Tricare policy for expanding transgender treatments for military family members and retirees.”


Top of Form


to the secretary of education befor the republicans killed SENDA


DoE releases guidance to all schools


titleIX from the OCR within the DoE, further guidance,questions an answers


they reverify their stance saying they love to investigate discrimination claims


ACLU open letters to schools, letters covering dresscodes, lgbt groups, bathrooms, etc, everything


trans student educational resources TSES, a resource, they say they will help with advocacy,school policy and general education of those in charge.


GLESN resource guide


GLESN advocacy


careers in feilds of science(and elsewhere) benefit from a trans perspective


a thesis on the recent shift of adopting non discrimination policy within colleges


trans male teacher fired from public catholic school, school wastes over 7 yrs keeping him from having the case heard


Dress Codes. Schools must enforce their dress codes equally and equitably. Schools should permit transgender students to comply with the dress code that reflects their gender identity. Doe v. Yunits(2001) is a case recognizing that right.


further on that case ^


Creating Safe and Supportive Learning Environments: A Guide for Working With LGBT Students and faculty


Promising Practices for Inclusion of Gender Identity/Gender Expression in Higher Education, 2011


how your school can help trans students, The Educator, 2 files within


NASP national association of school phycologists- Maintaining the Hegemonic Masculinity Through Selective Attachment, Homophobia, and Gay-Baiting in Schools: Challenges to Intervention


GLESN study shows LGBT people face harsher disciplinary measures, unfair policys, unprotected , climate of unacceptance all fueling dropout rates and pipeline to prison.


AFT American Federation of Teachers adopts resolution in favor of trans rights


a letter from the ACLU to schools resisting federal guidance



ever notice that you cant look up transgender,gay,lesbian,bisexual,intersex,etc at a library?thats right,the citizens for community libraries have probly enacted a discriminatory and harmfull policy blocking anything with the terms gay,bisexual,lesbian,intersex, transsexualism, or transgender. so if your like me an your in your youth with noone to talk to you go online,your probly poor an annexed from support an family.at the library you scroll thru looking for somone,anything to help you,an ya find somethn looks useful an BLOCK . now you have to go request that a librarian or their intern review the link and allow you to veiw it.,never mind time allocations of an hr,that is IF htey let you. its a harmfull practice that needs to be repealed.

tax payer funding exclusionary social services-censorship- also goes on about power and in librarys,I do remeber not being able to search for lgbt especially t in the franklin library computer.

“Religious Right groups have spearheaded censorship campaigns against any work they deem “offensive.” These crusades often target books about human sexuality or works of fiction that raise LGBT themes.

Even the prestigious Smithsonian Institution has caved in to this drive. Late in 2010, officials at the National Portrait Gallery removed a section of a video by the late gay artist David Wojnarowicz after protests from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and pressure from House Speaker John Boehner and other officials.

Children’s books have also been targeted. The gay-friendly tomes And Tango Makes Three, Heather Has Two Mommies and King and King are frequent censorship targets. In addition, books that discuss LGBT issues in a factual and academic manner are often attacked.

**This denial of information – especially to teens who may be struggling with their sexual orientation – is more than wrong, it’s dangerous. Young people at this stage need access to objective material, and it is a public library’s duty to provide that information. If the Religious Right has its way, these books will be cordoned off in a special room, making them effectively off limits to the audience that most needs them.”


heres a link to the enemies guide to ruining a library an their main site,the family values commision


republican controled senant kills SCOTUS 😦


a nice article giving hope to one day ending discrimination the same we did for women,race,and ethnicities.


“its perfectly normal” a book about puberty sexuality and gender, frequently banned


hategroup forces school to cancel scheduled reading of transgdner teen Jazz Jennings childrens book “all about jazz”, in protest a public reading was held


the color of blue


a cute fairytale for trans children


list of 225 books for trans teens !


41 trans friendly books for young kids


sports? i don’t sport. You sport? We all sport? Sports!

The intersex Olympian that spurred controversy upon her death stirring panic and the IOC to start chromosome testing athletes in the 60s


in 1976 tennis barred the first trans player for refusing chromosome testing


In 1993 the international Olympic committee convened with health professionals globally coming to the conclusion that trans and intersex participants bodily systems were the equivalent to the target gender after 2 yrs of HRT and sex reassignment surgery, in 2003 they reconvened and relaxed those standards to not require surgery.

IOC Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism,2015


This is a nice compilation of 5 pdfs dealing with trans participation in sports from the  Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity CAWWS ACAFS


^ ”Do Transitioned Athletes Compete at an Advantage or Disadvantage as compared with Physically Born Men and Women: A review of the Scientific Literature”


we called for a boycott of the winter Olympics in 2014 iover russias bigotry


olympics will no longer be held in countries that discriminate against lgbt, though brazil has the highest rate of trans murders ,well see how that goes..

first open trans male athlete on US team

lesbian soccer team wins world cup

intersex athlete modern day chromosome testing


the british have 2 trans women running


a bigot socially assualted a trans woman in planet fitness and this is how they responded 🙂

exercises to help build your hips made for trans people

best exercises to get a flat belly,insane workout i wish i could do

3 min plank workout,focuses on core,suggested-pilates


how roller derby pushes trans women out :/


religion (good)

how your congregation can be welcoming and help us


Resolution on the Rights of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People

Submitted by the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism


The rabbis of Conservative Judaism pass a resolution supporting transgender rights


6 genders in classic Judaism


ESV Acts 8:26-40 Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch


“For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Let the one who is able to receive this receive it.”


Matthew 19:12

For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others–and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.”

Isaiah 56:3-8

3 Let no foreigner who has bound himself to the LORD say, “The LORD will surely exclude me from his people.” And let not any eunuch complain, “I am only a dry tree.” 4 For this is what the LORD says: “To the eunuchs who keep my Sabbaths, who choose what pleases me and hold fast to my covenant– 5 to them I will give within my temple and its walls a memorial and a name better than sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name that will not be cut off. 6 And foreigners who bind themselves to the LORD to serve him, to love the name of the LORD, and to worship him, all who keep the Sabbath without desecrating it and who hold fast to my covenant– 7 these I will bring to my holy mountain and give them joy in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

Acts 8:27-39

27 So he started out, and on his way he met an Ethiopian[a] eunuch, an important official in charge of all the treasury of the Kandake (which means “queen of the Ethiopians”). This man had gone to Jerusalem to worship, 28 and on his way home was sitting in his chariot reading the Book of Isaiah the prophet. 29 The Spirit told Philip, “Go to that chariot and stay near it.”

30 Then Philip ran up to the chariot and heard the man reading Isaiah the prophet. “Do you understand what you are reading?” Philip asked.

31 “How can I,” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.

32 This is the passage of Scripture the eunuch was reading:

“He was led like a sheep to the slaughter,
and as a lamb before its shearer is silent,
so he did not open his mouth.
33 In his humiliation he was deprived of justice.
Who can speak of his descendants?
For his life was taken from the earth.”[b]
34 The eunuch asked Philip, “Tell me, please, who is the prophet talking about, himself or someone else?” 35 Then Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus.

36 As they traveled along the road, they came to some water and the eunuch said, “Look, here is water. What can stand in the way of my being baptized?” [37] [c] 38 And he gave orders to stop the chariot. Then both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water and Philip baptized him. 39 When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord suddenly took Philip away, and the eunuch did not see him again, but went on his way rejoicing.

Galatians 3:28

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Matthew 6:25

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?

Samuel 16:7

7 But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”


Honorable mention bible verses.
Samuel 16:7
James 4:10

“On the first day of Unleavened Bread (azuma) when the Passover lamb is sacrificed, his disciples said until to him: “Where do you want us to go and make the preparations for you to eat the Passover?” So he sent two of his disciples saying to them:” Go into the city and a man carrying a water jar will meet you. Follow him and wherever he enters, say to the owner of the house: “The teachers asks, where is the guest room where I may eat the Passover with my disciples.” He will show you a large room upstairs, furnished and ready. Make preparations for us there.” So the disciples set out for and went to the city, and found everything as he had told them, and they prepared the Passover meal.” – this is referring to a eunich


^ deina – used to describe the aqua bearer

1) such a one, a certain one, i.e. one whose name I cannot call on the instant, or whose name it is of no importance to mention

Part of Speech: noun masculine or feminine or neuter

Relation: probably from the same as G1171 (through the idea of forgetting the name as fearful, i.e. strange)


a database to support feminist rewriting of spiritual history


what its like to be queer and muslim, several storys brought to you by a photographer


^what does the koran say about being gay? Nothing


^Safra project- intersex, trans, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc


trans Christians trans transsexual intersex biblical


Sex Difference in Christian Theology; male female and intersex in the image of god


biblical case for accepting transgnder people


this non profit group is trying to bridge the gap between religion and LGBT youth


letter from a pastor concerning trans and intersex people and the churches harmfull role


letter from the episcople church


find your faith,equality ohio, list of affirming churches



trans people still cant get married in ohio,as the state refuses to allow us to correct a birth certificate

this is the delima in dating, even if were blessed with looks


what happens to your body when you don’t have sex (think about the inability to an why surgery is so beneficial)


14 things to know befor dating a trans girl




maddys day (jenny boylands kids call her that) though this is about trans women with children on a gendered holiday :/


boylands wife talks about being married to a trans woman


chasers fetishizing our bodies ugh. L


a lesbian now married to a trans man


^6 questions asked of a lesbian wife of a trans man


Beaumont Partners, women and partners who lend a hand to others who are struggling with accepting their transgender partner


trans safer sex guide,HRC


Transgender youth are as likely to become pregnant as other adolescents


trans couple are practicing evolution, preggers together J



blood ban changed but still in effect 😦 we cant work, we have no human rights, we cant access shelters or socil services, and were told our bloods no good without even testing it. but a cis-crackhead can sell plasma twice a week indefinitely somethings wrong with that picture


^Canada blood ban going into effect, it respects us post op but not preop, proves wholly discriminatory


^France’s bloodban is similar to US though only 4 month abstinence on MSM for plasma instead of a yr for blood, lesbians were removed altogether in 2002


^ FDA’s Blood Donation Rules Out Trans People, nice rundown of everything


the Reagan administration blissfully ignored the aids crises in the 70s and 80s going so far as to say we deserved it. This is about the ‘sisters of perpetual endulgence’ who actually named the desiese


AIDS memorial quilt, The last display of the entire AIDS Memorial Quilt was in October of 1996 when The Quilt covered the entire National Mall in Washington, D.C. The 1,000 newest blocks – those blocks received at or since the October 1996 display – were displayed the weekend of June 26, 2004 on The Ellipse in Washington D.C. in observance of National HIV Testing Day.



