“we dont want to set the world afire..”

we really dont 😦

global death of the oceans means our extinction as well. from the top predator to the lowest feeding source. everything that dies floats to the oceans floor, deeper the pool the more reduced the carcass is resulting in a marine snow at the lowest levels
phyto plankton are the oceans integrators and collectors of CO2 from the atmosphere, large blooms are normal and apear within days, on the other hand when the ecology is warped a redtide can leave an area barren
which in turn provides a feeding source for everything on up through the chains. this si why you cant jsut remove a top predator because everythings codependant. we learned this in yellowstone national park. yet we are dumping the bodies of sharks we steal fins from disrupting that ecobalance, sending top predators to their graves pollutes the heirarchy. shark-finning popular in the chineese market as a status symbol must stop.
this is why the dolphins are working with you.
the phytoplankton are absorbed by the whales who then poo and fertilize the ocean creating more phytoplankton, for other animals to eat, to then be ate themselves.
international shipping routes are distrubing the whales own ability to whirlpool for feeding around the ocean as its supposed to as it “tends this feild”.
all the other animals we feed off of in the ocean are themselves keys to a bio chain, that cannot be overtly disrupted without tumbling the entire thing. this is why restrictions on fishing globally need to be adhered to; as the dominant predator it is our responsibility to not feed unless needed and to find routes of supplement. consider the predators of the oceans the regulators of the chain, in sequance.
BPA released by plastics in the oceans are forcing evolutionary change in the aquatic life represented in the amount of intersex fish attempting to cope with endocrine disruption though processeese not the climate process their supposed to be adjusting with.
as the arctic melts from our airborne pollutants assualt on the ozone layer, so too does your planets ability to regulate its heat through the rise of temperatures in your oceans.
on top, we have deforestation thats stripping the land of its natural scrubbers and shade
deforestation happens befor a mine, canada owns most mining operations globally
fossil fuels are just that, dinosaur blood of everything that ever died over millions of years crushed under the weight of techtonic plate movement into a scab. your fracking draws up these old wounds in a manner “unnatural” and burning it releases the hydrocarbons into the air
which can be seen as photochemical smog, when the sunlight refracts with the hydrocarbons released via combustion engines thus creating that brown haze we see over cities.
the whole time sunbursts are trying to rip your ozone away which is only held in place by the earths gravity and magnetosphere; when these solar storms tug they excite atoms which release light as energy tranferance in the Arora Borealis-
which can be seen on other planets with weaker atmospheres like Jupiter- think of jupiters storms and how strong they are without layers to bind them..
so what can we do?

1- AIR
*cease all non renewable deforestation
*donate the better gas mileage to 3rd world countries to offset their use and increase ability
*and purchase electric vehicles for first and 2nd world countries
*on a micro level houseplants help purify your indoor air, “According to the study, the top workhorse plants for air purification are Golden Pothos, Peace Lily, Boston Fern, Snake Plant, English Ivy, Dracaena, Bamboo Palm, Dragon Tree, Lady Palm and Spider Plant. It’s suggested that you have at least one plant per 100 square feet of home for efficient air cleaning to be accomplished.”
*denmark is building an energy island to harvest strong winds in the open ocean using windfarms and hydrofarms

*bouye systems like the wind farm, are also being used for docks
*netting at outlets for sewer drainage catch the trash befor it flows further downstream
*sunken ships and planes become artifical reefs

subsidize fossil fuels for renewable energy
* kenya is gathering solar, twice, the panels are used for gathering electricity and used as shade for crops underneath, tilting them creates a water flow
* a satelite veiw of paris at dark; if we went dark at certain times in the evening where power was cut off fora few hrs, itd conserve some energy: if we stacked any production into these dark hours instead of during the day with industrial scrubbers it may offset how the gases react when heated by the sunlight?
* extenuation of the ingenuity of 3rd world countrys using solar light to light their homes
^first world production

* reinstitution of key species
bison are being reinstittued in the UK, like cows buffalo and whales as they travel they shit which is used to refertilize the land after they graze
*instead of plastic bags asia is using palm leaves to weave baskets at market<3
*bunds are deeper impressions ment to hold water, being used in kenya
*gravewax is being poured in wells globally not just in the US, this is a plasticization process which is absorbed by the dirt and then absorbed by the animal or plant to make it unable to function.
it was invented my Mathmos developing its lavalight formula. it has since created an abundance of pliable human corpses. only 12 of which ever consented. he gets corpses from other nations who are tricked into hunting ourselves to feed some organ harvesting monster. their using fear to keep their black market “alive”.

5- Nuclear/Krakken
is a quick way to offset the burning of fossil fuels
yet it has risks envovled, Japan can tell you whats going on with that, and so can Ukraine
we also have a concrete dome the US used for research thats about to bleed into the ocean, , which is the same reason we cant just flush water out into the ocean from our plants which all need to be self recycled material.
we have to do more than jsut put a cap on these accident sites.
*if we built aquifers underneath the nuclear plants befor we built them we would have a constant supply of water to add to our other fail safes
*if we can regain the raw materials as in the rods themselves or any remananents that could be mined
*exchange of dirt on a level unseen befor around the world
*dillution of radiated aluminum to safe levels in good batches
*an understanding that all of you with a rod are holding onto pieces of the deathclock, you do not want to go to war.

my god what have we done..

Intro: the following is waking up to the end of our world thru a correspondence with a 21 yr old in Ukraine as we speak.the person who messaged me is on the ground in Ukraine, their father is LPR, their Ukrainian, they have a future wife in Kyiv.
BTW my wordpress is being attacked by META whose trying to censor me, now have a limit of photos stopping me from adding to them this way, continue with links.

“Natounissarokerta is composed of the royal name Natounissar, the founder of the Adiabene royal dynasty, and the Parthian word for moat or fortification”- list defence fort in Iraq
iran backs putin, who expands its land gains 😦
belarus says “war must end to stop nuclear abyss”
sri lanka military goes after protestor groups 😦
thousands of black sea dolphins are dieng
russia scraps largest nuclear submarine
many world leaders are falling ill, biden and putin o.O
russians abduct nuclear powerplant leader
iran says it wont buy stolen grain from russia
mother of dead russian soldier vows uprising
EU allows transport of russian goods by train
north korea backs seperatist areas
first female russian soldier killed
russian “president to ruler”?
back and forth over alaska, sarah palin responds
Thalita do Valle, 39, was killed in a missile strike in the Kharkiv region on June 30. ‘She was a hero, and her calling was to save lives,’ her brother said.
russian seperatists “nationalize” stolen ships from the black sea
inner turmoil russian dessent resulting in fires of government buidlings
3 men blew up raillines in belarus last month face the death penalty
russian ballett dancer found dead 😦
chechnya builds 4 battalions to replenish russian forces

