Last Time I was Incarcerated (for simple inability to pay a fine)


 Incarceration Speech

my name is Jayla, hailing from leelah alcorns graveyard. //The kind of place where you can be denied a rape kit from the ER. //Where you have to go out of county// to seek sustenance programs. // i don’t come from a wealthy family// nor have I ever had employment protections.// I have been hunted by police since my mom used JDC as a control device instead of listening about hormones,// “walking while trans” is a very real thing to someone denied a license.//and now that I drive the same targeting is used financially//as part of systematically forcing us out of public spaces.// So it should come as no surprise// that when a police state// wants to tax people for driving after dark,// that one would find themselves easy prey for the “justice” system.// ive never not owed some forced tiding to a court as long as ive been alive.//student debt is the only “income” I can aquire// without partaking of black markets so many are ushered into.//suppose im here decribing the effects of poverty,//and how the simple Inability to pay imagined fines// becomes a funnel into the prison industry complex. . //

If we have no human rights outside of the corrections system//imagine for a moment what happens when we’re in it.// – continued at bottom


Greivance Against Montgomery

2013- I just spent 4 days in living hell,or also known as jail. Now no matter what one may think,I know jail sucks in its own right,but to an ingendered individual it is double punishment/ wrapped in utter humiliation.
Went through 2 county jails,over my inability to pay finacialy into the system,due to the lack of employment protection. I do volunteer,an that makes connections an a little bit of money,but nothing more than gas an maybe insurance if im lucky.Let alone paying a 400 dollar fine.
I was sought for at my parents,awakened,i managed to take a shower,lol.they were mad but didnt charge me.
Spent 6 hrs in warren, left in holding,an additional hr ride cuffed to montgomery leaving marks on my wrists for days.
Apon arrival i demanded that i be treated with respect as to my legal gender.
This caused 2 hrs of discussion about wher and how i was to be housed.they couldnt go strictly on my incorrect birth assignment,while negating my current legal gender. Against my need i was isolated in the female wing.dressed out in girl scrubs an transported threw out the facility with girls ,but still held in isolation.
Seperate but equal = discrimination. i complained.
I was then moved in the basement medical wing,somewher more “androgenous” housing both M an F. This is wher you go for suicide attempts and acting out, punishment. Punishment for demanding to be treated equaly,nothing more than or less than female. While in the “medical” wing i realized that i was bieng denied my meds,my prescribed hormone therapy that im supposd to take twice daily.
Segregating me was like saying “your not a girl”,and now i had a markerboard outside my window that said “gender issues” scrawled halfhazardly,that i repeatedly erased. the whole time requesting my meds and grievance forms. Denied both i was also cut off from the grievance line to the phones that was supposed to be used when nothings been doe about your complaint.
With them messing with my hormones i drifted in an out of severe depression and rage.i broke down crying against the steel door fr hrs. they attempted to say i was suicidal but i knew to watch my mouth wether or not it was true. Crying myself to sleep periodicly.
i was denied more than social interaction,meds,and routes of grievance.I was denied a towel to bathe and razor. developing bad hygein and growing a beard minus what little i had managed to have removed (thank science for removal of my upper lip).i became a freak show,a scapegoat,a victem. harrassed by the very guards ment to protect me, one told me “this is what we do to find out when someone is lying about their gender.”
I think it important to state that i had even brought my meds with me but due to the nature of bieng arrested neglected to bring my phone or even the mesely 5 bucks i had.
Leaving me at the mercy of an area i didnt know once released called montgomery county . Here tell me if this sounds like they had any sort of standards of care or concern for my safety,” lets send this trans girl out in unfamiliar territory, with no money,9 hr walk to hometown,with a beard while dressed fem,an well give her a clear bag to carry her prescriptions we refused her in” lololollllll…sigh
i was driven to suicidal ideation and then thrust into bieng fearfull for my life.
i have since overdrawn 300 bucks to hire a lawyer tomarow, as the ACLU said im not a protected class.
-and gave one of the few friends i have left in this world money for gas,at least i got “home” THANK YOU DAN! ❤ (after walking 20 blocks threw the ghetto as previosly described.)
i remeber watching a nature show on interspeciese friendship and its role as survival mechanism befor they started punishing me for demanding my medication.ya know,deer friends lion,owl friends cat,etc. talking about how the same as humans, social interaction releases healthy healing hormones ,increases chance of survival,and how being denied causes physical pain.. isolation is a form of punishment for violent offenders, it is by no means ethical treatment when one has done nothing wrong other than being born with a misunderstood birth beautiful moment was when i finally made it to his house.i was watching fiests video ‘feel it all’ with his daughter who is 5. i gave her a flower id picked up on my walk from my hair. she put it in her pink sippy cup and stired it saying that it was now *magic*. this is what i had to drink when i finally took my hormones for the first time in 4 days.little girl magic 🙂