why they feel the need to dismiss or current legal sex in favor of the assigned (finish reading)

Evaluation of Sex-Specific Data in Medical Device Clinical Studies Guidance for Industry and Food and Drug Administration Staff


what rights does a trans or intersex person have in the US when giving blood/selling plasma under a corrected legal sex/gender marker after appropriate medical intervention to aquire it?

if a facility refuses to acknowledge your current legal sex/gender and requires you go under the assigned at birth one within their system and judges your BMI height and weight requirements as well as the expected blood ranges and answer a list of questions directed for the contrary sex that may never have applied or may no longer, is this not malpractice of some sort?

its my understanding that HRT raises hemoglobin levels in trans men to the typical male range, quieting one of their supposed fears, http://www.ftmguide.org/tandhealth.html#cbc

wouldnt the opposite be true for trans women meaning their ability to donate based on not having those higher levels in men, being a woman, could cause deferral? the same with trans men facing more strenuous heigth requirements for women yet having the increased body mass being a man.

another stated fear being a blood disease developed after ectopic pregnancy and changes in blood due to pregnancy in general that could cause a patient receiving that donation to go into TRALI, yet why not ask that question of everyone? a stealth trans man would never be asked the question and given the chance to answer it and given no information about a need to. in general stealth trans people dont answer or bring up their medical history in such situations and in doing so donate freely; taught to do so by these systems thru general discrimination and inclusion in the dated MSM category, evading their intrusive questioning with proper identifying documents and being passable enough to go under the screeners radar.

regardless of pointing that loophole out these facilities seem insistent on going on an assumed “genetic” sex based on the assignment at birth, is this not the facilities bias being shown? they state intersex and transgender variance is so minimal that there is no reason to restructure beyond a binary or to further their criteria for what constitutes a male or a female. seems to me they are dismissing our legal identifying documents and changes in physiology.

i did find APA suggested guidance however minimal

“Note: In the context of the donor history questionnaire, FDA recommends that male or female gender be taken to be self-identified and self-reported.” – pg13 http://www.fda.gov/downloads/BiologicsBloodVaccines/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/Guidances/Blood/UCM446580.pdf

i noticed HIPAA’s new electronic health records certification requirements dictate the ability to change “demographics” including sex. would this not speak to a need to amend ones former sex classification within their systems? – clinical decision support, Voluntary 2015 Edition Electronic Health Record (EHR) Certification Criteria; Interoperability Updates and Regulatory Improvements


with all these guidelines for hospitals and care facilities do none of these new best practice policy’s apply to blood? need for practitioner competency and sensitivity

ACP, Taking better care of transgender patients


the WPATH recomendations 🙂 thoughts on legality still welcome. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/806591_5

this is local relevance to us in OH, it would allow cities without ordinances a means to investigate complaints. it also has a nice explanation of the predicament leading up to calling for the state to make its own inclusive policy. It was denied L


Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Ohio


Bexley – OH


cleaveland – OH


passes ordinace making benfits equal for domestic partnerships


columbus – OH

our local trans firefighter


toledo – OH


cincinnati-OH bans coversion therapy in minors


equality ohio, archives


policy matters ohio


nice rundown about ohio law against trans people


federal judge upholds trans students rights in marrow county


role models alive and dead

Sylvia Reveira


Lynn Conway (a wealth of knowledge, site is huge with info on everything)


Mara Kesling


Jennicet Gutiérrez


Michelle Kosilik


Lexie Cannes


Brynn Tannehill


Julia Soreno


Professor Jenny Boyland


Dr Diane Bruessow


Dr Cary Gabriel Costello


and thousands more, especially you our beautiful trans and gender non conforming youth! Stay alive, fix society!

violence/genocide, trigger warning*

violence against our minority is not a new thing, it didnt just happen when we started trying to keep track. which is hard as police reports and news reports continually deny our idenites,deadnaming us and misgendering, familys deny us, many are alone,many countries still dont recognize our deaths as even news worthy or have constraints on media we are not seen as worthy of basic civil rights,so what of our human rights?

all memoriums have name,location,cause of death, exact birth and death dates when possible.

2007 memorium


2008 memorium


2009 memorium


2010 memorium


in 2011 on the day we mourn our dead in the international transgender day of rembrence on nov 20th a fire was set in a convention we were using in indonesia trapping and killing 15 trans women and hospitalizing 40 others. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/8903555/New-Delhi-fire-kills-15-eunuchs-at-convention.html

2011 memorium


2012 memorium


2013 memorium


2014 memorium


2015,memorial video


TDoR web art project


the quit genocide of trans people


after alcorns suicide trans youth face broad bias


genocide against trans people by the republican and religious riech


convert, cure, closet, or kill


^ somethn happened this is the web cache version


Over 250 organizations in the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women have come together to issue ..

//National Consensus Statement of Anti-Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Organizations in Support of Full and Equal Access for the Transgender Community- We, the undersigned sexual assault and domestic violence organizations, oppose anti transgender initiatives. These initiatives utilize and perpetuate the myth that protecting transgender people’s access to restrooms and locker rooms endangers the safety or privacy of others. As organizations that care about reducing assault and violence, we favor laws and policies that protect transgender people from discrimination, including in accessing facilities that match the gender they live every day.

States across the country have introduced harmful legislation or initiatives that seek to repeal non-discrimination protections or restrict transgender people’s access to genderspecific facilities like restrooms. Those who are pushing these proposals have claimed that these proposals are necessary for public safety and to prevent sexual violence against women and children. As rape crisis centers, shelters, and other service providers who work each and every day to meet the needs of all survivors and reduce sexual assault and domestic violence throughout society, we speak from experience and expertise when we state that these claims are false. //


first ever federal task force to combat violence against trans people


trans person attacked in a music club, of all places


trigger* trans woman beaten into seizures a mcdonalds , video


Acofe (first name unknown), found in a pond tied to cement blocks in OH


Bri Golec, stabbed to death by her father in OH


Rae’Lynn Thomas, beat and shot to death by mothers boyfriend, misgendered by family and news OH


1in 12 trans women will be murdered in our lifetimes


stoned to death in America


arson against Canada’s only surgical facility L 5/3/16


50 dead,50+more seriously injured in Orlando after largest mass shooting happened in LGBT nightclub


^Heres all the people cheering the terrorism calling us “perverts”


trans woman shot in the face by a member of a Christian hate group


The Dangers of Being Transgender — The Attack On Jacie Leopold



trans lifeline is a suicide hotline for trans people by trans people (goal is to help find transitional resources as well as self harm reduction)


so a bunch of women have come together in support of LGBTQI youth. they write positive letters of support community blog style. i assume they will respond if your weary. could be a good thing! could feel like people shoving their good lives in your face while your stuck with your shity one :/ i dunno,you be the judge,take a gander..


Rachel Burk, developer


being trans in a transphobic society brings on moments of sheer desperation


Karis Anne Ross, a school teacher


trans centers

MAP LGBT center report 2016


Heartland Trans Wellness Group, Cincinnati, Ohio


history and downfall of IFGE international foundation for gender education


Gender Center, in Australia


Gender Queer Australia


ANZPATH australias off-shot version following WPATH


Beaumont Society, UK


Transcending the Gender Box, walk in center, las vegas nevada


phoenix pride closes walk in center L



Finway Health, Massachusetts


Philladelphia Center for transgender Surgery


Center for Excellence in Transgender Care, california


Oklahoma, transgender doc working in womens health at one of the 3 abortion clinics, primary care


an Oregon hospital training itself and practitioners within the state to care for us J


^ omg they have a doctor doing GRS!!


Mount Saini in NY is creating a clinic that does surgery, marci bowers is teaching them!


Mazzoni center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


University of Colorado opens LGBT mental health clinic


resources for making your organization inclusive

Best Practices Catalogue-Human rights and Gender identity,


 Jonah yokanoma offers continuing credit courses, he can be reached thru the info@heartlandtranswellness.org or jonah@heartlandtranswellness.org

small business majority, held a confrence on setting business and state level non discrimination policy- usefull, follow up


Small Business Majority- how to create an LGBT friendly work policy


Please feel free to reach out to our Midwest Outreach Manager, Michaela Hahn-Burriss for any information regarding our recent workplace non-discrimination seminar. You can contact her at mhahnburriss@smallbusinessmajority.org

how your business should react and policy to have for an employee who is transitioning.




aclu request a speaker to speak on lgbt issues


trans student educational resources TSES, a resource, they say they willl help with advocacy,school policy and general education of those in charge.


“There is currently no universally recognized standard for what a successful cultural competency training should entail. This manual offers to fill that gap, while recognizing the limitation presented by ever-changing cultures and policies. Rather than offer a blanket curriculum, it acts as “a guide for those who plan to create and deliver LGBTQ cultural competency trainings to health and human service providers.” A collection of methods, ideology, and suggestions from over 60 different organizations and individuals, this manual will guide you along step-by-step – from setting your goals to evaluating your results.”

the article


the pdf


these people are a business,pay to play,but offer education seminars to professionals


transgender law centers example pdf concerning employment


guidance for employers, covering trans people and work, from europe


guidance for employment protections from californias DFEH has a nice history lesson of calis civil rights law


a sample resolution for your organization


national industry liason group, for anyone even remotely associated with the DoL


how to start a trans health center, how to organize and advocate for one


rad remedy, a provider review resource good and bad of any healthcare “professional” you as a trans person has come in contact with. If theirs an awesome doc give em cred for it, if you went to an untrained dermatologist call em out on it!


grants and funding for inclusive resources

trans ohio-symposium, i think this is wher you would present your ideas in hopes of finding funding for your LGBTQIA non profit or business?


trans justice funding project


mellinial fund


apalachian regional commision



trans studies scholarships an fellowships


bill and melinda gates foundation – free textbooks


doula training, trans guys


2,000 feminist writers


organizations that help fight discrimination

NCLR national center for lesbian rights


national coalition for the homeless


Lambda legal




local civil rights attorneys

scott knox, cincy


LGBT bar association top 40 lawyers


Lisa Meeks, did Mathews serogate adoptions 513 399 5301

Lawrence Hawkins?

Mahalea Whitehead

Cincy also has police LGBT liason officers, namely angela vance and lisa Johnson


finance and grants for surgery

if anyone knows how to get grants and scholarships these are things i could try but i need helps.

TUFF is a non profit started soley to fund our surgical costs,currently ‘weak’ but awesome idea.


