Happy Labor Day



rosie the riviter


to the 22% of all available jobs protected by recent federal precedence. (if anything survives the religious reich)

last time i had real finance was 13 yrs ago, a job doing shipping at a paper factory,i was early 20 somethn, second or third job outa high school. i ran shipping in the old building during the transfer,overworked i kinda died with it. when i say overworked i mean 7 days a week at 12-14 hr shifts,i had a stack of checks worth 6-800 bucks each i never had time to cash.i was saving to just disappear and transition,do everything at once. i hadnt transitioned fully yet, stuck in effiminate goth dude presentation was maddening,i came out to a couple people at work,was told they didnt cover my medical needs,an agravating existince but hope was there somehow. overworked an sick i was spose’ to send the last rolls of paper over,routine except i also had to back the clamptruck in w a roll clamped in its jaws for stability. damaged a trailer offered to pay for it was only like a grand (i had 9000), but lost me tool. i quit an lived off that for a yr or so.

During that  the first social annexation happened, by the time i realized my funds were drawing nigh,i found myself unemployable. “friends” were all painting houses but nope i wasn’t welcome. My first job, a dinner theater named la comedia who loved me, no longer had time to even interview me,when they were hiring.  have had various temp factory and food service jobs that never protected me.General manager over this areas Wendys actually purposefully deadnamed and misgendered me to a point i walked out, haven’t ate there since an that was 6 yrs ago. i found myself homeless (again,its something i should be used to) living out of an old corolla,scraping newspaper and metal from the trash to barley get by. So i tried what everyone else could do in such a circumstance(unless your trans id find out) is sell plasma. They had me come back twice just to put me in their system and tell me i could never give blood in my life. that day i wrecked my car,totalled it coming out of lacomedia (a final time) in a suicidal scavenge for work on E. Now walking everywhere, carrying my only belongings in a dufflebag; i did the same in dayton,apps n resumes,nothing, beavercreek,nothing. i returned for an odd lawn job from a neighbor cause 20 bucks was 20 bucks. Passing the sign for frankli/springboro made me physically ill to the point i pucked all over the side of the drivers car.

Ive since saved an opera house and built a vollunteer labor battery. yet im still unemployable. even in a non profit realm there are people who refuse to work with me. The fine arts group who turned me on to theater in the first place denied me access to the bathroom and used the bible to defend it. Offered to finish the community gardens was ignored, though i have enough pressure treated deck-wood to do it. Art central wanted me to teach an intern for them,for free, after id just invested hundreds in the scenes i did over the winter, and told me im not an artist as excuse not to pay me. i am theater,so i need to learn lights an sound; nope, owner of tritech “light and sound” told me “why cant you be gay and hide it?” , hed rather hire one of my mentally unstable workers who stabbed me in the back, shooting himself in the foot. a music club i was working for condoned and defended harassment even going so far as to push me out of town thru a bogus restraining order (successfully defended against with logic and facts). id applied at miltons several times to no avail,even have reference of their best doughnut maker over the past 20 yrs, yet my lesbian masculine worker gets hired on right away, i dont begrudge her. I do fire vollunteers for racist or homophobic slurs, yet when i went to do so when someone used trans-phobia to hurt me and the the group, hes higherd as the beer nark at the broad st bash, fitting i spose’.

corporate non discrimination policies do not extend “down here” as evident in explaining bathrooms during  a second interview at meijers and the recent lawsuit against amazon for over anyr of harassment that ended up with a trans womans brakes cut in the lot of their distribution center in kentucky.  ive given up on a “normal” job, because im a “trans” woman and i have a black mark before im even considered. the only place ive found work is in “self employed” odd jobs and as labor for non profits; volunteer style,hrs unpaid, building muscle and exasperating my bodily dysphoria. i need a technical skill..

the financial penalty for being transgender in america,pdf
transgender law centers example pdf concerning employment

the US gets bad marks on its UN report card for human rights

every federal agency overseeing labor has released guidelines
the breakdown
the fed

EEOC decision
files 3rd lawsuit
hobby lobby verdict in our favor
“Using a restroom inconsistent with your identity is a terrible humiliation and an invitation to harassment. It’s the same as saying you can’t use the restroom at all. And if you can’t use the restroom, you can’t work.” – Harper Jean Tobin, NCTE Director of Policy

white house federal non discrimination policy goes into effect

suprem court backs us in 2 cases

department of justice memo

OPM – us office of personell management-did a study revealing that employers would rather hire a underqualified worker than an overqualified transgender workers
they ruled federal workers get healthcare coverage
all contractors must remove health exclusions by the first of 2016
a better timeline explanation of it removing its own,and then requiring it

labor dept on dress codes


now for a positive outlook
awesome job listing portal (could use help applying to everything
trans healthcare ,list of employeers
top pro transgender comp[anies of 2015
a chicago non profit attempting to do something about unemployment
small business majority, held a confrence on setting business and state level non discrimination policy- usefull, follow up


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