we are threatened with that everday. everyday you dont pay that new fine, hear an odd knock on the door, or drive by a cop or judicial building. a knot in my stomach, an induced physical response to vomit.this is what we are threatened with everyday we cant afford to survive in your society. I am privelaged only slightly above others in my minority because I am educated, because i have a voice, that weapon is the only reason i could fight for a semblance of proper housing otherwise i would have been at the mercy from the very beginning being thrown where i ended up anyway. this is where we gain our human rights,where one is stripped of all but.

*i filed greivance with montgomery only to have them tell me everything they did was legal.*


the following are links directly relevant to this travesty of human indifference.


incarceration/ the “justice” system

Treatment of Transgender Inmates—the Double Punishment

how similar the US human rights violations during incarceration are to China

Unjust: How the Broken Criminal Justice System Fails Transgender People

Damning report shows negligence and abuse of trans women of color

fairly decent speal about abuse in prisons, covers alot of bases, consider PRINT

“It’s War in Here.” A Report on the treatment of Transgender and Intersex People in NY State Mens Prisons, 2007

FBI report reveals rise in violence against trans people

Our Moment for Reform: Immigration and Transgender People

“Do You See How Much I’m Suffering Here?”

Abuse against Transgender Women in US Immigration Detention



a guide to treating lgbt people fairly during incarceration, in partnership with MAP and Sylvia Reveira Project

^the report

DoJ department of justice memo

PRIA prison rape elimination act

NCCHC National Commission on Correctional Health Care

Position Statement: Transgender Health Care in Correctional Settings

^ Transgender, Transsexual, and Gender Nonconforming Health Care in Correctional Settings

NCAVP national coalition of anti violence programs, anti LGBT hate violence 2010, has recommendations for the justice system.

jailhouse lawyer handbook,explaining precedence


Stonewall Columbus, Inside Out, LGBT prison rehabilitation program

DoJ releases training video on how to interact and deal with transgnder people

ICE transgender care memorandum

^ further guidance for the care of transgender detainees, ICE, 2015

National Immigrant Rights Initiative, helps with various levels




AMA american medical associations stance on medical treatments while incarcerated

NCCH National Commission on Correctional Healthcare

“The health risks of overlooking the particular needs of transgender inmates are so severe that acknowledgment of the problem and policies that assure appropriate and responsible provision of health care are needed…Because prisons, jails, and juvenile justice facilities have a responsibility to ensure the physical and mental health and well-being of transgender people in their custody, correctional health staff should manage these inmates in a manner that respects the biomedical and psychological aspects of a gender identity disorder (GID) diagnosis.”

georgia corrections loses lawsuit by trans woman for being denied medical care, there is a settlement.

california must cover surgery while in prison.

^ federal judge refuses a stay on the order- Kamala Harris tried to deny her surgery :/

^its affirmed! california penitentiarys must cover surgery 🙂

^ the prison released her early so that it ddint have to give her surgery,now thats being reveiwed by the courts , if it is found they did so, they would also have to aknowledge the ruling and give surgery to all the other women abused in their “care”

Transgender California inmates must be allowed female commissary items

michelle kosilek, won surgery while incarcerated but denied by an evil appeals court, i cry for her,i cry for all of us 😦

^her ebook

^her open letter to the LGBT community

ohio, federal judge rules hormones must be administered to transwomen



APA American Psychology Association

As stated in the Policy on Transgender, Gender Identity & Gender Expression NonDiscrimination,the APA “opposes all public and private discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived gender identity and expression and urges the repeal of discriminatory laws and policies” and “calls upon psychologists in their professional roles to provide appropriate, nondiscriminatory treatment to transgender and gender variant individuals and encourages psychologists to take a leadership role in working against discrimination towards transgender and gender variant individuals[.]”