Jim Collins foundation/ how to apply/ seems legit


paid survey,potentially make 50 bucksi didnt :/


neat list of their presence online at the end


CK life surgery scholarship


.5 fund,look into


transgender law center-webinar explaining insurance and how to fight denial


pdf on how to premptively ask for no exclusions in your businesses policy and fight denial,seems to be in answer to the above PRINT


my own attempt at acquiring the medical intervention denied due to social apathy and ignorance surrounding the condition, a plea for assistance that goes largely ignored


oh! A new one J wish I had someone that new how to apply for grants :/


a bank loan for surgery,Rad Remedy, IL


^ is awesome idea and its expanding, this is a list of providers, some of the above are in here plus more!


^contact Lee Dewey, they are an Accounting Manager at North Side Community Federal Credit Union and can be reached at l.dewey@northsidecu.org they implemented North Side’s GAP LP. If anyone is interested in talking to someone about the process of getting that LP started at their own bank


seems there is need of a facilities/bathroom section/protections

video,attorney general Loretta lynch responds to NC about transgnder bathroom policy


^speech, her speech found on the DoJ website


how to deal with transgender students in locker rooms, awesomely J


on bigots wanting to feel  “comfortable” by removing trans people from public facilities


5/2/6 florida, Marion County School Board Approves “Gender Inspection”


9 reasons why it was never about public safety


Bathroom Laws Are About Insufficient Femininity, Not Being Transgender


3 moms have something to say “meet my trans child”


exploitation of sexual abuse survivors by those who trot them out as examples of why they “need” anti trans bathroom laws


pic, response from state and school leaders saying that no issues have arose since passing protections


^ an article that reiterates that no problems have arose from inclusive bathroom policy


Smithsonian; lgbt people are targeted for hatecrimes more than any other minority


jonah does a nice radio talk with a woman from UC and a guy from GLESN on the subject


911 dispatcher on why anti trans bills are wrong


the KKK shares your anti trans rhetoric


boy from Wisconsin filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday alleging that his school district violated his civil rights by refusing to treat him as a boy, including by requiring him to use the girls’ bathroom, directing security guards to monitor his restroom use and repeatedly referring to him by his birth name and female pronouns. Whitaker also alleges that district officials required him to room with girls during a trip to Europe with the school orchestra even though he felt uncomfortable doing so. the lawsuit accuses the district of devising a plan to identify transgender students by having them wear bright green wristbands, a move that the plaintiff argues would stigmatize him and other transgender students and leave them vulnerable to harassment.


peanutbutter jelly magic trick explanation of bathrooms, hilarious!


breast cancer cis woman, how bathroom laws hurt her


intersex and trans are being targeted for defying cultural norms.



“how hormones make me feel Psychologically”


The Biochemistry of Gender, TransgenderCare- health information archives


PBS video explanation of hormones affects for trans people


latest study confirming it safe


5 things to expect when first starting hormones


dr anne Lawrence explains it all


wikipedia 101


online seller but informative apon a med by med basis non the less


hrt-self medicating hormone resources


^quick startup guide for self injecting,self medicating


informed consent providers nationwide


^informed consent was pioneered in 1993 at Tom Waddell Health Center in San Francisco


some planned parenthood’s are doing HRT for trans people under informed consent model !


take your estrogen sublingually (under your tongue) it absorbs nmore an lasts longer


healthy transitions,referal sych,ny


“green” hormone help?


12 foods that increase estrogen


should ibuprophen be used on HRT?


One consequence of such a bleak landscape, though, is that trans people must frequently take long trips out of their way for competent care.

“They regularly are driving 25 miles, 50 miles, 100 miles for routine blood work, annual checkups, or just to get routine care,” said Harper Jean Tobin, the director of policy for the National Center for Transgender Equality. “And not because there are no closer providers who could do it, but because there are not providers who are accepting and supportive and willing.”


Medical Necessity of Hormone Therapy Feminizing/masculinizing hormone therapy pgs 33-57

– the administration of exogenous endocrine agents to induce feminizing or masculinizing changes – is a medically necessary intervention for many transsexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming individuals with gender dysphoria (Newfield, Hart, Dibble, & Kohler, 2006; Pfäfflin & Junge, 1998). Some people seek maximum feminization/ masculinization, while others experience relief with an androgynous presentation resulting from hormonal minimization of existing secondary sex characteristics (Factor & Rothblum, 2008). Evidence for the psychosocial outcomes of hormone therapy is summarized in Appendix D.


may wish to practice the theory of evolution if you can 😛


trans women have period symptoms


^do trans women get period symptoms?


gender center AU hormone fact sheet


The effect of estrogen on the sexual interest of castrated males: Implications to prostate cancer patients on androgen-deprivation therapy.


Testosterone therapy for reduced libido in women


whenever possible it seems we should be using bioidenticle hormones , estradiol vs premarin, progesterone vs medroxyprogesterone. Though my own thoughts come back to “were trying to induce a second puberty, natal levels are not what we need untile post op.”


progesterone (?)

study showing progesterone is safe, Hormone therapy and venous thromboembolism among postmenopausal women: impact of the route of estrogen administration and progestogens: the ESTHER study.


Pharmacology of estrogens and progestogens: influence of different routes of administration.


trans HRT hormone forume, ton of usefull links in the pinned post


Prepared & Compiled By – Alina Lynn Keeny (From Various Sources & Research) Combined Hormone Therapy For Transwomen “Information on Supplementing Your Estrogen Regimen With Progesterone” -5-ARIs (5α-reductase inhibitors) 5α-reductase inhibitors (5-ARIs) are agents with antiandrogen effects, these agents inhibit the enzyme 5α-reductase, which is involved in the metabolic transformations of a variety of endogenous steroids. 5α-reductase inhibition is most known for preventing conversion of Testosterone, the major androgen sex hormone, to the more potent DHT (5α-dihydrotestosterone). Spironolactone reduces testosterone production and blocks Testosterone receptors, but doesn’t do so completely. Testosterone levels will go decrease, but not to zero. However, most of whatever Testosterone is still produced; your body will convert into DHT, which is several times more powerful than Testosterone in its effects on every tissue except muscles. In addition to counterbalancing the negative side effects of estrogen, progesterone may also inhibit 5- alpha-reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Meaning progesterone may be a natural 5α-reductase inhibitor. -Adding Progesterone to HRT Why add progesterone? Progesterone may eliminate some minor estrogenic mood swing, libido issues. Research hints that progesterone may assist with keeping the brain sharp. Breast growth seems accelerated by the presence of progesterone, in addition to a breast swelling effect which varies with  PreparedØ & Compiled By – Alina Lynn Keeny (From Various Sources & Research) the progesterone dose. Clinical data that hints that adding natural progesterone Prometrium® (progesterone capsules) to your HRT regimen may enhance the safety of long term use of estrogens. My research has indicated that cycling Progesterone is beneficial. Other than breast growth and skin smoothing, the main effect of progesterone is so the breast glands and nipples get to their final stage of development. The areola becomes larger, milk ducts mature, and lactation may even begin for a short time. This level of development is generally not possible for Transwomen without adding progesterone. And some doctors say it is not possible at all – but based on my research, I disagree.  The brain is highly responsive to progesterone. In fact, progesterone concentrations· in the brain have been shown to be 20 times higher than in the blood. Insomnia, anxiety, and migraine are just a few of the conditions linked to an imbalance of progesterone and estrogen. In the brain as elsewhere in the body, progesterone counterbalances the effects of estrogen. Whereas estrogen has an excitatory effect on the brain, progesterone’s effect is calming. Clinical and anecdotal experience indicates that women with estrogen dominance sleep restlessly, whereas progesterone replenishment enhances sleep.  It remains unexplained why anxiety disorders are more prevalent in women than in· men, and how female hormone-related events (such as menstrual cycle and postpartum) influence the course of anxiety disorders. However, it would appear logical that female hormones and their derivatives play a major role in that observation. Several studies have shown progesterone to have anxiolytic (antianxiety) effects by acting on gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors in the brain. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that aids in relaxation and sleep. In the brain, GABA helps balance excitation with inhibition. Furthermore, withdrawal from endogenous progesterone supplementation after chronic administration increases anxiety via declining levels of its potent GABA-modulatory metabolites.  In 1953, two English physicians, Drs. Katharina Dalton and Raymond Greene,· published the first medical report on premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Dr. Dalton observed that progesterone injections relieved her own menstrual migraine headaches. Dr. Dalton then injected progesterone into other women and found that their PMS was cured. Hormone replacement with estrogen exacerbates migraine, and oral contraceptives can change the character and frequency of migraine. Higher levels of estradiol and the estradiol to progesterone ratio are directly correlated to increased headache activity.  Migraine syndromes, particularly in women, are associated with deficits in brain and· serum ionized magnesium levels. Scientists believe that magnesium’s ability to relieve premenstrual distress may be due to the mineral’s ability to relax vascular smooth muscle. Researchers have demonstrated that with each increase in estrogen, a decrease in ionized magnesium occurs. However, as progesterone levels rise, ionized magnesium levels increase as well.  PreparedØ & Compiled By – Alina Lynn Keeny (From Various Sources & Research)  In one study, physicians set out to test the hypothesis that migraine is a specific· consequence of an imbalance between neurohormonal and metabolic integrity. Restoration of progesterone along with several other steroid hormones led to a complete resolution of migraine. -Cycling Progesterone (Mimic Menstrual Cycle) Confusion often arises as to the proper way to dose progesterone. Serum progesterone levels, height, weight, and deficiency symptoms are all factors that should be considered in determining how much progesterone to prescribe. Bringing serum hormone levels to an optimal range—that of a healthy 20-29 year old—is essential to the success of any hormone regimen. Cycling of this progesterone to mimic a healthy women’s normal menstrual cycle is of the utmost importance.  PROGESTINS (PROGESTERONE) – ORAL USEv  As mentioned above progestins have an arguable positive effect for the· transgender individual. It is likely that if a progestin is chosen, a minimal dose of oral Prometrium® (progesterone capsules) may be given on a cyclic basis. Such a typical regimen may provide for its use for about 10-12 days of the month. Less likely would be its use on an uninterrupted basis.  PROGESTINS (PROGESTERONE) – FOR INJECTIONv  A progestin may also be given by injection. The medication,· medroxyprogesterone acetate, is available in an aqueous suspension for injection. It is typically branded as Depo-Provera and its typical use is to provide long-term (about three months) contraception from a single injection. Another injectable medication sometimes chosen for transgender use is hydroprogesterone caproate (Proluton Depot). From my research, I do not see a benefit from the use of injectable progestins. Research suggests patients have regularly expressed complaints and have suffered adverse side effects from injectable progestins.