zalenska is coming to america ❤

concerning our elections here in America, “When we flip a coin there is always a probability to get a head or a tail is 50 percent.” were about to make a right-right decision either way, we are Americans. we have our own issues yet those issues are nowhere near what Ukriane faces, and the rest of the world… or are they.
“The Ukrainian government has urged people in Russian-occupied southern areas of the country to evacuate “by all possible means” in advance of a Ukrainian military offensive as Moscow’s forces were described as creating a “true hell” in Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland, officials said.”…“You need to search for a way to leave, because our armed forces are coming to de-occupy,” she said. “There will be a massive fight. I don’t want to scare anyone. Everyone understands all of this anyway.”…
Dozens of Ukrainian emergency workers laboured to pull people out of the rubble after a Russian rocket attack smashed into apartment buildings in eastern Ukraine, killing at least 15 people. More than 20 people were believed still trapped on Sunday. ..“They deliberately targeted residential areas,” Valentyn Reznichenko, the governor of the eastern Dnipropetrovsk region, said on Telegram. Kryvyi Rih’s mayor, Oleksandr Vilkul, said in a Facebook post that cluster munitions had been used, and he urged residents not to approach unfamiliar objects in the streets.
this is why i cry every 4th of july thinking about how easy this could happen here in our own nation.
the pipeline that was sabotoaged its component is being fixed an sent to germany to send to russia?
Germany wants Canada to return the turbine to Gazprom, but Ukraine had urged Ottawa to keep the turbine, saying a return would violate sanctions on Moscow. The turbine would be sent to Germany first, which will then deliver it to Russia’s state-controlled Gazprom.
Ukraine’s president says the dismissal of several of the country’s senior ambassadors was a rotation that was a “normal part of diplomatic practice”. Those sacked included Ukraine’s ambassadors to Germany, India, the Czech Republic, Norway and Hungary.
plausable deniability has created an atmosphere of a “just war”
Syria has 10-15 mercenarie enlistment centers/ Russia= Wagner Sudan Libyia Syria
to be a merc in Ukriane=border<handliner<military training<deployment
Muslims are pro Ukriane…
China has been witnessing a humanitarian crisis. More than one million Uighur and other Muslim minorities are forcibly held in mass detention camps in the Xinjian province where they face countless human rights abuses from forced labour, coerced sterilisation, and destruction of their culture and religious identity.

Lambs Blood is being attacked globally, im RH-, this is why im attacked? (can we use crisper to MRNA splice me in-to an Eve-null?) i didnt know any of this until last yr
noo! Japanese PM Shinzo Abe shot dead 😦 died from wounds yesterdays shooting 😦
China’s military recently held multi-unit joint combat readiness exercises, patrols and combat drills in the sea and airspace around Taiwan, the Eastern Theatre Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)… “What Taiwan has to do, Japan has to do, South Korea has to do, they have to continue to build interoperability with those they think will work with them to defend their freedom, they’ve got to continue to do more drills, to make sure they’re ready in case communist China does, or Russia or anyone else, does the wrong thing,” Rick Scott said after meeting with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen.
Brazil takes stance of neutrality.
“We are Ukrainians, simple people, good people, peaceful people who have found themselves at the top of the world news as superheroes. But at what a price! All we wanted to do was live — free and in our own country. But God has his own plan. And if the dragon that had half the world trembling is to be slain and if it befalls us to be the underdog who was given three days to survive and now we are fighting for the fifth month, that means we are able to do it.
believed to be the first such contact between Israeli and Palestinian leaders for five years. A short statement from Lapid’s office said the two men “spoke about the continuation of cooperation and the need to ensure quiet and calm.”
The European Parliament has voted 324-155, with 38 abstentions, to condemn the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Japans prime minister is shoot 😦

ashlans’ sacrafice breaks the spell ❤
georgia guidestones deconstructed. believe it was my family who put it up, im who took it down. it had a quote on how many the earth could support that was somehow misconstrude.

ohnos Iran just had a major quake!
if your adhering as close to Cannon as possible, remember to make modernized allowances, theres thousands of years of advancement to build from, we need to invent something that can only come from Iran. what that is no clue, this is in the future, just know itll take a female perspective to influence that taliban kid i was speaking about in the first speech.
“The fact that educated women spend more time on their children’s education provides evidence for something that most Iranian parents know already and which Larry Summers has written about: that investment in the education of girls may well have the highest return.”

the organ harvesting of our PA must stop! worldwide, beware the devil who will cultivate the worst in you if your not resistant to greed.
‘”This is the Son of Man who is born unto righteousness;p. 95
And righteousness abides over him,
And the righteousness of the Head of Days forsakes him not.’
15. And he said unto me:
‘He proclaims unto thee peace in the name of the world to come;
For from hence has proceeded peace since the creation of the world,
And so shall it be unto thee for ever and for ever and ever.”

yesterday my negative feels called a storm that uprooted trees in middletowns graveyard o.O
chalked a message opened local masons asking for their doors to be opened, ill send an email but expect nothing, its weird like im being studied out of fear that i may be an angel of death, but noone will talk to me?
Emma Savage (1850-1920) is who is on the tombstone, her family line is influential in the area. the gravestones were scooped up and presented as if to read by the trees rootsystem perfectly.
the Hall family are remenants of, ed owned the opera house, he stole the NRA bannernoff the stage- this is something the ghosts want returned.
the Upper Houses were the first to lay claim to stolen land in middletown 0hio, founder rock in conneticut
the first naval officer to fight the britian army spurred the bloodline
emma helped start the arbor day funding
believe it to be connected with a pesticide business (shes mad at shurzingler) and savage auto supply
and related to george bush which would explain recent events
and connected to founder of ohio statehood!
today i left anouther chalking asking the doors to the local masons be opened for me
myths of american lineage investigated


“If someone wants to solve the problem of exporting Ukrainian grain – please, the easiest way is through Belarus. No one is stopping it,” Putin said. “But for this you have to lift sanctions from Belarus.”…
“Two Reuters journalists sustained minor injuries when they came under fire while en route to Severodonetsk,” a statement from the agency said. They were travelling in a vehicle provided by the Russian-backed separatists and driven by an individual assigned by the separatists. The driver of the vehicle was killed.”…
French national who volunteered as a combatant in eastern Ukraine alongside the country’s army was killed during fighting there, a spokeswoman for France’s foreign ministry says…
Russia has announced travel bans on 41 Canadian citizens…
Hotel industry giant Marriott International Inc says it will suspend its operations in Russia after more than 25 years…
Greece, an entry point for natural gas for the eastern Mediterranean, could play a key role in helping Europe achieve energy autonomy given its location and investments…
Impacts of military sonars: Injured and dead dolphins have been washing up on the coast of the Black Sea after being hurt or killed by powerful military sonars, according to researchers in Ukraine. Several studies in the past have confirmed that these types of sonars are harmful to marine life. ohno 😦
“Several dolphins were unable to navigate and were very weak. Some of the dolphins had burns from bomb blasts or mines. Imagine a dolphin with a protracted burn … according to experts who examined them, the dolphins were not able to eat for at least 10 days. Those who were not burned were severely injured,” he said, adding that injured and dead dolphins have been washing up on the coasts of Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.
Russia’s Pacific Fleet has begun a series of week-long exercises involving more than 40 warships and 20 aircraft,
Cyber Command, the US military’s hacking unit, has conducted offensive cyber operations in support of Ukraine as it defends itself against Russia’s invasion, the head of the command has confirmed.
Around 800 people are hiding in several bomb shelters underneath the Azot chemical factory in Severodonetsk Russian airstrike hit a tank of nitric acid at the Azot factory on Tuesday. Images that day showed a thick orange-colored cloud of smoke rising from the area. But Hayday said the people sheltering under the factory were not in danger.

100 days of war so far.
African Union chief says Russia’s Vladimir Putin told him he is ready to enable the export of Ukrainian grain to ease a global food crisis that is hitting Africa especially hard…
Lavrov would also talk to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, the Speaker of the National Assembly, and the Serbian Patriarch…
Putin has blamed the West for emerging global food and energy crises and repeated his government’s offers of safe passage for ships exporting grain from Ukraine if mines are removed from the waters…
US General Mark Milley has met Finnish President Sauli Niinisto to pledge US support for Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership “they will bring a significant increase in the military capability of NATO,” …
Ukraine’s national regulatory authority NCEC is set to sign up to the European body of telecoms regulators this month following a push by EU industry chief Thierry Breton, a move that could help millions of Ukrainian refugees to stay connected with low roaming tariffs
He (Biden) said “it’s their territory” and “I’m not going to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do.”…

Russia has forcibly deported more than 200,000 Ukrainian children, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said …
Stuffed toys symbolizing each of 243 Ukrainian children killed in Russia’s invasion sit on seats in empty yellow school buses during an event marking International Children’s Day in Lviv. 😦
We believe that the U.S. is deliberately pouring oil on the fire. The U.S. is obviously holding the line that it will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian,” Peskov told reporters, according to Reuters….
Pope Francis on Wednesday appealed to authorities to lift the block on wheat exports from Ukraine, saying the grain cannot be used as a “weapon of war…
members of the energy alliance OPEC+ are considering whether to suspend Russia from an oil production deal.