The “APA recognizes the efficacy, benefit and medical necessity of gender transitiontreatments for appropriately evaluated individuals and calls upon public and privateinsurers to cover these medically necessary treatments.”

ACP American College of Physicians, calls for clinical LGBT competency recognizing disparency in care

AMA American Medical Association

“An established body of medical research demonstrates the effectiveness and medicalnecessity of mental health care, hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery as forms of therapeutic treatment for many people diagnosed with GID … Therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the AMA supports public and private health insurance coverage for treatment of gender identity disorder.”

AMSA American Medical Student Association,issues guidance for care of transgender patients

HHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, released guidelines 5/14/16

“The final rule helps consumers who are seeking to understand their rights and clarifies the responsibilities of health care providers and insurers that receive federal funds. The final rule also addresses the responsibilities of issuers that offer plans in the Health Insurance Marketplaces. Among other things, the final rule prohibits marketing practices or benefit designs that discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. The final rule also prohibits discriminatory practices by health care providers, such as hospitals that accept Medicare or doctors who participate in the Medicaid program.”


“The medical procedures attendant to sex reassignment are not ‘cosmetic’ or ‘elective’ or for the mere convenience of the patient. These reconstructive procedures are not optional in any meaningful sense, but are understood to be medically necessary for the treatment of the diagnosed condition.”

WMA World Medical Association

UCSF university of California,sf, guidelines for primary and gender affirming care, they help train medical providers out of state

UofFL first to train medical students in trans medical care

^ has a link to email the coordinator for competency training!

Transline Project health, “We host a national online transgender medical consultation service that offers health care providers up-to-date transgender clinical information and individualized case consultation across a broad range of clinical transgender issues. TransLine is staffed by expert medical providers from LGBT clinics from around the nation who can help you provide the best possible care to your transgender patients.”

^ if you’re a provider and you want advice

TGE Transgender Europe group for free medical advice



The Shocking, Painful Trauma of Being a Trans Prisoner in Solitary Confinement

^ UN, isolation is torture

^seclusion, moving past its use as disciplinary tool- Harvey J. Reed is director of the Ohio Department of Youth Services

^ PRIA Keeping Vulnerable Populations Safe under PREA: Alternative Strategies to the Use of Segregation in Prisons and Jails

^ DoJ states that it prohibits imprisoning transgender inmates in cells based soley on birth assignment

diamond,POWERFUL :.( and has a refrence to the justice department laying down some ruling that further needs checked up on.

^department of justice backs diamond video talk

^elton john and michael stipe on the issue–us-prisons-is-deafening

ACLU damage of solitary confinement

trans teen suicide raises concerns about main youth corrections center

Juvenial detention centers struggle with transgnder inmates

trans woman found dead in male prison 😦 happens a lot actually L

trans woman found dead in cell held in mens prison 2017

lynn Benton, transgnder man, locked in womans facility

in Canada incarceration will be based on gender identity not a birth assignment

Delaware prisons now house trans people by identity instead of assignment

NY corrections being sued for 3mill for placing a trans woman in male population

talk about the facts of trans prisoners, even if it was a rapist, cis women sexual abuse other women 3xs more than males while incarcerated, are they not still women and to be held in a womes facility?

Nevada passes law required child services and corrections to treat trans people according to their gender identity

transitioning our shelters, a guide to trans safety for homeless shelters

HUD releases resources for shelters concerning proper housing! 3/7/2016

^the actual program and resources list on its siteseveral PDFs dealing with the rules

^equal access for trans people

HUD guidlines

^HUD finalized rule 9/16




Trans woman jailed for 8 days for her own hormones because her ID didn’t match her presentation, settles lawsuit in court J

last yr a trans woman named Jes Grobman was brutally assaulted for being trans in Washington

^ charges dismissed but the abuse had permanent effects L

UK trans woman receives police payout after she was stripped naked, sprayed with mace, and forced to wash her eyes out with toilet water. Her crime? The hospital refused to admit her after attempting suicde so the police sadists as they are, tortured her for sport while incarcerated

trans woman locked in cell with her rapist

a trans police officer talks about the dangers of “walking while trans”