From the Gender Research Group, Rachel’s article on the dangers of Medroxyprogesterone and Premarin, and the safety of bioidentical estradiol. (original link follows)

Hormone therapy that includes Synthetic Progestin plus Estrogen may increase breast cancer risk, but Estrogen ALONE may lower risk, according to long-term review.

A long-term review of two clinical trials has shed new light (at least in the minds of medical researchers, while the rest of us have known this to be true for over a dozen years..) on menopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer risk over time.

Women who had a hysterectomy and took estrogen alone were found to have a reduced risk of breast ..and NOT increased …risk of cancer and breast cancer death.


In earlier clinical trials, combination hormone replacement therapy (HRT) consisting of progestin plus estrogen was linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and death from that disease. (But, of course, the Medical Knuckleheads did not distinguish HRT with Estradiol Alone as NOT causing but actually REDUCING risk)

Following those reports, use of both types of HRT declined…and the Transgender community along with all Cis-Women was afflicted with the disseminated stupidity of the Medical Research Knuckleheads which was greedily lapped up by their local thoughtless physicians and endocrinologists.

New Yale research suggests hormone therapy misunderstanding may have contributed to 50,000 deaths


Thirteen years later, researchers finally set out to determine both the short-term and long-term effects of HRT.

One analysis involved 16,608 women who had not had a hysterectomy.


The women were assigned to receive estrogen PLUS PROGESTIN
Results showed this group was at INCREASED RISK breast cancer while taking combination HRT. Within 2.75 years after stopping therapy, the risk was still present but not as high.

Another group of 10,739 women who previously had a hysterectomy were asked to take estrogen ALONE. This group had a REDUCED RISK of breast cancer while receiving estrogen therapy. That lower risk continued for a few years after therapy ended.

So the Medical Knuckleheads have finally agreed….after how many millions have suffered? ….that Estradiol alone REDUCES Breast Cancer Risk.

Of course, since “Knuckleheads will always be Knuckleheads”, they still don’t clarify that any ‘Progestin” is NOT AT ALL necessarily Bio Identical Progesterone…and that the one which caused the Cancer was MPA….and not Progesterone.

Count with us from (1) to (5) just to get a glimpse of what makes a KNUCKLEHEAD..

(1) Micronized PROGESTERONE (the real stuff) vs. MedroxyProgesterone (the toxic synthetic) and HOW they IMPACT on YOUR BRAIN (especially as they impact on your GABA(a) receptors as well as your ALLOPREGNANOLONE


And for those who have followed our posts here you will recognize that ALLOPREGNANOLONE is perhaps the primary determinant of the degree of anxiety/depression and even panic attacks that people can experience.

PROGESTERONE and MPA DIFFERENTIALLY regulate alpha4 subunit expression of GABA(A) receptors in the CA1 hippocampus of female rats.

The Women’s Health Initiative trials – in which more extreme adverse outcomes were observed in the medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) + conjugated equine estrogen (CEE) arm, as compared to the CEE only arm – suggest that the addition of MPA to estrogen treatment has undesirable consequences.

“These results suggest that MPA, while progestational in terms of its effects in the uterus, is not a simple substitute for P4 in other systems. The relative impact of these two progestins on neuroendocrine function must be carefully explored.”

Prior research has shown that P4, acting through its reduced metabolite allopregnanolone (AP), can mediate alpha4 subunit expression, thereby altering GABA(A) receptor gated currents. By contrast, MPA competitively inhibits the enzymes necessary for the synthesis of AP.”

“An important question raised by these results is whether the adverse outcomes observed in the progestin arm can be attributed to effects that are unique to MPA or are common to all progestins.

How they effect your blood vessels


When used together with physiological estradiol (E2) concentrations, Progesterone potentiates E2 effects, whereas MPA impairs E2 signaling.

The authors say, “Our findings show significant differences in the signal transduction pathways recruited by P and MPA in endothelial cells, which may have relevant clinical implications”

We compared the effects of progesterone (P) or MPA on the synthesis of nitric oxide and on the expression of leukocyte adhesion molecules, characterizing the signaling events recruited by these compounds.

Although P significantly increases nitric oxide synthesis via transcriptional and nontranscriptional mechanisms, MPA is devoid of such effects.

These findings are observed both in isolated human endothelial cells as well as in vivo, in ovariectomized rat aortas.

(3 ) UNSURPRISINGLY: A cross-sectional survey was conducted to examine quality of life (QOL) related to physiological, somatic, and vasomotor effects of changing progestogen treatment from medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) to micronized progesterone in postmenopausal women.

When compared with the MPA-containing regimen, women using micronized progesterone-containing HRT experienced significant improvement in vasomotor symptoms, somatic complaints, and anxiety and depressive symptoms.

The findings across the board showed that women had substantially greater improvement in their symptoms when using bioidentical progesterone, compared to non-bioidentical progestin.

(4) Medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), which is frequently used as second line hormonal therapy for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, binds with high affinity to the progesterone receptor (PR).

However, the androgenic side-effects of MPA suggest that it may also activate androgen receptor (AR) regulated pathways.


(5 HRT and Your Genes: Breast Cancer RIsk or Not?
—Depends on whether your HRT is Bio-identical (estradiol and micronized Progesterone) or Toxic Synthetic ((Premarin and Medroxyprogesterone)


These results suggest that HRT with natural estrogens affects a much smaller number of genes and has less-adverse effects on the normal breast in vivo than conventional, synthetic therapy.

The synthetic therapy significantly enhanced mammographic breast density, an important risk factor for breast cancer.

Two 28-day cycles of daily estradiol (E2) gel 1.5 mg and oral micronized progesterone (P) 200 mg/day for the last 14 days of each cycle did not significantly increase breast epithelial proliferation at the cell level nor at the mRNA level ).

By contrast, two 28-day cycles of daily oral conjugated equine estrogens (CEE) 0.625 mg and oral medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) 5 mg for the last 14 days of each cycle significantly increased proliferation at both the cell level and at the mRNA level, and significantly enhanced mammographic breast density, an important risk factor for breast cancer.

In addition, CEE/MPA affected around 2,500 genes compared with just 600 affected by E2/P.



electrolysis / laser

cry to the heavens


TransgenderCare, choosing an electro, understanding hair growth, treatment, pain, dangers


Vaniqua, a cream for reducing the speed of hair growth, 70 bucks, wanna try it after readn . this also is a great place to know your not alone with your hair issues even though it PCOS ladys knowing cis women get it to somehow helps?


how long will electrolosis take? Est 200hrs


WPATH medical necessity

“Medically necessary sex reassignment procedures also include complete hysterectomy, bilateral mastectomy, chest reconstruction or augmentation as appropriate to each patient (including breast prostheses if necessary), genital reconstruction (by various techniques which must be appropriate to each patient, including, for example, skin flap hair removal, penile and testicular prostheses, as necessary), facial hair removal, and certain facial plastic reconstruction as appropriate to the patient.”


WPATH reverification of necessity


how to code and treat for insurance


“how to get laser covered by insurance”


A precedent has already been set indicating that depilatory treatments are “medical care” for insurance purposes (Abernathy v. The Prudential Insurance Company of America, No. 21178, Supreme Court of South Carolina, March 31, 1980). In this case Plaintiff brought suit against her insurer after it refused to reimburse her for the cost of depilatory treatments (i.e. electrolysis) which had been recommended by her physician. The policy included as “eligible expense” charges for “doctors’ services for surgical procedures and other medical care”, and contained a provision excluding “anything not ordered by a doctor or not necessary for medical care of illness”. The South Carolina State Supreme Court affirmed a verdict for the plaintiff, noting that there is no requirement that “medical care … be performed by or under the direction of licensed medical personnel”. Further, the court held, since plaintiff underwent treatments pursuant to her physician’s advice, such expenses were medically “necessary and were not excluded from coverage under the policy”.

Again, if your health care provider has covered any part of your treatment that has anything to do with why your hair removal in needed, you have a good chance to beat the money out of them in small claims court. http://www.hairtell.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1410/6.html

SFHP will cover electrolysis and laser hair removal for the following surgeries

  1. Vaginoplasty (genital area and face)
  2. Metoidioplasty (exclusively to the genital area)
  3. Phalloplasty (genital area and graft site)


^ As of February 20, 2015 San Francisco Health Plan amended

their guidelines to include limited coverage for facial hair

removal for transgender patients who meet medical

necessity. SFHP thus far has indicated that they will only

approve facial hair removal for patients who also have a

Prior Authorization approved for vaginoplasty.

While it is clear that the medical necessity for facial hair

removal should be considered separately from surgical

status and that these procedures should be authorized

independently, SFHP is currently not interpreting coverage

this way.

Expanded coverage for medically necessary gender-related

procedures has often been gained through winning

coverage for individual patient cases. This is typically a

lengthy process that requires a series of denials and strong

provider advocacy documenting medical necessity.

For patients who have an approval for vaginoplasty with

SFHP, facial hair removal is more likely to be approved,

however SFHP could still deny requests on a case by case


This guide provides an overview of how to make a referral

for facial hair removal, how to fill out Prior Authorization

forms, what clinical documents to attach to them, and how

to appeal a denial.


NY state covers electrolosis as preoperative for vaginoplasty and metoplasty


what do you think about coding it under “intensive outpatient therapy for the treatment of GID” ?theres gota be a way…


Next…. AFTER you get a prescription reimbursed by the insurance Co. you file for reimbursement of electrolysis treatments. They will still maintain hair removal is cosmetic, however, too much hair in all the wrong places is a medical problem and if needed visit asecond doctor to get a second opinion as they have to pay for this too. You will have to appeal their decision and you have 3 appeals to go through. At the third appeal you challenge them. NEVER SURRENDER THE POWER. MAKE THEM KNOW YOU ARE NOT TAKING ANY NONSENSE and you will beat them in court because of �industry precedent�. They have a contract to pay for all diagnosable and treatable diseases and electrolysis is the �current standard of medical treatment for this condition� (remember this phrase…it is vital to your argument).  *Has a sample letter to insurance as well*



RE: (patient�s name) Policy No. #000000

Dear Ms./Mr……………

I have prescribed for my patient, Ms. ………….., electrolysis
(procedure 17380) as a consequence of a hormonal imbalance resulting in
hirsutism (excessive and abnormal growth of hair in a distribution not
normal in a female… (diagnosis 704.1).