Ukraine is losing 60 to 100 soldiers every day..
US rocket systems will enable Ukraine to hit targets 50 miles away…
A famous Soviet propaganda poster from 1921 dubbed Donbas “the heart of Russia,” depicting the region as a beating organ with vessels stretching across the Russian empire. Before then, the region was part of the concept of “Novorossiya,” or New Russia, a term given to territories towards the west of which the Russian empire had expansionist ideas….
US welcomes the European Union’s announcement of a proposed ban of Russian oil
23,000 Ukrainians have been authorized to come to the United States as part of the Biden administration’s streamlined process for Ukrainian refugees 
Ukraine is working on an “UN-led naval operation” with navies of partnering countries to ensure a safe trade route for exporting its agricultural products…
Ukraine is in a state of fuel “price shock” and is now “completely dependent” on fuel imports after the country’s biggest oil refinery in Kremenchuk was destroyed by Russian missiles last month…
Taiwan announced Tuesday it will donate $6 million to five Ukrainian cities …
Norwegian Refugee Council said on Tuesday that up to 12,000 civilians remain trapped and in need of aid in Severodonetsk. 
Russian naval forces will guarantee the passage of grain ships to the Mediterranean Sea as long as Ukraine removes mines from its coastal waters…
Bulgaria has been exempted from the European Union embargo on Russian oil until the end of 2024…
The RM-3 vessel carrying “2,500 tons of hot-rolled sheets” is headed for Rostov in western Russia, Denis Pushilin said on his Telegram channel.

European Council is ready to grant Ukraine 9 billion euros..
“Today, in the perennial struggle for democracy and freedom, Ukraine and its people are on the front lines fighting to save their nation. But their fight is part of a larger fight that unites all people, it’s a fight that so many of the patriots whose eternal rest is here on these hallowed grounds were part of – a battle between democracy and autocracy; between liberty and repression; between appetites and ambitions of a few, who forever seek to dominate the lives and liberties of many; a battle for essential democratic principles, for rule of law, free and fair elections, freedom to speak and write and assemble, freedom to worship as one chooses, freedom of the press – principles that are essential for a free society.”…
comments Monday leave open the possibility that the US could send the advanced, long-range rocket systems without the longest-range rockets
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, during a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, offered to host talks between Russia, Ukraine and the United Nations in Istanbul,..
father and sons in the trench..
NATO’s support for Ukraine is “unbreakable” …
Speculation on Putin’s health has been circulating for a while, with the Kremlin often denying rumors of ailments….
quoted the Kremlin as saying that Russia had agreed to “continue to supply uninterrupted natural gas to Serbia.”
Two wives and a girlfriend of Ukrainian troops captured by Russian forces or unaccounted for after defending the Azovstal factory in a lengthy siege told CNN they had little or no information about the whereabouts of their loved ones… 😦
Russian ship arrives in Syria with more grain allegedly stolen from Ukraine…

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra, which won the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this month, raised $900,000 for the country’s military battling the Russian invasion by selling the contest’s trophy…
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s heavy-handed crackdown on dissent at home means that effective opposition to his rule can only exist outside the country…
Czech Republic and Poland are sending additional weaponry to Ukraine as it struggles against the Russian offensive in the eastern part of the country…
branch of Ukraine’s Orthodox Church that remained loyal to Moscow after a 2019 schism has said it will break with the Russian church over the country’s invasion of Ukraine, according to Agence France Presse. “It should be one united Ukrainian church,” …
Putin told the leaders of France and Germany in a phone call on Saturday that Russia was willing to discuss ways to make it possible for Ukraine to resume shipments of grain from Black Sea ports, Reuters reported. “For its part, Russia is ready to help find options for the unhindered export of grain, including the export of Ukrainian grain from Black Sea ports,”…
Russia’s ambassador in Britain said Russia would not use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine..
more than 50 Ukrainian athletes have been killed in the conflict with Russia…

“Psychogenic death is real,” Leach said in a press release. “It isn’t suicide, it isn’t linked to depression, but the act of giving up on life and dying usually within days, is a very real condition often linked to severe trauma.“According to Leach’s research, the condition has five stages:
First is social withdrawal. Following a trauma, people may become self-absorbed and indifferent and show a lack of emotion.
The second is apathy – an emotional or symbolic “death,” researchers say. Apathy is “a demoralizing melancholy different to anger, sadness or frustration.”
The third stage is an extreme lack of motivation paired with a weakened emotional response, known as aboulia. It makes it difficult to make decisions and take initiative. People in this stage usually lack cleanliness and frequently stop eating.
The fourth stage is psychic akinesia. Although this person is conscious, they are in a state of extreme apathy and do not react to extreme pain.
The final stage is psychogenic death. Leach states this is the “disintegration of a person.” He said “nothing … can make them want to live.”
The condition is reversible, however. Intervention can be taken in any of the various stages. Such interventions include physical activity and a person regaining a sense of control of their life.
on 5/27 my father said he saw these 2 storms spiralling around our location meeting up here.
my emotions may be effecting the weather.
i hate you.

Japan to restart idled nuclear power plants
“Sometimes when you look at those who leave – thank God, perhaps? We will occupy their niches: our business, our production – it has already grown, and it will safely sit on the ground prepared by our partners,” Putin said Russia still needed access to the advanced technologies of developed economies.He did not elaborate on how Russia would find ways to maintain access to western components and software. china
Vladimir Putin told him on Friday that Moscow would meet its natural gas delivery commitments to Austria and was ready to discuss a prisoner swap with Ukraine.
Starting in 1942, the port city of Pahlevi (now known as Anzali) became the main landing point for Polish refugees coming into Iran from the Soviet Union, receiving up to 2,500 refugees per day. General Anders evacuated 74,000 Polish troops, including approximately 41,000 civilians, many of them children, to Iran. In total, over 116,000 refugees were relocated to Iran. Approximately 5,000–6,000 of the Polish refugees were Jewish.The refugees were weakened by two years of maltreatment and starvation, and many suffered from malaria, typhus, fevers, respiratory illnesses, and diseases caused by starvation. Desperate for food after starving for so long, refugees ate as much as they could, leading to disastrous consequences. Several hundred Poles, mostly children, died shortly after arriving in Iran from acute dysentery caused by overeating. 
Ukraine had experienced a brief period of independence in 1918–20, but portions of western Ukraine were ruled by Poland, Romania, and Czechoslovakia in the period between the two World Wars, and Ukraine thereafter became part of the Soviet Union as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (S.S.R.)
head of a Russia-backed separatist region in eastern Ukraine said there may be more Ukrainian fighters hiding at the sprawling Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol.
pro-Russian separatist leader in eastern Ukraine said more than 5,000 Ukrainian prisoners of war are being held in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.
China and Russia have vetoed an effort to tighten United Nations sanctions on North Korea after a spate of missile launches this year.
im unfriending tracilyn michaels, not because i hate her but that i know shes being used by TERF to hurt me via their production which is what i want but denied by bitches who hate trans people. so to sqave myself and your world ill be unfreinding her an ignoring you giving everything i want to others. i want surgery. if thats impossible then let your world die.

phil bucklew started the naval special forces
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said he was forming a southern military command and sending battalion tactical groups to the area that borders Ukraine.

anouther school shooting 😦 i hope america wakes up
weve had 27 school shootings this yr alone
proud of biden for standing up to the gun lobbyists 🙂