^”walking while trans can be a death sentence”

a call to end profiling by police

civil commitment- Reginald Artis served 27 years behind bars. But just because her sentence was up didn’t mean she got to go free. L


within the system

EEOC finds firing of our trans police cheif was discriminatory

canadas first transgender judge

pittsburghs first trans cop                                   

Orlando’s forst trans police officer

transitioning in prison but as a guard

“coming out made me a more productive CIA officer”

a trans police officer from Lebanon speaks about her experiences;” Each misgendering is a bee sting … and if you get enough it can stop your heart.”

a trans police officer talks about the dangers of “walking while trans”

^”walking while trans can be a death sentence”

first trans SWAT member Lesly Mumford talks about transition

angela vance cincinnati’s LGBT liason officer speaks out

jailhouse lawyer handbook, explaining precedence

Senator Al Franken confronts the DoJ

transgender law center hiring a staff attorney for detention complaints



Incarceration speech – continued

The sherrifs are bigots// so more than willing to come abduct you from home over a 125 bucks you don’t have.// threatened with that everday.// everyday you cant pay that new fine,// hear an odd knock on the door,// or drive by a cop or judicial building.// you develop a knot in your stomach,// an induced physical response to vomit.//this is what we are threatened with everyday we cant afford to survive in your society.//

The ride there// is an awkward talk initiated by the officer// about their code for housing.//to which you demand to be treated in accordance with the legal sex on your ID.// Now rember I am privelaged,// in that im not facing racism//somewhat passable// college educated.//

When you arrive at the jail// your segregated by sex in different holding pods.// initially going off iD they call your name.// you restate the need for proper treatment// when one of the intake personnel clock you// Ohio refuses to let you correct a birth certificate.// you are now removed from other women// taken away which outs you to the other women//that you’ve been talking to for the past hr or 2.// put in an interrogation room// all the while// demanding to be treated in accordance with your gender.// when they ask you to explain your gender you tell them intersex.// never admit to having a “penis”// they are no longer allowed to check your genitals.//

Now your running on passability.// What they decided to do for the first time ever// arbitrarily// was dress you out as females// and transport you with females// but deny you hygiene items like razors and your medication that allows you to keep a sound mind,// put in isolation for monitoring, //2 days in they “determine your gender”// based of facial hair growth// because you cant afford electrology.// that night and every night afterwards your denied HRT//even though you brought your meds with you.//

Left in a singles cell visually and within earshot distant removed from other women you complain.//  that makes you “unruly” because your no longer human.// the head nurse decides to mov you to the medical wing// ironic you never get your meds isn’t it.// theres either phones or intercoms for emergencys and and grievance routes.// they turn them off..//

Your now moved to the medical wing left in  a room with blood on the walls that hasn’t been sanitized in a weeks// by design// with a marker board outside your cell door that says “gender issues”// some guards are transphobic// given the green light to taunt and harass you.// “this is what we do to men who lie about her gender” comes a snarky remarke thru the door your asked to stand in front of.//if theres a tv its turned off.// if you have a book its taken away.// they continue to harass you the entire time// just pushing to make you suicidal //tauntingly asking if you are yet// so they can take your dity scrubs and  blankets away,// potentially restrain you in a chair// you cant scratch an itch//always returned to your dark cell in the medical wing,// treated as if you pedophile.// or violent.

Your about to spend// depending on the charges// anywhere between a week and 6 months// barring  a felony prison sentence// in conditions known by the UN as torture// causing not only psychological but physical harm.// they release you with no money, a dead phone, a weeks worth of facial hair// dressed femme like a school teacher when you went in// which guarantees you cant hitch a ride// holding a clear bag full of your medications// to walk thru the ghetto// after the civil rights office is closed.

deplorable treatment under suggestion//for our “safety”//if it was we could opt out// under suggestion from the the TERFy  LGB-t rights liason//


**to correct my sex classification within this bigoted system i need to contact the bureau of investigation? 1-855-224-6446  The Identification Division provides up to date records and state of the art technology to law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies throughout Ohio.  The Division serves as the central repository for all criminal records for the State of Ohio and maintains fingerprints, palm prints, photographs, and other information related to arrests within the state.  The Division is comprised of the following units:


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