I am writing you to clarify the medical necessity of this treatment.
Hair removal is NOT cosmetic in these patients because

A. a medical condition causes the hair growth.
B. permanent removal of hair is necessary to restore the patient to normal function.
C. the physician can measure the effectiveness of medication by
monitoring the presence or absence of  new hair growth in the areas involved only after
electrolysis therapy. Since no two patients respond  in a similar manner to a given dose of any medication, dosage MUST be individualized to minimize potential �side effects�. Electrolysis, therefore, is instrumental in establishing the most effective dose of medication, consequently, the electrolysis procedure is diagnostic as well as  therapeutic.
D. To achieve maximum benefits for the patient with Hirsutism it
is necessary to include electrolysis of  the follicle concomitantly with medical therapy or else the
patient is denied the benefit of the current body of medical knowledge regarding treatment of her condition. Also, it is unethical for a physician to  withhold any information from a patient that the physician knows to be effective.
E. Electrolysis is standard, current medical practice and is the
only permanent treatment for hirsutism in this medical condition and has been certified as medically indicated and necessary by a disinterested  physician, Dr. …… , a Board Certified Endocrinologist (or Gynecologist).
F. There is industry precedent in Massachusetts and a number of states for coverage of this procedure.

Please contact me if I can be of further assistance

Yours truly

Very important phrases…………

1. A hormonal imbalance resulting in hirsutism (excessive and abnormal
hair growth not normal in a female

  1. Is NOT COSMETIC in thesepatients.
  2. A medical condition causes the hair growth.
  3. Permanentremoval is necessary to restore the patient to normal function.
  4. thephysician can measure the effectiveness of medication by monitoring thepresence or absence of new hair growth ONLY AFTER electrolysis therapy.
    6. no two patients respond in a similar manner to a given dose of any medication.�
  5. dosage MUST be individualized to minimize potentialside effects.
  6. Electrolysis, therefore, is instrumental inestablishing the most effective dose of medication. 9. the electrolysisprocedure is diagnostic as well as therapeutic (this is vital because
  7. To achieve maximum benefits for the patient it is necessary to includeelectrolysis.
  8. or else the patient is denied the benefit of thecurrent body of medical knowledge regarding treatment
  9. It isunethical for the physician to withhold any information from a patientthat the physician knows to be effective.
  10. Electrolysis is currentstandard medical practice.
  11. the only treatment for hirsutism in thismedical condition.
  12. has been certified as medically necessary by adisinterested physician (this means the physician has no vestedinterest in electrology other than to see the patient get the most
    effective treatment with no financial gain for the physician).
  13. there is industry precedent for coverage for this procedure (in lawthey often resort to �precedent� so this VIP). In addition, read the policy to see if there is any wording that refers to �diagnosable and treatable disorders� which this is as opposed to a �cosmetic procedure�. Electrolysis for cosmetic purposes would be limited to eyebrows, underarms, bikini line, raising the hairline on the forehead. All other areas could be part of a medical problem.Do not let them push you around. Their tactics usually involve denying
    and delaying all these claims. Send all correspondence by �return
    receipt requested mail� so you will have proof the letter was sent and
    received. Sometimes they claim they �lost� the letter but if you get no
    reply send another with a note there will be more and it is doubtful if
    they lose all correspondence. Lastly you can take them to small claims
    court after about only $1000 of treatments. Ins companies do not want
    to go to court under any circumstance as they know nobody likes them
    and the penalties are usually severe. They will try to call your bluff
    every time as the know no lawyer will take a case for less than $50,000
    so they figure you will drop the whole thing due to frustration.


Electrology and the Hirsute Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Patient,remember if it is covered for one gender it must be covered for the other!  if they would approve it for a bearded woman due to PCOS or something similar, that along with a state’s (or the federal marketplace)nondiscrimination policy should be sufficient grounds for getting it approved.

1. I went to a dermatologist
2. Procedure Code Identity: 17999 (I found this at www.acgme.org/acWebsite/downloads/oplog/080byAreaType.pdf)
3. Description of Service: laser hair removal
4. Diagnosis Code: 626.9 (PCOS code)


Trichotillomania is the obsessive plucking or ripping of hair from the head,face,hands,genital,body


^ awesome resource for Body Focused Repetitve Behaviors, the TLC Foundation


^How to get insurance to pay for your BFRB treatment


hypertrichosis is the term used to denote excessive and abnormal growth of hair, on any part of the body which is more than is seen in individuals of the same sex, age, and race as the person under consideration. Genetic, androgen-independent excessive hair growth http://emedicalhub.com/hypertrichosis/

current treatment of hypertricosis, NCBI, electrolysis

Facial hypertrichosis and hirsutism may cause severe cosmetic and psychologic problems. In the following, new developments in the treatment of hypertrichosis will be presented. Permanent depilation by photothermolysis is currently the most promising treatment. A new topical treatment of hypertrichosis is eflornithine cream. It inhibits the enzyme ornithine decarboxylase which is essential for the rapidly dividing cells of the hair follicle. Furthermore, other methods of hair removal such as plucking, waxing, chemical depilation by thioglycolates, electrolysis, thermolysis and systemic therapies of hirsutism will be discussed.


‘L689’ (L68.9) Diagnosis – Hypertrichosis, unspecified

The code is valid for submission on a UB04


L68.2 Localized hypertrichosis

is a billable medical code that can be used to specify a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim.


Hirsutism is defined as the presence of terminal hairs on women in a male-like pattern and often is a sign of underlying androgen excess (hyperandrogenism) Mechanical treatments
Therapy for the patient with unwanted hair growth would not be complete without treatment to remove existing hair growth (Table 3). A number of methods have been reported to reduce unwanted terminal hair growth, including electrology and laser hair reduction. Electrology has been available for decades, and although prospective randomized trials are few, extensive clinical experience appears to indicate that it does afford permanent hair reduction in most patients. Laser hair reduction is a much newer modality, and although it does appear to offer less-permanent hair removal than electrology it provides significant hair reduction. Nonetheless, these methods do have their drawbacks. Electrology requires multiple and frequent treatment sessions that can be painful, depending on the location and extent of hair involvement. Likewise, laser hair removal has the potential for causing skin damage and is primarily effective in those patients who have dark hairs and lighter skin. Both of these methods can be quite cost ly in the long run. As such, the recent advent of newer topical therapies for reducing hair growth is of importance.

More than 14 million women complain of unwanted facial hair growth, approximately one fourth of whom actually suffer from hirsutism. Evaluation of these patients should include a determination of whether they actually have hirsutism and have concomitant endocrine or metabolic abnormalities. The appropriate treatment for a woman who has unwanted hair growth may include hormonal therapy, but should also include mechanical and/or cosmetic means of removing hair growth. The newly approved eflomithine HCl cream, 13.9% is a useful adjuvant in reducing noticeable hair growth in affected women.


Guidance for the management of hirsutism. NCBI,

Approximately 80% of women are affected by the presence of excessive hair growth in a ‘male-like’ pattern. Excessive facial hair in particular can be a source of distress to such women and can lead to psychological problems such as anxiety, depression and a reduced quality of life.Current cosmetic methods of hair removal include shaving, depilatories, waxing, plucking, laser, intense pulsed light (IPL) and electrolysis.A topical treatment cream such as eflornithine 11.5% can slow hair growth and thus reduce the frequency of the need for hair removal. This treatment can be used effectively in conjunction with hair removal methods.


Comprehensive clinical management of hirsutism, NCBI

Hirsutism is an excessive body and facial hair growth in women in locations where is normally minimal or absent following a hair-male pattern. For this reason is not uncommon that hirsutism raises psychological, cosmetic and social concerns. There are many treatment modalities that can be summarised into two broad groups: pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatment. Until now, medical treatment has been designed to interfere with the synthesis of androgen at the ovarian or adrenal level, or inhibit the effect of androgen at the receptor level, although recent progresses test other options such as insulin modulators or ornithine decarboxylase inhibitors. Mechanical treatment includes laser hair removal, electrolysis, depilatory creams, plucking and waxing. This article presents a general overview of hirsutism treatment options.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and intersex


But the blurbs say that if you use a “”99” code the insurance will want the DR to justify the medical need. (Although there is a clear medical need as removing a beard for a woman is not just cosmetic.) The Dr’s office told me that they don’t know of a code! So I am sure that if they did not wish to look up a code, they will not wish to print a letter of medical necessity to justify insurance payments. I was, therefore, looking fo a non-general/non-99 code.

-question concerning laser ^

ICD-9-CM 704.9 is a billable medical code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim, however, 704.9 should only be used for claims with a date of service on or before September 30, 2015. For claims with a date of service on or after October 1, 2015, use an equivalent ICD-10-CM code (or codes)


word of mouth.  As far as I know, a doctor has to refer patient to an Electrologist, then we fill out a form and the client takes it back to their doctor to be filed with insurance. The insurance code for electrolysis is different from the laser treatment code……  I just attended the AEA conference in Rhode Island. When I asked, that’s the information I was given. Electrologists – from what I was told – Electrologists are not medical professionals as far as insurance is concerned, so we can’t file the actual claim to insurance companies. I’m still working it out, so all I have to offer is that information that was just given to me a few days ago. It might even be different for each state, I just don’t know.- Last January President Obama issued an order mandating that plans under the ACA cover medically necessary care for transgender persons. Since all plans participating in ACA exchanges must offer the same services, this means that for the vast majority of employer plans, all medically necessary transgender related services would be covered. But the challenge is that not all states participate in the ACA at the same level, and each plan determines how it meets the medically necessary criteria. What you need to find out Jaiowyn is if there are any electrologists affiliated with your particular plan. For example, Kaiser in Southern California has a list of a dozen or more electrologists “on the list” Your PCP may not even know if this list exists. You should contact member services, find out who coordinates services for transgender clients (I doubt your the only one they’ve dealt with,) and ask that person about hair removal. What we’re finding is most plans are readily covering pre GCS hair removal… facial hair removal, not so much.

school for electrology

its like they’ve created this wall where they grandfathered any practicing electrolysists while making sure ther would be no newcomers. a form of job security where they can name their price, without ever having undergone the training they now require, where 2-3 practicing eletrologists are gatekeepers of who gets to practice In ohio, making sure that noone poor  enters  the field by refusing federal school loans to do so, requiring us to buy into the field at an insurmountable price, while allowing them to set rates on treatment without having to be competitive in pricing, equipment or technique.

from a school not in ohio-

Ohio has a 750 hour electrology training requirement and at the present time, American Institute of Education does not support or offer this curriculum. Ohio is one of only a few states that requires out of state vocational schools to become “state approved” with Ohio’s State Medical Board and the Directors of AIE decided that there wasn’t sufficient reason to pursue this requirement. We also disagree with their curriculum to some extent. The curriculum requires 150 hours of head and neck massage training, something that no other state requires and that no electrologist would consider doing. If you plan to practice electrology in Ohio upon completing your training, we suggest that you attend a school in this state.