The Ukrainian military has for the first time released footage of special forces using foreign-made kamikaze drones targeting Russian positions.
The head of the UN World Food Programme called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to reopen ports in Ukraine to prevent children around the world from starving.
Europe has made a decision to completely accelerate their deployment of renewables and France has determined that they’re going to have to double down on nuclear and make different choices.” He added that the basic technologies were now available for the world to reach its climate goals and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% over this decade.“We can’t do it if the new theology is going to be ‘we got to build out a massive gas infrastructure’ without regard to abatement and mitigation of that gas. The reason we’re in the predicament we’re in today is fossil fuel burning in a way that has polluted the atmosphere,” he said. “And so much so that this blanket is heating up the planet at an unacceptable rate.”…
-Kishi told reporters that “military exercises by China and Russia during the Quad meeting are intended to show a demonstration against our country, the host county, and are more provocative than in the past.”The four leaders of the “Quad” — the United States, Japan, India and Australia — held an in-person summit in Tokyo Tuesday.”While the international community is responding to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, it is unacceptable that China takes such action in concert with Russia,” Kishi added, saying “it is a clear indication that the security environment surrounding our country is becoming increasingly severe, and we are gravely concerned.”When we can finally count only on ourselves and on countries which have proven themselves reliable and do not dance to someone else’s tune, then if Western countries come to their senses and begin to propose some form of cooperation, it will be up to us to decide,” he added. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have cultivated close ties, with China currently buying record amounts of Russian coal, ohnos not coal 😦
President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has criticized his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for killing innocent civilians in Ukraine…

Canada has purchased 20,000 artillery rounds from the US, of NATO standard ammunition for Ukraine to support it in its defence against Russia’s invasion, Defence Minister Anita Anand has said…
Russia’s defence ministry says its forces have completed removing mines in the Azov Sea port of Mariupol...
Poland’s president has warned of mass migration to Europe, if the war in Ukraine causes food shortages in North Africa.
“Freedom is more important than free trade,” Stoltenberg said, before referring specifically to debates over the use of Chinese technology in 5G networks and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for Russian gas…
“According to the deputy head of the Russia-backed administration that has been put in place in Kherson, there is a request to have a Russian military base be permanently stationed in that area,” Jabbari said….
quoted the country’s defence minister as saying that Moscow is deliberately slowing its offensive in Ukraine in order to allow civilians to evacuate. he was also quoted as sayiung that russian forces had not targeted any civilian infrastructure…
“As politicians, we must find a way for Ukraine to truly become part of this family, both economically and politically,” Olga Stefanishyna told reporters in Paris…

class x radio is putting out good music having a fundraiser drive, if anyone would like to donate a dollar and get airspace in return. or have em play ecco the dolphin soundtrack 😛 ed annunziata said hed sign an do whatever he could to help make the fishtank collection sculpture 🙂
“President Joe Biden will meet one-on-one this week with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Japan as the US works to convince India to join western punishment of Russia.They will meet on the sidelines of the Quad summit, where security in the Indo-Pacific is expected to be a central issue. The Quad is an informal alliance between the US, India, Japan, and Australia.When Biden and Modi meet separately, their talks will be “constructive and straightforward,” national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters as the US President flew from South Korea to Japan. India is a major purchaser of Russian arms, and has been wary of distancing itself from Moscow amid the war in Ukraine….current phase of the Russian campaign in Ukraine is aimed at securing control of all of the separatist regions…The United Nations World Food Program — which helps combat global food insecurity — buys about half of its wheat from Ukraine each year and has warned of dire consequences if the Ukrainian ports are not opened up…Moscow is considering exchanging Ukrainian prisoners from the Azov regiment for Viktor Medvedchuk, a pro-Russian Ukrainian politician and oligarch, according to Russian state media.
“The Ukrainian parliament on Sunday also extended for another 90 days, or until Aug. 23, the period of martial law in the country.

angelina jolie focusing on bees 🙂
Jolie was inspired by different visions: of bees as an indispensable pillar of our food supply—one that’s under threat from parasites, pesticides, habitat loss, and climate change—and of a global network of women who will be trained to protect these essential pollinators.“I did have one that got under my dress the entire time…It was like one of those old comedies. I kept feeling it on my knee, on my leg, and then I thought, ‘Oh, this is the worst place to get stung. It’s getting really close.’ It stayed there the entire time we were doing the shoot. And then when I got all the other bees off, I lifted the skirt and she went away.”
“Much better to pose the question as a quality of life issue. To the extent that we value a diverse food supply with minimized trauma to the environments where it is produced, we will place a high value indeed on honey bees and other pollinators.
Humble-bees are now referred to as bumblebees, and Darwin pointed out that some important plant species would face extinction if the bumblebee were to disappear:[3]
ukraine is using facial recognition software to identify the fallen russian soldiers
^pictures from over there the apartment buildings and gravesites are haunting
a updated list of banned americans from russia…”So is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who this week also was banned from receiving communion by the archbishop of the San Francisco Roman Catholic Archdiocese because of her support for abortion rights.”
“exploring the origins of color. They interviewed a handful of folks, starting with a historian recounting the scientific musings of a young Sir Isaac Newton. Apparently, having been relegated to his bedroom during an uptick in the plague, Newton pondered how color came to be. He reportedly went so far as to stick a knife in the back of his eye as an odd and highly unrecommended experiment to see whether color was determined externally or internally.
Having saw nothing but a few spots dancing around, he soon followed that experiment with something more mundane when he held a prism up to sunlight filtered through a hole in his bedroom curtain. When the prism broke the white light into its rainbow of constituent colors, Newton called this “a colored image of the sun.” Still itching to know more, he then diffracted a blue column of light, still getting just more blue light. In doing so, he confirmed his belief that colors are a constituent of white light and thereby discredited the longstanding belief that light was an emanation from God or nature and that prisms only marred it, not revealed its true composition. In the field of photonics, we understand light to be externally defined — certain wavelengths determine certain colors. But what others still argue to this day is that while that is true, the way colors are perceived might also be determined internally. And that means there’s no perfect and objective definition of color.

started contacting religions, not sure what im doing but emailed the southern evangelical college in NC
https://ses.edu/ and gonna go watch a the jehovas witnesses this sun if i can work with them could work with anybody! see if we cant get people signed up as tissue donors?
Russia’s parliament is considering new legislation that would allow Russians over the age of 40 and foreigners who are older than 30 to join the military as contract soldiers….Russia on Friday removed the last bodies from the Drama Theatre where hundreds of civilians had been sheltering when Russian forces bombed it in March….“The Secretary and the Foreign Minister will discuss our global response to President Putin’s continued brutal war on Ukraine, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s increasingly destabilizing behavior, and US-Japan cooperation under the new Economic Policy Consultative Committee (EPCC), including on regional economic development.”….Gepard — German for “cheetah” — is considered highly effective against low-flying aircraft and lightly armoured ground targets. It was decommissioned by the German military in 2012 but some 50 mothballed units are being restored by manufacturer KMW for use by Ukraine….

“A Ukrainian soldier curses at one of them. “Calm down, calm down,” Taira tells him. A woman asks her, “Are you going to treat the Russians?” “They will not be as kind to us,” she replies. “But I couldn’t do otherwise. They are prisoners of war.”Taira is now a prisoner of the Russians, one of hundreds of prominent Ukrainians who have been kidnapped or captured, including local officials, journalists, activists and human rights defenders. The U.N. Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine has recorded 204 cases of enforced disappearances. It said some victims may have been tortured, and five were later found dead. captured by Russian soldiers on March 16 — the day after she got her footage to @AP journalists. She last appeared on Russian television five days later, handcuffed and with bruises on her face.” damnit.
george bush apologises for iraq. your forgiven if you can forgive yourselves.
“Yet, there is still hope for humanity as God promises Abraham that a nation will come from him that will bless all nations (Gen. 12:1-3). oh wow, Bidens extending olive branches around the world! (im not praising one religion over the other as i learn about it all, but this fraction has done a fun comic to express itself. be cool if each major religion did one?)
771 Ukrainian fighters from the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol had surrendered in the last 24 hours, taking the total to 1,730…Russia said it will start using a new generation of powerful lasers in Ukraine to destroy drones…Ukraine will not compromise with Russia and will not give up any territory,…The US, several global development banks and other groups revealed a multibillion-dollar plan to address a worldwide food security crisis amid Russia’s war in Ukraine…war in Ukraine has attracted thousands of foreign fighters battling on both sides from around the world including the Middle East. Some call them mercenaries, while others call them volunteers. ohnos their doin the war from childhood.

