i started this group to begin dialogue,feel free to ask questions, no matter how personal they may seem to be, im an open book. if this is something you may have interest in, stay and read.. hope instead of hopelessness. here is why i feel ill never have a life worth living, unless maybe,there’s some help out there? i cant rely on insurance “one day” that wont cover everything and surgeons who dont take the insurance, these health disparencies will not right themselves in a timely manor which would afford a quality of life that most take for granted.a girlhood, life experience,dating with the ability to respond if theres a spark, to ever find someone. imagine if you couldnt develop personal relationships, only attention are from “chasers” objectifying the parts you hate most about yourself or as some “curiosity”, preying on a vulnerable minority’s self esteem.i shouldnt have developed a fear of people and to repeatedly have social grievances be dismissed.  to be told we bring it upon ourselves.that we should expect it. not let it bother us. not let it affect us. we asked for discrimination by making an issue of prior discrimination. theres nothing we can do about it. “living” with this medical condition is a constant catch22, an inescapable feeling of watching your potential life go by without ever having a complete sence of self. there is proper treatment both medically and socially, we are denied both due to ignorance surrounding these issues. i cant keep perpetually giving of myself without some form of real hope, not what has been only a recurring dream for 34 yrs. denied routes an opportunities that should be here, even basic needs, let alone those most fundamental. unable to ultilise social services but good enough to create one? trans issues are two fold,medical necessity and social inequality, however you want to break each of those down into parts. “lets start with one issue an work from there”,perhaps employment protections, social integration emulation of scripts roles and expectations i was never taught, maybe fun stuff like the art of feminimity,cute hair..or not so fun,the removal.  as of today after school loan paying debts an retaining less than ahundred bucks, i have $1,111.11 in a devoted savings account at a credit union that ive been growing over the past yr,separate from the bank i do checking. im trying to earn it, want me to do something, or want to thank me for whatever it is i just did for the community (usually in a financially detrimental situation),please show some support. all of you have influence no matter how small you think it may be, your kindness is one. there are various realms in which we all interact therfor the potential of making impact; schools,social services,law enforcement, at work, or even at home wher we instill decency in our children.consider a push to implement non discrimination policy thats inclusive, that would one day let people like me LIVE,not just “survive”, in this city.

“one can live with a broken body,or a broken heart,but not both.”



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