If you live on the border of a neighboring state and plan to work there rather than in Ohio, or, if you are planning to move from Ohio to another part of our country, call our Director, Ron Davis at 888-844-4247. AIE trains students for most other states in our nation and we would be pleased to assist you.


so that school in california replyed saying i should just do school in ohio without giving much to go on i but to look here in the http://electrology.com/contact.html (which im emailing a rep in ohio from the contact us page)  inquired again with the cali person an they got me a link to a new school opening in columbus on a hairtell forum —–

contacted the area educational chair and they gave me links to the one in cbus

Mary Kaye Johnson mkjelectrolysis@aol.com

Your message was forwarded to me regarding the electrology training programs in Ohio.  The American Electrology Association is not a regulatory body so the information provided is simply a list of the known schools in Ohio.  You should call both schools with your list of questions and go from there.  That said, please feel free to call me with any general questions regarding training.  The AEA website at www.electrology.com has information regarding the CPE designation.  If you click on the Professionals page, there is a link on the left hand side of that page with info on becoming a CPE along with the CPE test bulletin.  Wherever you train, you should plan to take the exam and become a member of the AEA in order to stay on top of continuing education opportunities and be involved with the wonderful peer networking opportunities.

Here is the contact information I have for the 3 schools that can train for ohio:

About Face Cosmetic Therapy

Vickie Mickey

1918 Bethel Road

Columbus, Ohio 43220

By Phone: 614-457-0448

By E-Mail: aboutface@aboutface-ctc.com

they want 16-17,000 and that liscences me as an asthetic therapist(?no idea theres a diffrence between electrologist and therapist?)

as well the one in mansfeild

Ohio Medical Electrology Institute

attn. Jo Melching

271 Cline Ave. Suite # 4

Mansfield, Ohio 44907




or visit: http://www.skinsolutionsandelectrolysis.com/

one in ky (also 2 hrs away) does have 3 diffrent levels of courses, i could do 350 hrs that wouldnt liscense me in oh but it would eleswhere but nowhere i wanna go. would give me a better understanding of what im doing to myself.


350 HOURS:       $5100.00

600 HOURS:       $6800.00

765 HOURS:       $9100.00

Laser Hair Removal Courses: We also offer Laser Training courses which can be completed in one week or less.

30 HOURS:        $2600.00 (Three day course)

50 HOURS:        $3500.00 (Five day course, one week from Monday-Friday)

+the cost of machine n books 😦 machine being 4 grand

there is a school called American Institute of Education that can teach me for such states that dont require any certification, as well as potentially some that do like california. part online but i have to go to one of their locations to finish. needs further looked into.


so far the only school in America that takes federal school loans is in salt lake city utah http://cameocollege.com/thanks-for-your-interest/

sent timid interest thigy waitn to hear back 🙂 no hear back L and hear it uses you as free labor without teaching theory


I sent another email and didn’t mention anything about ohio,got a reply…

Good Morning Jayla.

This is Cyndle with Cameo College Admissions. Thank You for your inquiry. The Electrolysis industry is a fantastic industry to get into J I can definitely help you w/ your FAFSA, have you ever filled out one before?

I would suggest coming into Cameo College. When you come I will give you a tour of the campus, go over course curriculum, and tuition. I will also help you fill out your FAFSA at that time J I am available Tues – Sat is there a day of the week that works best for you?

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” ― Oscar Wilde

Cyndle Mendoza

Cyndle Mendoza

Cameo College Admissions Advisor

801-747-5705 Direct Line

801-747-5701 Fax

the hatefull Mormon social culture of Utah L mentioned because that’s wher cameo college is


Why Getting a Haircut Can Be a Traumatizing Experience for Transgender People




list of trans groups in massachusettes, seems like a good state for rights as well.


a study done using my machine J ss-69 epilator, the article uses disgusting terminology being from 97 (the 90s weren’t kind) in general stresses the need for a good electrolysis whos successfully treated trans women befor and how done wrong can be no reduction :/


they do a “modern elctrolosis symposium” in Quebec Canada, this is 2015’s. Dectro International hosts it every year. They produce the Apilus machines


Johanne Fortier CPE, LE, National Training Director, Laura Bomar (from tenn)trained with her in California and she trains students for unlicensed states. She runs a business called Aesthetics Systems and works mostly with Dectro products.


get a daylight lamp,some cheap ones at joane called Ott lite http://www.ottlite.com/Our-Story/Dr-Ott-The-Original or verilux which is what laura has http://www.verilux.com/

Prestige, is an electrolosis supply store sells things like magni specs


texas electrolysis supply, is another supplier of everything, both sell needles an whatever http://texaselectrolysisstore.com/

sterilizer is required by the CDC, A Dry Heat sterilizer by Wayne or and Autoclave steam machine, a pricey item 500 or so


she has the Oakworks Wellspring Portable Massage Table. It is made so that legs can fit underneath it. Most massage tables don’t allow for that, so make sure your legs can fit under whatever table you decide on.


you’ll need a pump bottle for the alcohol and many people use witch hazel for after care use.

“takes about 3 to 5 thousand to get started right in this business.” Laura bomar (thanksJ


There are some probe companies that will send free samples. I use Sterex probes, but there are different brands and everyone has their favorites got some free samples of probes from Pro Tec last year.

I don’t know how to go about sterilizing the instruments like tweezers though. You’ll have to have the proper sterilization before working on anyone. That’s for your safety. You will also want to be certain to get Hep shots and other shots/vaccinations required for healthcare workers

Laurier probes are the best in quality and they are also the most expensive. The spend a bit more time developing these probes and may have some detailed information that will help. Electrologist who use these probes often charge a bit extra to cover the cost. I use Laurier for the galvanic and Sterex for thermolysis. But, everyone is different. It’s a bit overwhelming http://www.laurierinstruments.com/kelly-tip-electrolysis-probes.html

I would charge more for bikini area than face, because it’s more difficult and harder on your back to manipulate the area around the bikini. Watch your posture, too! That’s a big issue with electrologists….big issues. Go to any length to keep your posture as good as possible – it will save your back, neck and many types of health side affects. Posture is something I have to work on. I got this great gadget that I positively love… https://www.lumobodytech.com/lumolift/?utm_expid=70259375-21.Yz80XOgnSXu9lXiNTep1yA.1&utm_source=adwords&utm_campaign=190600582&utm_term=lumo%20lift&utm_medium=g&utm_content=88940319502&gclid=Cj0KEQjw_eu8BRDC-YLHusmTmMEBEiQArW6c-FwlZcvfxLvpDOzkQmSRwBt7rrctz49uA1hkKi9KaiYaAj-88P8HAQ&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F


Removal of the main androgen producing glands offers  respite from the production of negative androgenic hormone production (testosterone). It not only helps keep the mind clear, it allows the doseage of anti androgens to be lowered while helping to some small degree the dysphoric rejection of things that should not be. Though removal also causes atrophy and some surgeons don’t want to do SRS on anyone with receded tissue. scar tissue is also a issue, there is a different technique than they do for males, it involves an incision from the bikini line pulling everything out and carterizing. Original form s of SRS practiced since the invent of sharp rocks.

Transwomen and the Metabolic Syndrome: Is Orchiectomy Protective?



guidelines for surgery- treatment and care pre/post op


i want marci bowers as my surgeon ! 😦 never afford it


Dr Brassard, montreal


this is a guide to surgeons


* works with low income, vaginoplasty 6,000+2,000 anesthisia an facilities +travel and exspencis- still cheapest ive found :/ Harold M. Reed, M.D. florida


Dr Michael Kuzon works with the VA if your military, University of Michigan Comprehensive Gender Services Program


Dr Christian McGinn, Papillon Gender Wellness center, Phillidelphia Pennsylvania


^pennsylvania removed trans exclusions !


Dr. Loren Schechter, university plastic surgery, Chicago Illinois, takes medicare


Brownstein and Crane, doesn’t take medicare unknown


transgender health


oh! its dianes medical guide thingy!! just realized,lol

international surgeon list from a referall writting source


Michigan university offers GRS !!! applying for enrollment in its gender program now- only cares about money


a video of the current technique used


wonder if i we can apply as research subjects? i would totally prefer this technique but the other is tried and true and steps above sharp rocks. Though its in testing phases it will be awhile befor its cleared for everyones use and then will cost insanely higher than normal SRS an by the time its dropped to be feasible ive wasted a lifetime :/

lab grown vagina


^ anouther take


anouther testing phase complete,this time in intersex youth


lab grown organs


lab grown Fallopian tubes                                                                                      http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/fallopian-tubes-grown-lab-first-time 

womb transplant


lab grown uterus


girl has mothers uterus transplanted,5th successful, intersex/ hysterectomy women


5 breakthru uterus transplants in cis women in the US


first ‘artificial ovary’ to develop oocytes into mature human eggs


how a trans woman could get pregnant


fun fact, a trans woman is CEO of a biomedical company growing organs in NC for transplant surgeries, hearts/lungs


list of surgeons, in US call everyone

Gary Alter

Does not take insurance supposedly

Rachel Bluebond-Langner
University of Maryland Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness, 419 W. Redwood St., Baltimore, MD, 21201, US

Marci Bowers
345 Lorton Avenue Suite #101
Burlingame CA 94010

Karen Boyle, M.D.
Chesapeake Urology Associates at Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC)
6535 North Charles Street, Suite 640
Baltimore, MD 21204
Phone: 877-290-5055

Curtis Crane
575 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Greenbrae, CA 94904

Peter K. Davis, M.D., F.A.C.S.
1691 El Camino Real, Suite 400 Palo Alto, CA 94306
Website: www.davisplasticsurgery.com

Daniel Dugi
Oregon Health & Science University
3303 SW Bond Ave, CH-10-U
Portland, OR 97239

Maurice Garcia, MD
400 Parnassus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94143
(415) 353-2200

Daniel Greenwald
1208 East Kennedy Blvd, #221, Tampa, FL, 33602, US
tel: 888-840-3199

William Kuzon Jr., M.D., PhD.
University of Michigan Health System
1500 E. Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Sherman Leis, D.O., F.A.C.O.S.
The Center For Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery
19 Montgomery Avenue
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