Turkey has not shut the door to Sweden and Finland joining NATO but wanted negotiations and a clampdown on what it sees as terrorist activities.both harbour people it says are linked to groups it deems terrorists, namely the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant group and followers of Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of orchestrating a 2016 coup attempt.
Preservation and effective use of plant genetic diversity to ensure food, economic, environmental, social security and development is one of the most pressing problems of mankind. In Ukraine, these activities were initiated in the early 1900th by such prominent scientists as A.Ye. Zaikevych, P.V. Budrin, V.Ya. Yuriev, B.K. Yenken, M.I. Vavilov, M.M. Kuleshov, L.M. Delone and others….in 1992, on the initiative of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, the scientific and technical program “Plant Genetic Resources” was launched. The program is aimed at creating the National Gene Bank of Plants of Ukraine. It is performed by 28 leading breeding and research institutions that form the System of Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine…The bank kept more than 160 thousand varieties of plant seeds, and hybrids of agricultural crops worldwide.

ohnos! taliban made it so their women cant go to school? this is what is holding them back hampering their science; perhaps they would be walking on the moon along side us by now if theyd raise their queens..
^ studying trigonometry by candlelight in the dark 😦 is terrible in our modern age.
“At the school we visit, they’ve done an impressive job trying to replicate a real classroom, with rows of neat blue and white desks. “We do our best to do this secretly,” says the female teacher, “but even if they arrest me, they beat me, it’s worth it.”…”All the religious books have stated female education is permissible and obligatory, because, for example, if a woman gets sick, in an Islamic environment like Afghanistan or Pakistan, and needs treatment, it’s much better if she’s treated by a female doctor.”…Similar fatwas have been issued by clerics in Herat and Paktia provinces in Afghanistan. It’s a symbol of how widespread support for girls’ education now is in the country, even amongst conservative circles, but it’s not clear how much of an impact the decrees will have.
evacuations of the steel plant begin…The Ukrainian regiment at the steel plant said it was fulfilling orders to save the lives of troops by evacuating them.“In order to save lives, the entire Mariupol garrison is implementing the approved decision of the Supreme Military Command and hopes for the support of the Ukrainian people,” the Azov regiment said in a social media post.

Boobies with bluer feet appear to have more success in finding a mate than birds with duller blue feet…the display of foot color provides critical information on a bird’s health and ability to provide for young…Blue-footed Boobies catch fish in spectacular dives from high in the air. Watching large flocks pursue shoaling fish can be breathtaking, with hundreds plunging into the ocean at any moment…Boobies will sit on just about any object near or above the water and often show no fear of people. everyone needs some decent boots/shoes, as its reflective of the overall social health of the animal, its combined strength and preserverance.
Blue-footed Booby Overview, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
wetleg; a self pitying person.
A term used by fishery biologists to describe the soaking of bodily extremities, usually encountered following the use of leaky protective clothing.
isle of wight, “has a maritime and industrial tradition of boat-building, sail-making, the manufacture of flying boatshovercraft, and Britain’s space rockets. The island hosts annual music festivals, including the Isle of Wight Festival, which in 1970 was the largest rock music event ever held.[6] It has well-conserved wildlife and some of the richest cliffs and quarries for dinosaur fossils in Europe…1974, when it was made its own ceremonial county. Apart from a shared police force and fire and rescue service, and the island’s Anglican churches belonging to the Diocese of Portsmouth (originally Winchester), there is now no administrative link with Hampshire
Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) is an intergovernmental scientific program, launched in 1971 by UNESCO, that aims to establish a scientific basis for the improvement of relationships between people and their environments…Biosphere reserves are areas comprising terrestrial, marine and coastal ecosystems. Each reserve promotes solutions reconciling the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use. Biosphere reserves are nominated by national governments and remain under the sovereign jurisdiction of the states where they are located. Their status is internationally recognized…UNESCO mobilizes funds in-trust granted by Member States, bilateral and multilateral sources, and extra-budgetary funds provided by countries, the private sector and private institutions. MAB-related activities are nationally financed. The programme can grant seed funding to assist countries in developing projects and/or to secure appropriate partnership contributions.
im glad that its there! heres something Ukraine (or anyone) could tap into?

And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband...And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely…27 And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb’s book of life. omg, the game castlevannila is the book! wait, its the necronomicon cause it was ment to teach us to survive!
In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. i wonder if we can graft a tree into this and use them all over the world so everyone gets fruit?
And he said unto me, These sayings are faithful and true: and the Lord God of the holy prophets sent his angel to shew unto his servants the things which must shortly be done. oh wow, this is why their tryn to be good o.O
And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things.
Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God.
11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.
12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.
13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

“why does god allow suffering?”
there is strength in sufferage..
in 1848 a set of 12 resolutions is adopted calling for equal treatment of women and men under the law and voting rights for women. 1870 Congress ratifies the 15th amendment: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” 1896 The National Association of Colored Women is formed, bringing together more than 100 black women’s clubs. 1918 In January, after much bad press about the treatment of Alice Paul and the imprisoned women, President Wilson announced that women’s suffrage was urgently needed as a “war measure.”
Suffering is in our lives because we are living in a broken world. Some suffering is due to our sinful and wrong choices, but some is due simply to the world being fallen. This aspect of suffering should drive us to long for a better world, a world redeemed and freed from sin…Nothing is so broken as to be unusable by God...we must be clear that suffering never becomes good. Suffering remains evil. What must be understood though, is that suffering can be redeemed; it can be made purposeful. When we are burdened beyond our strength, we must not become bitter but instead allow our faith to make us better. For the Christian, we must see suffering as a trifold call to long for a better world, to seek to become a better person and to live out a better witness.
The Institute for the Study of War says Russia has likely run out of combat-ready reservists and is bringing in soldiers from private military companies and proxy militias, as well as covertly mobilising units of untrained men, including conscripts from Luhansk and Donetsk.
Finland announces its intention to seek NATO membership, hours before Sweden’s governing party backed a plan to join the transatlantic alliance.
Russia’s deputy foreign minister has said bids by Finland and Sweden to join the NATO military alliance are a “grave mistake” that will increase “military tension” in Europe. “They should have no illusions that we will simply put up with it,” he added. “The general level of military tension will rise, and predictability in this sphere will decrease.”The move to try and join the United States-led alliance from two historically neutral powers marks one of the biggest changes to Europe’s security architecture for decades, reflecting a sweeping shift in perceptions in the Nordic region since Russia launched its invasion in late February.
Zelenskyy has dismissed the commander of the Territorial Defence Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
continued artillery and air attacks on Mariupol, particularly on the Azovstal plant where some Ukrainian fighters are holed up,
“The Poles share the Ukrainian feeling of danger that Russia presents to the free world,” Olga Tokarczuk said at a writers’ festival in Jerusalem on Sunday.
Ukrainian forces opened a dam early in the war in Demydiv, causing the Irpin River to flood the village and thousands of acres around. The move has since been credited with stopping Russian soldiers and tanks from breaking through Ukraine’s lines.
“Ukraine can win this war. Ukrainians are bravely defending their homeland,” Stoltenberg said following a NATO meeting in Germany.

