Last Time I was Incarcerated (for simple inability to pay a fine)

2013- I just spent 4 days in living hell,or also known as jail. Now no matter what one may think,I know jail sucks in its own right,but to an ingendered individual it is double punishment/ wrapped in utter humiliation.
Went through 2 county jails,over my inability to pay finacialy into the system,due to the lack of employment protection. I do volunteer,an that makes connections an a little bit of money,but nothing more than gas an maybe insurance if im lucky.Let alone paying a 400 dollar fine.
I was sought for at my parents,awakened,i managed to take a shower,lol.they were mad but didnt charge me.
Spent 6 hrs in warren, left in holding,an additional hr ride cuffed to montgomery leaving marks on my wrists for days.
Apon arrival i demanded that i be treated with respect as to my legal gender.
This caused 2 hrs of discussion about wher and how i was to be housed.they couldnt go strictly on my incorrect birth assignment,while negating my current legal gender. Against my need i was isolated in the female wing.dressed out in girl scrubs an transported threw out the facility with girls ,but still held in isolation.
Seperate but equal = discrimination. i complained.
I was then moved in the basement medical wing,somewher more “androgenous” housing both M an F. This is wher you go for suicide attempts and acting out, punishment. Punishment for demanding to be treated equaly,nothing more than or less than female. While in the “medical” wing i realized that i was bieng denied my meds,my prescribed hormone therapy that im supposd to take twice daily.
Segregating me was like saying “your not a girl”,and now i had a markerboard outside my window that said “gender issues” scrawled halfhazardly,that i repeatedly erased. the whole time requesting my meds and grievance forms. Denied both i was also cut off from the grievance line to the phones that was supposed to be used when nothings been doe about your complaint.
With them messing with my hormones i drifted in an out of severe depression and rage.i broke down crying against the steel door fr hrs. they attempted to say i was suicidal but i knew to watch my mouth wether or not it was true. Crying myself to sleep periodicly.
i was denied more than social interaction,meds,and routes of grievance.I was denied a towel to bathe and razor. developing bad hygein and growing a beard minus what little i had managed to have removed (thank science for removal of my upper lip).i became a freak show,a scapegoat,a victem. harrassed by the very guards ment to protect me, one told me “this is what we do to find out when someone is lying about their gender.”
I think it important to state that i had even brought my meds with me but due to the nature of bieng arrested neglected to bring my phone or even the mesely 5 bucks i had.
Leaving me at the mercy of an area i didnt know once released called montgomery county . Here tell me if this sounds like they had any sort of standards of care or concern for my safety,” lets send this trans girl out in unfamiliar territory, with no money,9 hr walk to hometown,with a beard while dressed fem,an well give her a clear bag to carry her prescriptions we refused her in” lololollllll…sigh
i was driven to suicidal ideation and then thrust into bieng fearfull for my life.
i have since overdrawn 300 bucks to hire a lawyer tomarow, as the ACLU said im not a protected class.
-and gave one of the few friends i have left in this world money for gas,at least i got “home” THANK YOU DAN! ❤ (after walking 20 blocks threw the ghetto as previosly described.)
i remeber watching a nature show on interspeciese friendship and its role as survival mechanism befor they started punishing me for demanding my medication.ya know,deer friends lion,owl friends cat,etc. talking about how the same as humans, social interaction releases healthy healing hormones ,increases chance of survival,and how being denied causes physical pain.. isolation is a form of punishment for violent offenders, it is by no means ethical treatment when one has done nothing wrong other than being born with a misunderstood birth beautiful moment was when i finally made it to his house.i was watching fiests video ‘feel it all’ with his daughter who is 5. i gave her a flower id picked up on my walk from my hair. she put it in her pink sippy cup and stired it saying that it was now *magic*. this is what i had to drink when i finally took my hormones for the first time in 4 days.little girl magic 🙂


we are threatened with that everday. everyday you dont pay that new fine, hear an odd knock on the door, or drive by a cop or judicial building. a knot in my stomach, an induced physical response to vomit.this is what we are threatened with everyday we cant afford to survive in your society. I am privelaged only slightly above others in my minority because I am educated, because i have a voice, that weapon is the only reason i could fight for a semblance of proper housing otherwise i would have been at the mercy from the very beginning being thrown where i ended up anyway. this is where we gain our human rights,where one is stripped of all but.

the following are links directly relevant to this travesty of human indiffrence.

FBI report reveals rise in violence against trans people

trans woman found dead in male prison 😦

transitioning in prison but as a guard
EEOC finds firing of our trans police cheif was discriminatory pittsburghs first trans cop                                   

prison rape elimination act

california must cover surgery while in prison.
fed judge rules
judge refuses a stay on the order                                             the prison is under investigation for releasing her prematurly to skip having the ruling go into effect, therfor making them give nessecary care to those souls left to wrote in their sanctioned abuse system.

the prison released her early so that it ddint have to give her surgery,now thats being reveiwed by the courts , if it is found they did so, they would also have to aknowledge the ruling and give surgery to all the other women abused in their “care”

diamond,POWERFUL :.( and has a refrence to the justice department laying down some ruling that further needs checked up on.

department of justice backs diamond video talk

elton john and michael stipe on the issue–us-prisons-is-deafening

solitary confinement,aclu

AMA american medical associations stance on medical treatments while incarcerated

fairly decent rant about abuse in prisons,covers alot of bases, consider PRINT

ICE win ! 🙂
the lady who interupted the president
janecit interupts presidents speach over imigration reform
it prompts ICE to respond and it fails yet again
ICE official response to “heckler”

abc news release

jailhouse lawyer handbook,explaining precedance, needs further looked into for paper

georgia corrections loses lawsuit by trans woman for being denied medical care, there is a settlement.                                                     

NY corrections being sued for 3mill for placing a trans woman in male population

Michelle Kosilik fought and won surgery while in prison ,that was overturned by an apathetic reveiw court the supreme court refused to even hear her case.basically shes been abused since like ever, molested by family that abandoned her to a nunery, state therapists that also molested her in her teenage yrs,which drove her to prostitution as a means of survival after escaping the nunnery with abusive on the run “oh we just showed back up mom”, earned degrees in psychiatry and sociology, threw prominent positions away over abuse of wards by the system in a time wher heavy medication and shock therapy were the only tools used and that she herself had been subjected too, railroaded in her conviction, self defense and PTSD response was never heard, took blame. has been a crusader in equal treatment of trans people, winning several cases defending that stance, using money from the settlements to further the fight , all from behind bars wher shes been dehumanised and left in a male prison, much like the 600 or more of us currently incarcerated for crimes from repeated petty theft to murder obviously . i dare you to read her story and come out of it without an inch of sympathy,if nothing else,simply for the circumstances of the hell inflicted by your society that she endured since the age of 4 on up prior to incarceration 20 yrs ago. *cries*

her ebook

her open letter to the LGBT community

a great read with a horrible end, i cry for her,for all of us.-official opinion of the first circuit court of apeals 😦 PRINT

a guide to treating lgbt people fairly during incarceration,in partnership with MAP and Sylvia Revera Project
the report

**to correct my sex classification within this bigoted system i need to contact the bureau of investigation? 1-855-224-6446  The Identification Division provides up to date records and state of the art technology to law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies throughout Ohio.  The Division serves as the central repository for all criminal records for the State of Ohio and maintains fingerprints, palm prints, photographs, and other information related to arrests within the state.  The Division is comprised of the following units:


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