Ellie Zara Ley, MD
7025 N. Scottsdale Rd, Suite 302
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Christine McGinn, MD
Papillon Gender Wellness Center
18 Village Row
New Hope, PA 18938

Toby R Meltzer, MD, PC
7025 N. Scottsdale Rd, Suite 302
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Tuan A. Nguyen, M.D., D.D.S.
15820 Quarry Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Website: www.mdtnguyen.com

Harold M. Reed, M.D., F.I.C.S.
1111 Kane Concourse
Bay Harbor, Florida 33154
Website: www.srsmiami.com

Kathy Rumer, MD, FACOS
Rumer Cosmetic Surgery
105 Ardmore Avenue
Ardmore, PA 19003

Thomas Satterwhite
575 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Greenbrae, CA 94904

Loren Schechter
University Plastic Surgery, 9000 Waukegan Rd, Suite 210,
Morton Grove, IL, 60053, US

Christopher Salgado, MD
1120 NW 14th Street
Miami, FL 33136

Alexander Sinclair
9884 South Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Heidi Wittenberg, MD
Urogynecology Center of San Francisco
55 Francisco Street, #300
San Francisco, CA 94133

NEW! DR. RIAN MAERCKS, M.D. – $33,000 L has not worked with insurance L

(305) 328-8256

4500 Biscayne Blvd #104, Miami, FL 33137


Website: http://themaercksinstitute.com/

a blog about srs statistics


lynn conways SRS warning (fairly phobic and internalized,but based on fears for why the standards of care exist)


SoC Standards of Care for the health of Transsexual, transgender, and gender non conforming people VII (as it stands today)


notes about transgender healthcare, 2007 dated but nice for its age, shows how far weve come


A concept called “bodily autonomy” would come under attack in the 70’s, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) begins chromosome testing athletes barring intersex and transsexual competators. Important to note that in 2003 the IOC convened with an international gathering of medical doctors developing the consensus that after 2 yrs of hormonal reparative therapy and sexual realignment surgery all bodily systems are equivalent to that of a person’s target gender. The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (HBIGDA) was also formed, a grouping of leading mental and physical health professionals from every associated field, who grew to develop the first universal standards of care for transsexualism- an official diagnosis and treatment being needed to acquire care. Since then it has grown into the foremost authority, recognized by entities such as the “American Medical Association” AMA and the “World Health organization” WHO. These standards have continually been updated in accordance with new understanding, now called the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). The Standards of Care have been revised six times (in January 1980, March 1981, January 1990, June 1998, February 2001,and September 2011). Transition related healthcare from puberty suppression to confirmation surgery are viewed by medical science as an effective and necessary treatment of bodily dysphoria.



during incorrect puberty alot of negative shit happens to our bodys that makes us want to die. voice is an important factor, been told im fairly fem sounding but yet talking on the phone makes me want to hang myself sometimes. special if im already aggravated.

so heres a new voice app!


Laryngoplasty, surgical


pt1. video guide, pitch and resonance


Guidelines for voice, treatment and care


heres nice step0-6 suggestions read first n try J


voice coach


sarah pickle has refered me to Chelsea.schmalenberg@UC for speech pathology (voice coach), at the same time refered me to siddarth khosla for otolaryngology (surgery). when i called i have to see khosla first ,an befor him on first visit their gonna shove a camera down my thought an look at my voice guts at which point ill be again refered to schmalenberg, guess shes under him or something. this is all within the UC network. i also ran into a packet found on a info booth at a event in dayton for the Blain Block Institute for Voice Anylysis and Rehabilitation, a Carol S Cantor www.bbivar.com , havent called or anything,figured id try with UC since its “prescribed” an next month,lol.

Facial feminization

lynn’s thoughts on FFS (nice informative resource for all aspects)


adrea james medical necessity letter


andrea james  (ts roadmap) on FFS


during the first incorrect puberty which was totally preventable, we were denied the care that could have prevented these damaging masculinizing features, a guidebook, costs money we don’t have L much like any surgical correction


3d printing facial tissue, early phases of testing but promising for a whole slew of procedures!


bowers is part of a conference in Italy, this is a facial feminization thingy



martin fox MD in ky does face, needs to get a appointment for consult,also does a buncha other stuff


Dr Sherman Leis, philly, nose job 7,500-8,800/chin 3,600/




Breast augmentation/reconstruction

code it as breast reconstruction , that’s how their getting it covered in Washington…

101-“Women can get breast implants to make their breasts bigger and fuller. That can be done for RECONSTRUCTIVE purposes, such as after mastectomy for breast cancer, or for cosmetic reasons.”


on cost-


guidance for treatment- breast augmentation


saline vs silicone-


fat transfer as opposed to implants-


Columbus surgery


Cincinnati plastic surgery group, dr robinson, I have prices for nose,boob n lipo


how to measure bra size personally i hates em :/ lol
but one day maybe ill have to know this if i ever develop past an a or b, not like i have a mom 😦


AMAB (assisgned male at birth) can breastfeed, this article is nice, though there is also a tribe somewhere that the men do all the breastfeeding while the women hunt


^Induced Lactation and the Newman-Goldfarb Protocols for Induced Lactation


^Kelly mom resources for induced lactation and relactation


^an awesome resource, tips for trans breastfeeders trans men and trans women



a sample letter for fighting denial

Bec Drakenhall Here’s something I wrote for a client who prevailed over Cedars Sinai’s employee insurance, where his parent was the primary on the insurance – they refused, but after this letter relented and approved:
Dear X
This letter concerns Mr. XXX, and your denial of services, based on the requirements for “sex reassignment surgery.”
My recommendation of Mr. XXX to undergo bilateral mastectomy and chest reconstruction by surgeon XXXX, is based on the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) Standards of Care, V. 7. According to said standards, which govern and set requirements for gender dysphoria treatment worldwide, the following requirements are addressed as completed:
1. Mr. XXX is NOT requesting “sex reassignment surgery.” This is a patent error on your part. Mr. XXX is requesting bilateral mastectomy and chest reconstruction, which is a reversible procedure. According to WPATH Standards of Care, the requirement is listed thus: “One referral from qualified mental health professional is needed for breast/chest surgery (e.g., mastectomy, chest reconstruction, or augmentation mammoplasty).”
2. Mr. XXX has demonstrated the medical necessity of this procedure according to your requirement as follows:
a) Mr. XXX was first diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria by XXXX, and began administration of testosterone injections at age 18 – that is almost 3 years ago. Client has intermittently visited the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center for medical checkups, most recently with Ward Carpenter, MD. The Lambda Medical Clinic at said center have recorded Mr. XXXX identity as male and have verified the necessity for regular testosterone injections and gender identity transition from female to male, based on their diagnosis and treatment protocol, which correspond to the WPATH Standards of Care.
b) Despite Mr. XXXX legal status as female, Mr. XXX is living his daily life as 100% male and has done so for almost three years. However, he cannot be expected to do so as a normative male individual with breasts.
Based on your requirements and that of the WPATH, which sets worldwide standards for the treatment of Gender Dysphoria, Mr. XXXX has exceeded the requirements for bilateral mastectomy and chest reconstruction. Your denial of coverage does the following:
1. By imposing the requirement of recommendation by two mental heath professionals rather than one for this particular procedure, which is NOT “sex reassignment surgery” you are violating the WPATH Standards of Care V. 7 and common medical praxis.
2. By denying that Mr. XXXX has Gender Dysphoria, documented by the undersigned and by available treatment records at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, you are violating medical praxis, the WPATH Standards of Care V. 7, and the State of California’s Health and Safety Code 1365.5 (b), which states that “it is unlawful for an insurance or health care service plan to modify the terms of the contract or to impose any limitations, exceptions, exclusions, reductions, copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, reservations, or other modifications because of a person’s gender identity.”
Thus, your requirement that Mr. XXXX be evaluated by another mental health professional is not applicable to the situation of bilateral mastectomy. It only applies to “sex reassignment surgery” – in Mr. XXXX’s case a bilateral oophorectomy and hysterectomy, for which he is NOT applying. I therefore urge you to obtain a copy of the WPATH Standards of Care V. 7 and thereby retract your denial of coverage, in order for the patient not to escalate and bring his grievance to the State of California, where he would most likely prevail, based on your error and discriminatory practices.

for trans men

There are multiple procedures for DFAB trans people there’s metoidioplasty that releases the ligament that holds the clitoris in place so that it hangs more like a penis, with that one can opt for urethral lengthening so that they can stand to pee, a vagenectomy which is the closing of the vagina, scrotoplasty which creates a scrotum from labia I believe, and testicular implants. phalloplasty which is where they take a flap of skin, fat, arteries and nerves in the case of micro-surgical flaps and create a phallus from this flap. with this there is the same other surgeries as metoidioplasty as well as a glasplasty to create the head of the penis.



guidelines for phalloplasty, treatment and care


video of current technique used


most sought after surgeon for penile grafting


first successfull penis transplant


penile transplants in F-M patients, 60 patient wounded vet clinical trial


lab grown sperm from stem cells


first hydraulic penile implant


First Genitourinary Vascularized Composite Allograft (Penile) Transplant in the Nation Performed at Massachusetts General Hospital 5/14/16


trans guy does QanA about phaloplasty


german trans man is on the cover of mens health


nude color chest binders


Raye’s place, a recovery place for trans men after surgery, currently crowdfunding “places like this aren’t just needed in Detroit but all over, the transgnder population is diproportionatly poor and this could help a lot of people”


The literature showed that BiLateralMasectomy is necessary for trans men to live safely and effectively in their reassigned gender role, and further that it acts as a prophylaxis against distress, ameliorates extant distress as well as providing improved quality of life and global functioning for this patient group.


only study done on the health impacts of chest binding


^ the actual study


things they don’t tell you about the first week after top surgery, to quit fears



what I have, caresource, medicaid is an HMO insurer (?) has a bunch of stuff listed under gender disphoria,totally needs looked further into!


trans woman gets SRS covered under Medicaid in NY


^ Dr Rumor in PA contracted with the state Medicaid of NY to do a number of surgeries


IRS everything,doc visits,meds,srs is tax deductable


good time to be a federal worker


Trihealth for Vets covers surgery as of 8/22/16


medicare covers SRS ,an explanation of recent advancements


^ HHS final ruling concerning medicare


pgs 40-43, 3/3/2013 (my birthday J ), Transgender Health at the Crossroads: Legal Norms, Insurance Markets, and the Threat of Healthcare Reform