omg.. killed 10 people“I didn’t see him at first, I turned around and I saw him shoot this woman,” Crofton said. “She was just going into the store. And then he shot another woman. She was putting groceries into her car. I got down because I did not know if he was going to shoot me.”“This person was pure evil.” At least four bodies were found in the parking lot, a police official at the scene said. Inside the supermarket, several other victims were found, sources said, and some of the deceased appeared to be hiding near cash register lines.“It’s like walking onto a horror movie, but everything is real. It is Armageddon-like,” a police source told The News. “It is so overwhelming.”- assailant was only 18 to have this much hate?
weds authoritys say they arrested a man accused of shooting 10 people aboard a Brooklyn subway train a day earlier and charged him with a federal terrorism offense. a 62-year-old man who had posted a series of angry, bigoted videos online — filled a subway car with smoke, fired nearly three dozen rounds and then seemingly vanished, leaving behind terrorized commuters, a shaken city and a sprawling investigation.”- ohnos, deathglock 😦 “the police were seeking a heavyset man with a gas mask and an orange construction vest who had been wearing a dark blue outfit that appeared to resemble that of a transit worker.”
^ still lookn for em o.O

If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task. not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money…Now the overseer must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,In the same way, their wives/way [2] are to be women worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything... [11] Or way, deaconesses
The English separatists unsuccessfully sought to revive the office of deaconesses in the 1610s in their Amsterdam congregation. Later, a modern resurgence of the office began among Protestants in Germany in the 1840s and spread through Scandinaviathe NetherlandsBritain and the United States. Lutherans were especially active and their contributions are seen in numerous hospitals. The modern movement reached a peak about 1910, then slowly declined as secularization undercut religiosity in Europe and the professionalization of nursing and social work offered other career opportunities for young women. Deaconesses continue to serve in Christian denominations such as Lutheranism and Methodism, among others.[3][4] Before they begin their ministry, they are consecrated as deaconesses.[5]
Russia will suspend electricity supplies to Finland as of Saturday, a supplier says, amid tensions over the European nation’s expected NATO bid.
Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin has urged an “immediate ceasefire” in Ukraine in first talks with his Russian counterpart since the war began.
Russia is provoking a “large-scale food crisis” by blocking Ukraine’s ports.
refrigerated rail cars, “According to the norms of international humanitarian law, and Ukraine is strictly following them, after the active phase of the conflict is over, sides have to return the bodies of the military of another country,” he said.“Ukraine is ready to return the bodies to the aggressor.”
Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk has said negotiations with Russia on getting fighters out of the besieged Azovstal plant in Mariupol were “very difficult”.Vereshchuk also stressed that Ukraine wanted to rescue them all.
Soaring bread prices have triggered protests in Iran, the official IRNA news agency has reported, with an estimated 300 people gathering in the largest demonstration in Dezful in the oil-rich southwestern province of Khuzestan.
Turkey did not have “positive views” on the European countries’ expected efforts to seek membership, accusing them of being “guesthouses for terrorist organisations”.

“We are ready to make an exchange with the Russians to save the living and take our dead out of Azovstal,” Zelensky said. “The civilians have already been evacuated, now the wounded remain, we do not want to leave them there.”
I have never talked about recognizing the independence of Crimea, we will never recognize it as part of Russia,” he said, referencing Crimea has its own parliament.
reports of another Russian ship on fire in the Black Sea.
Russia threatens to take “retaliatory steps” in response to Finland’s plan to join NATO.
European Union will establish “solidarity lanes” to support Ukraine’s agricultural exports. The European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, proposed a plan to help Ukraine export its wheat and other grains to evade the Russian blockade of ports in the Black Sea.

Ukrainian forces have damaged a modern Russian navy logistics ship in the Black Sea, setting it on fire.
Macron has told his Finnish counterpart that France fully supported the country’s choice to join NATO
Five Crimean Muslims sentenced to up to 14 years in jail. members of Hizb-ut Tahrir, an organisation that freely operates in Ukraine but is banned in Russia.The Kremlin has for years tried to suppress the language and culture of Crimean Tatars, a mostly Muslim minority that once dominated the Black Sea peninsula and fiercely resisted the 2014 annexation of Crimea.
Russia has sent a warning that it would have to take “military-technical” steps in response to neighbouring Finland joining NATO,
Russians’ “main goal is to block the exits from the system of underground passages, which was pointed out by a traitor,” azostal
The Atlantic Council has honoured the people of Ukraine with a distinguished leadership award, marking the first time the council has given a full nation the accolade.
Multi-national industrial manufacturing company Siemens will quit the Russian market due to the war in Ukraine,
Kharkiv severs ‘sister’ ties with Russian cities

“In late March, Ukrainian forces drove Russian invaders from northern Ukraine. Now it appears they’re driving the invaders from northeastern Ukraine, too.

its now safe to be an organ donor ❤
sign up here! (need a phone)
recently the FBI stopped all research into the bloodlines of unknown assailants who left DNA at the scene. “The F.B.I. created a national DNA database of convicted offenders, and another for missing persons and for samples taken at crime scenes. “


😦 sypha … “the ideal face covering was the all-encompassing blue burqa, which became a global symbol of the Taliban’s previous hardline regime from 1996 until 2001…Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice read the decree from the group’s supreme leader Hibatullah Akhundzada…in recent months the administration has increased its restrictions on women including rules limiting their travel without a male chaperone and banning men and women from visiting parks at the same time.
“The president’s order has been carried out: All women, children and the elderly have been evacuated from Azovstal (steelworks),” Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said Saturday, without elaborating. “This part of the Mariupol humanitarian operation has been completed.” The Russian news agency Tass had reported that 50 civilians were evacuated from the plant on Saturday. A similar number left on Friday. The latest evacuees followed roughly 500 others who were allowed to leave the plant and other parts of the city in recent days.
thank you Putin.-me

“Recent estimates indicate that 54 per cent of people in need of assistance from the ongoing crisis are women. More than 2.3 million refugees from Ukraine …As women continue to bear different and additional burdens of war, they must be represented in all decision-making platforms on de-escalation, conflict prevention, mitigation and other processes in pursuit of peace and security for the people of Ukraine and beyond.”
Russia excavating site of heavily bombed drama theater in Mariupol. Ukrainian government has accused the Russians of conducting an airstrike on the theater. Russia has repeatedly denied that it hit the theater and has claimed without offering evidence that the Azov Regiment — one of the Ukrainian Army’s units in Mariupol — blew it up.

commander at the Azovstal steel plant said there are “bloody battles” unfolding with Russian forces inside the complex after they breached the perimeter.
evacuation operations out of Mariupol continued Thursday, and officials say another round is planned for Friday.
Japan with other G7 nations will not tolerate Russia’s outrage, and Japan stands with Ukraine,” the Prime Minister said. japan’s new sanctions on Russia come after Russia sanctioned 63 Japanese officials, including Kishida himself, on Wednesday.
US provided intel that helped Ukraine target Russian warship
Jill Biden’s trip to Romania and Slovakia includes Mother’s Day with Ukrainian refugees
Germany marked the start of construction work on Thursday for its first floating terminals for liquified natural gas in Wilhelmshaven, a city and port located in Lower Saxony. The construction is part of the country’s efforts to become independent of Russian gas in the wake of the war. Meanwhile, Japan’s prime minister said the country will be utilizing nuclear reactors and renewables to reduce its dependence on Russian energy.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and US President Joe Biden have agreed in a call that they will not recognise any Russian territorial gains in Ukraine
Ukraine has large enough stocks of grain in regions that it still controls to feed the population in those areas, and has enough fuel to meet the daily needs of Ukrainian farmers.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has apologised for his foreign minister’s comments claiming that Adolf Hitler had Jewish origins, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said.remarks made by minister Sergey Lavrov, who claimed Adolf Hitler may have had “Jewish blood”. The comments had sparked outrage in the Jewish state.
The British government says it has sanctioned steel manufacturing and mining company Evraz in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has told Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in a phone call that Russia is still ready to provide safe passage for civilians from the besieged Azovstal steel works in the Ukrainian port of Mariupol.
Chinese and Russian central banks will discuss the use and promotion of their respective national payment systems in both countries
The war in Ukraine has attracted thousands of foreign fighters battling on both sides from around the world, including the Middle East.
seven Danish diplomats “persona non grata” in response to Copenhagen expelling 15 Russian diplomats last month.
Russia’s occupying forces have “stolen” 400,000 tonnes of grain from the south of the country.
Russia refused to participate in Wednesday’s informal meeting of the UN Security Council with the EU because of the bloc’s “hostile and Russophobic policy”, Russia’s representative to the UN has said.
White House press secretary Jen Psaki has said that Russia “already lost the war in Ukraine”.
“I’m not going to go into any details, but I feel very sure that now we have an American assurance,” Linde told Swedish TV from Washington after meeting US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.
They are attempting to hit what we assess to be critical infrastructure targets out towards the west – electrical power, transportation hubs, that kind of thing. We think this is an effort to try to disrupt the Ukrainians’ ability to replenish and reinforce themselves,” Kirby 
Russia has said its forces would halt hostilities at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol and open a humanitarian corridor for civilians for three days beginning on Thursday.

Russia isn’t planning to withdraw from its partnership in the International Space Station despite recent rhetoric from the nation’s space agency, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson told a Senate hearing. Over the weekend, Roscosmos director Dmitry Rogozin suggested Russia had decided to quit the orbital laboratory and would give its ISS partners a year’s notice of such a decision, according to Russian media reports.
Russian troops have confiscated 400,000 tons of grains from areas in Ukraine that they seized.
according to a readout from the Kremlin. It said that Putin informed Macron of Russia’s “special military operation,” and of the evacuation of civilians from Azovstal.

A missile strike in Odesa has killed a 14-year-old and wounded a 17-year-old girl. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, confirming the strike hit a dormitory, asked, “How did these children and the dormitory threaten the Russian state?” According to reports, the strike also hit a Church.
“Oil prices are skyrocketing due to the turmoil triggered by the Ukraine conflict; there is also shortage of food grains and fertilizers in the world. This has burdened every family in the world, but its impact on developing and poor countries will be even more serious. India is deeply concerned by the humanitarian impact of this conflict. We have sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine on our behalf. We are also trying to help other friendly countries through food exports, oil supplies and economic assistance,” he added.
Kievs’ UFO, a modernist concert hall in shape of a spacecraft derived of the infamous space race between the ussr and the us. direlect but still awesome 🙂
comes with a real UFO yesterday..

“Today, for the first time in all the days of the war, this vital corridor has started working. For the first time, there were two days of ceasefire in the area. More than a hundred civilians have already been evacuated, primarily women and children who escaped the fighting there, at Azovstal.
video of russian troops trying to defend their dead comander
The concept of fil’tratsiia or filtration emerged at the end of the second world war, as the Soviet Union and other Allied forces liberated prisoners from the Nazis. Some 2.4m Soviet citizens—mostly soldiers—survived concentration camps. But their release placed them in the cross-hairs of military commissars, who worried that those who had been taken prisoner or displaced by war had been exposed to liberal influences abroad. Forced repatriation resulted in an estimated 5m people being sent back to the Soviet Union. To counter anti-Soviet ideology, more than 4m of them were subjected to filtration, undergoing rigorous screening, interrogation and incarceration in holding stations set up by the secret police and intelligence agencies. Some 280,000 ended up in gulags. Five decades later, filtration reappeared in Chechnya, a predominantly Muslim region in the northern Caucasus. During the two wars of the 1990s Russian authorities arbitrarily detained civilians at checkpoints, sending thousands to camps in an effort to stamp out Chechen separatism

variant research 5/2022
cool! legion, is a thing you can sign up for an join ukriane to fight russia. its made of a bunch of diffrent military gone mercenary but in a legal ethical way ❤
they have a cool wolf symbol for their spec ops and theres a swan as their emblem
Sviatoslav prince of Kiev, sviatoslav the brave, “i go for you”
Vladamire the great
Novgorad empire was secound citie after kiev
im followed by the war flags on twitter, which i believe is somone making monarch symbols out of historical time pieces , as its flag is a fictional Mugal empire of india and pakistan
which was a real thing in 1700s but not as a monarchy
their developing realistic historic flags for a hellfire monarchy underground
wolfmoon.. made this
9 governments of the moghal empire, claiming its survived
the sunburst moghal seal is currently used in india
indias star
explanation of the hierarchy in its parliament
moon carries on into current use in pakistan which became a republic in 1956
Indias latest president came into power in 2017

“There are no days off from work and no time off in the war. Often, you don’t even know the day of the week. There is only what today is, what needs to be done,” she added. Zelenksa said her children are studying remotely while she works through her initiative with other first ladies, governments of individual countries, activists and volunteers to organize evacuations of sick and orphaned children to safe places. 
Russia’s defense ministry finally confirmed it is using submarines in the Black Sea to carry out cruise missile attacks on Ukrainian targets.
Lyudmila and her husband Anton arrived at an evacuation center in the town of Przemysl on the Polish border with Ukraine, their rooster quickly settled in. [eventually found by refugee encampment leader] Sasha himself is a refugee, from Tajikistan. He said he worked with an opposition politician in Russia and was expelled from the country in 2021. He also worked with several organizations now described by the Russian government as “foreign agents” and “extremist.” 
Shelling has hit a village [oil terminal] in the Russian region of Bryansk, which borders Ukraine, causing damage but no casualties.
statues of Lenin apear in occupied territiorys of ukraine
Macron told Zelensky that military support to Ukraine “will continue to grow, as well as the humanitarian assistance provided by France,”according to a statement by the Elysee Palace
elysee palace is the french version of the white house
Russian President Vladimir Putin has been invited to November’s G20 summit in Indonesia.
Russia’s finance ministry says it has completed payments on two dollar-denominated bonds amid mounting fears that the sanctions-hit country may be forced to default on its foreign debt.
A ship loaded with 70,000 tonnes of Ukrainian corn left a Romanian Black Sea port, allowing Kyiv to dodge a Russian blockade of its key grain exports.