Such a view of medical necessity is, however, somewhat myopic. Just because some transgender individuals do not need transitional procedures does not mean they are inappropriate for all transgender individuals. Patients with the same condition often have diverse medical needs, and interventions that are medically necessary for one patient may not be medically necessary for another. All individuals suffering from Lyme disease, for example, do not necessarily receive the same medical protocol, but we do not dismiss certain Lyme disease treatments as medically unnecessary just because every patient with Lyme disease does not utilize them. Furthermore, a strict conception of medical necessity for transition-related procedures is inconsistent with the use of the standard in other contexts. As noted in Part II, a given treatment is usually considered necessary when a patient’s physician finds that the intervention is medically appropriate for a patient’s condition. Insurers and courts typically defer to the physician’s judgment, provided it aligns with the medical community’s recommended treatments for the condition. When insurers review claims for gender-confirming care, however, they are often less willing to accept a physician’s conclusions about medical necessity. Finally, current medical-necessity review for trans-specific interventions rarely considers the significant impact social norms can have on the medical benefits these individuals seek. One scholar argues that transition-related treatment is important to “an individual’s ability to function and survive in society, given current biases and beliefs.” 200 Transgender individuals suffer high rates of discrimination in the workplace, and the current law offers little relief. In thirty-seven states, it remains legal for employers to discriminate on the basis of gender identity, and federal anti-discrimination laws do not cover gender-variant populations. 20 1 Anatomical features that deviate from what society considers “normal” can lead to severe harassment at work-that is, if one can even manage to hold on to a job despite transgender status.202 When the violence frequently encountered by transgender individuals is considered, it is difficult to dismiss transitional care as medically unnecessary. Reports of assault, rape, and murder of transgender people are fairly common and often brutal.203 Victims frequently describe receiving little compassion from police officers and emergency medical personnel when reporting these crimes.204 When even those responsible for protecting transgender groups from violence and redressing their harm react transphobically, concealing transgender identity with gender-confirming care may be, for some, the only way to avoid danger and discrimination. 205


webinare, 2014 so expect an update or redo- insurance, denial, appeal, process and how to fight it.

Specifically mentions to have the surgeon send preauthorization requests,having to have a denial first based on system codes not being categorized for the gender disphoria so not yet decisions made by faculty, once an appeal is raised it is reviewed by a physical person, if need be exhausting internal appeals within the insurance company befor a state or federal hearing. Within the appeal it is pertinent not only to state the medical code used for the treatment of GD/GID and the procedure (which may not be coded under the current model check with insurance to find out)and medical necessity statements from WPATH and any other health organization, but how it directly affects the patient thru distress and how denial is continually harmfull for the patient overcoming GD.


^ webinare video, at 1:09:00 it covers prior authorization, at 1:16:00 it covers fighting denial


^affordable care act fact sheet,2016, basicly its saying that if a procedure is covered for a non trans person it must be available to a trans person. Leaving genital surgery left up to arguments based on DSD procedures.


project health, helps guide providers thru the process, area specific yet has an email for helping all providers anywhere in the US with dealing with insurance, denial, and appeal


as part of the piror authorization should contain an explanation as to the patients overall health and mental stability following the procedure, this seems to be something to mention when seeking SRS


LAMBDA legal FAQ on Access to Transition-Related Care covers the above and more


^ medical necessity statements to use in requesting  surgery http://www.lambdalegal.org/sites/default/files/publications/downloads/ll_trans_professional_statements.pdf

WPATH medical necessity statement

Medically necessary sex reassignment procedures also include complete hysterectomy, bilateral mastectomy, chest reconstruction or augmentation as appropriate to each patient (including breast prostheses if necessary), genital reconstruction (by various techniques which must be appropriate to each patient, including, for example, skin flap hair removal, penile and testicular prostheses, as necessary), facial hair removal, and certain facial plastic reconstruction as appropriate to the patient.

“Non-genital surgical procedures are routinely performed… notably, subcutaneous mastectomy in female-to-male transsexuals, and facial feminization surgery, and/or breast augmentation in male-to-female transsexuals. These surgical interventions are often of greater practical significance in the patient’s daily life than reconstruction of the genitals.”  [3]

The medical procedures attendant to sex reassignment are not “cosmetic” or “elective” or for the mere convenience of the patient. These reconstructive procedures are not optional in any meaningful sense, but are understood to be medically necessary for the treatment of the diagnosed condition. [4]


ICD9 – under this older coding system the condition is refered to as Gender Identity Disorder (GID) though looking for transgender came up with a couple interesting results


ICD10- in the the current coding which matches updates in the DSMV the condition is refered to as Gender Dysphoria (GD) (for further explanation of the difference see DSM section)


overview of everything insurance- 2016

Overriding a “sex mismatch”: condition code 45

All federally-funded health institutions (e.g., most hospitals) have received instruction on the use of Code 45 (and the KX modifier) in their coding practices and all Medicare Administrative Contractors are required to process this code,[6] which is an override for a sex mismatch. However, the code may not have been implemented by all hospitals or carriers’ systems; in these cases using Code 45 may result in a returned claim for correction, or outright denial of the claim.


question is not if surgery should happen but at what age,also nice video


body work- Gender Circuits, bodies and identities in a technological age, eve shapiro (wrote a paper yrs ago on it)


UofFL first to train medical students in trans medical care


^ has a link to email the coordinator for competency training!


GLMA find a LGBT competant medical professional in your area 🙂


health insurance that covers genital surgery 2015


hrc insurance list that covers healthcare


list of surgeons that take medicare


HHS dept of Health and Human Services releases rules that no one can discriminate against trans people in medicaid 5/14/16


^ By including gender identity in the regulations, they said, insurance and service providers would have to cover drugs, surgeries, and other services associated with some transgender people’s gender transitions.


^ *new HHS dept of Health and Human Services, ACA Affordable Care Act ruling and how it affects trans people 5/14/2016


^ pdf


^ the MHPAEA Mental Health Parity and addiction Equality Act seems to have been awaiting the HHS further guidance concerning trans health, it effects..

  • Copays, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximums
  • Limitations on services utilization, such as limits on the number of inpatient days or outpatient visits that are covered
  • The use of care management tools
  • Coverage for out-of-network providers
  • Criteria for medical necessity determinations

Starting in 2014, the Affordable Care Act will require all small group and individual market plans created after March 23, 2010, to comply with federal parity requirements. Qualified Health Plans offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace in every state must include coverage for mental and/or substance use disorders as one of the 10 categories of Essential Health Benefits, and that coverage must comply with the federal parity requirements set forth in the MHPAEA.


^ final rules 2013

Benefits for patients with mental health and substance use disorders must be treated equally with medical/surgical benefits by insurers under final rules implementing the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. The final rules, released November 8, 2013, require equity with respect to financial requirements and treatment limitations under group health plans and group and individual health insurance coverage. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) builds on the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and requires coverage of mental health and substance use disorder services as one of ten essential health benefits categories. Under the essential health benefits rule, individual and small group health plans are required to comply with these parity regulations. The rule also contains a technical amendment relating to external review with respect to the multi-state plan program administration by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).


^ OPM Office of Personell Management required all federal insurers to remove exclusions for SRS (see federal precedence section for more)


they are taking opinions while deliberating wether or not to create a code for surgery,give your input now! L Currently, the local Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) determine coverage of gender reassignment surgery on an individual claim basis. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposes to continue this practice and not issue a National Coverage Determination (NCD) at this time on gender reassignment surgery for Medicare beneficiaries with gender dysphoria.  Our review of the clinical evidence for gender reassignment surgery was inconclusive for the Medicare population at large.  The low number of clinical studies specifically about Medicare beneficiaries’ health outcomes for gender reassignment surgery and small sample sizes inhibited our ability to create clinical appropriateness criteria for cohorts of Medicare beneficiaries.

In the absence of a NCD, initial coverage determinations under section 1862(a)(1)(A) of the Social Security Act (the Act) and any other relevant statutory requirements will be made by the local Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) on an individual claim basis. They dont give a fuck about us.


-To get an out of state surgeon approved you will need to make a consultation with the surgeon’s office and see if they will submit for prior authorization. To get a consultation you will likely need 2 letters from mental health professionals that have been written recently (within the past 6 months, minimum).

-You are probably going to be able to get coverage for SRS and breast augmentation, but you will most likely not be successful getting liposuction, body contouring, facial feminization surgery, or additional add-ons covered. I would suggest focusing on getting SRS or breast augmentation, or at the most tracheal shave, covered, as trying to add in lots of procedures and get coverage will likely make the insurance deny all coverage.

-Any letters you have will only be helpful if they were written in the past six months or less, and directly address the surgeon or provider you are looking to see.

-In my experience with anything Medicaid, which is mostly subsumed in each State’s Affordable Care Act plans, is that they do provide coverage, but that you need to meet criteria and provide excellent documentation of meeting criteria. It seems like you’ve done good research on this, so I would look carefully at the criteria you’ve found and ensure that you can get qualified mental health professionals and physicians to write you letters describing your qualifications for surgery.

Cei Lambert | Patient Advocate, Trans Health Program
Fenway Health | Ansin Building | 1340 Boylston St. | Boston, MA 02215
Office: 857.313.6589 | www.fenwayhealth.org

Vanderbuilt university in tennessee has added surgery to its student insurance policy


If a covered health plan currently has exclusions, it has until the first day of the first plan year beginning January 1, 2017 to remove the exclusion.

ACA rule barring trans discrimination in medical


PTSD post traumatic stress disorder is a separate level within the DSM as a verified disorder, gender identity being removed as a disorder yet mentioned within the DSM leaves questions. Yet im told that I can ask for an assessment for PTSD and that in many states its an automatic clearance for mental health care, as well I hear that in some states being diagnosed with either PTSD or gender disphoria is an automatic acceptance to SSI and therfor medicare which covers surgery to a degree. The fraction of the reimbursement cost that it does provide has yet to be fought by anyone. Thoughts?

*unfinished =^.^=

4 thoughts on “a general education-biologic basis of gender identity + (unfinished)

  1. Great page! And reading through it, I saw the comments about surgeons. I went to Chettawut in Bangkok, Thailand. Far, far cheaper and I regret neither the choice of surgeon or the amazing trip I had as well.

    Best wishes to you as you move forward!

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  2. I think the page needs to be retitled, or subtitled “Any and all pages, reports, documents, videos, medical studies, etc. to show that you are gay, straight, XY-normal, non-XY-normal, non-binary gender, transgender, unigender, multi-gender, or HUMAN.”

    What an awesome list!!


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