ukrainie starts ferretting out the russian soldiers in its ranks
A “registry of collaborators” is being compiled and will be released to the public, Oleksiy Danilov, head of Ukraine’s Security Council was quoted as saying in a report by The Associated Press news agency. He would not say how many people had been targeted nationwide. Zelenskyy has also stripped two security service generals of their rank over alleged collaboration, accusing them of treason.
australia is going after the super soldiers, “Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has said it will support Ukrainian athletes seeking to resettle in Australia on humanitarian grounds, according to the Reuters news agency.
US Marine killed in Ukraine ‘just wanted to help out’, his father says
At least five US states are sending their ageing M113 armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine,Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia have announced
mayor of Mariupol said the situation inside the steel plant, which has become the southern port city’s last stronghold, is dire and citizens are “begging to get saved”.Mayor Vadym Boychenko added: “There, it’s not a matter of days. It’s a matter of hours.”
ukraine’s national football team will play a friendly game against Bundesliga side Borussia Moenchengladbach next month in their first match since the country’s invasion- so cool
The M113’s versatility spawned a wide variety of adaptations that live on worldwide and in U.S. service. These variants together currently represent about half of U.S. Army armored vehicles. To date, it is estimated that over 80,000 M113s of all types have been produced and used by over 50 countries worldwide, making it one of the most widely used armored fighting vehicles of all time.[7]
Should Democrats insist that the bills be linked, Senate Republicans will likely force a vote on the Biden administration’s controversial decision to end a pandemic-era policy called Title 42, which allowed border agents to turn away migrants at the U.S.-Mexican border.
“Innocent people shot in the back of the head, hands tied behind their backs, pregnant women being killed, hospitals being bombed. I mean, it’s just unconscionable,” Kirby added.
“We should expect Russia to intensify its ongoing forced transfers of local populations from areas of Ukraine’s south and east to Russia or Russia-controlled parts of the Donbas via so-called “filtration camps,”
An operation is planned today to get civilians out of the [steel]plant,” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s office said, without further elaboration.
Ukraine’s prosecutor general has identified 10 Russian soldiers she said were involved in the atrocities in Bucha, Ukraine,..were from Russia’s 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Ground Forces Brigade..“During the occupation of Bucha, they took unarmed civilians hostage, killed them with hunger and thirst, kept them on their knees with hands tied and eyes taped, mocked and beat them,” she reportedly said, adding that the soldiers threatened to shoot the civilians and looted houses.
U.S. Embassy in Kyiv says staffer was killed in war in Ukraine
Russia says it’s not at war with NATO, blames alliance for war in Ukraine
One of the most capable and expensive weapon systems being supplied to Ukraine is the FGM-148 Javelin, a U.S.-made anti-armor weapon that costs about $176,000 each.
the U.S. has resumed joint training with Ukrainian troops at three locations in Europe.
The SpaceX-run satellite internet service that CEO Elon Musk touted at the start of the war has emerged as a lifeline for many areas of the country, with over 10,000 dish antennas in service and more on the way. 
The cryptocurrency industry has been quietly lobbying U.S. lawmakers against legislation designed to prevent Russian oligarchs from using digital currencies to evade sanctions imposed on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s allies and their companies following Russia’s attack on Ukraine.
Ukraine claims it has retaken a strategic village that Russians were using to shell Kharkiv.
Two British aid workers captured by Russian forces, NGO says.
The U.K. is sending experts to help Ukraine’s government collect evidence and prosecute Russian war crimes against civilians, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said. Ukraine says it is investigating more than 7,000 potential war crimes in the wake of Russia’s unprovoked invasion.
One close Russia watcher said Western governments need to imbue their populations with a “war mentality” to prepare them for the hardships they could face as the economic fallout from the war continues.
“Of course, there are things that we could have done to stop the war, but perhaps those are going to be lessons learned again, when the Security Council, the General Assembly leaders will look back and say, ‘what could we have done, and make sure that we prevent the next war, the next pandemic’,” Mohammed told CNBC.These are all things that we are learning. I think history tells us that we’re not very good learners when it comes to that.”I hope that the learnings will find ways to make us more accountable to put in the checks and balances that this doesn’t ever happen again, and that we are working towards peace,” Mohammed added.
NASA has warned that SpaceX’s plan for 30,000 more Starlink satellites could cause problems for science missions, human spaceflight, the Hubble telescope, and ground-based telescopes that look for asteroids that might hit the Earth. NASA didn’t urge the FCC to reject SpaceX’s application, but it said it wants deployment to be “conducted prudently, in a manner that supports spaceflight safety and the long-term sustainability of the space environment.” NASA also said the large number of additional satellites “will require expanded coordination and communication between the two parties to ensure the continued safety of both SpaceX and NASA assets.”
Former U.S. Marine Andy Milburn recently started the Mozart Group with other retired special operations officers. The name is a play on a Russian private military company called the Wagner Group, which has been linked to Moscow’s military intelligence service and numerous atrocities abroad.  He says the Mozart Group has no ties to the government, and that there are about 50 to 60 volunteers in the country at a time, funded solely by individual donations. They’re working with the Ukrainian military; providing training, mine clearance, medical support and evacuations. He says they’re also conducting information operations on Russian soldiers and their families, to try to influence their morale, but declined to explain how. Still, he says, these volunteers aren’t fighting, unlike the mercenaries from Russia’s Wagner Group who have massed in Ukraine. “We are not fighters,” Milburn continued. “We’re not online pulling the trigger. We are not mercenaries, certainly not by any definition of mercenaries. And there is nothing, this is really important, there is nothing that we do that is not in line with U.S. foreign policy. We are training, equipping and assisting the Ukrainian military. We are not killing Russians here.”
a short history on tunnellling in war through the lens of various locations an times
Putin’s hesitancy to send his forces into a sprawling network of tunnels under the complex hints at a truth in warfare: Tunnels can be an effective tool in resisting an oppressor.there is sound thinking behind using tunnels as both a defensive and offensive tactic. Such networks allow small units to move undetected by aerial sensors and emerge in unexpected locations to launch surprise attacks and then essentially disappear. For an invader who does not possess a thorough map of the subterranean passages, this can present a nightmare scenario, leading to massive personnel losses, plummeting morale and an inability to finish the conquest of their urban objective
assyrians ar ethe first recorded use of tunnelling in iraq and iran areas, that caused so much trouble to the US during those occupations having built off the long standing concept they invented with air flow systems to deture any chemical dipsursemnt in their systems in modern day. assyrians also may have started bdsm practices with human horses and dogs as forms of devine punishment while also instituting a system based on merit using eunics as territory representatives.
ny times moves its location from china to south korea”We didn’t want to be in a position where we were encumbered by the Chinese national security law, which gets in the way of us doing what we need to do, which is report without fear or favor,” he said. “The core reason why we moved to South Korea was because we felt this could be a place where we could report without fear or favor.”
A U.S. guided-missile destroyer arrived at South Korea’s southeastern port city of Busan, Friday, for replenishment and other purposes, an informed source said Friday, following its transit through the Taiwan Strait earlier this week.the warship conducted what the U.S. Navy dubbed a “routine” Taiwan Strait transit through international waters ― a move seen as part of the U.S.’ operation to keep an increasingly assertive China in check.
“The West needs to craft a comprehensive strategy with the explicit goal of compelling Putin to stop his aggression, not just merely keep Ukraine at the survival level. To date, U.S. statecraft has helped Ukraine buy time, but it has to be expanded to include the marshalling of greater military power in collaboration with its key allies. Ukraine can still be saved from protracted devastation, mass casualties, and an ignoble capitulation that merely extends Putin’s influence and weakens Europe. Russia can be compelled to limit its objectives and to stop its egregious violations of international law and return to diplomacy. It may be time for the United States and its democratic states to take Biden’s impressive speech in Warsaw to heart, and “Be not afraid.”
kirby has an emotional momemnt discussing the findings of new mass graves
USS Sampson is set to stay [south korea] through May 3, the source said, amid lingering tensions caused by North Korea’s recent missile launches, including its test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).On Tuesday, the warship conducted what the U.S. Navy dubbed a “routine” Taiwan Strait transit through international waters ― a move seen as part of the U.S.’ operation to keep an increasingly assertive China in check.
Putin agreed “in principle” for the involvement of the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross in the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant
16 states, the District of Columbia, and a coalition of environmental groups seeking to stop the purchase of thousands of gasoline-powered trucks — after the USPS committed to lessen its environmental impact. According to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, the USPS lacks the funding needed to increase the number of electric vehicles in its fleet

new sanctions on russian oligarchs will allow the US to seize their assettes and more easily use it to fund Ukraine rebuilding efforts.“enhance the United States Government’s authority to hold the Russian government and Russian oligarchs accountable for President Putin’s war against Ukraine”.
Among the measures, Biden has asked legislators to make it a criminal offence for a person to “knowingly or intentionally possess proceeds directly obtained from corrupt dealings with the Russian government”.
congress revives Lend-Lease was first established at the outset of World War II and was credited as a game-changer for the Allies. It facilitated the transfer of weapons and supplies that were critical to defeating Nazi Germany
prisoner swap! returns US citizen trevor reed
adorable return home video for ukrainin soldier an his daughter
The AFU General Staff also said Russia had lost 970 tanks, 2,389 armored fighting vehicles, 431 artillery systems, 151 multiple launch rocket systems, 72, anti-aircraft systems, 187 warplanes, 155 helicopters, 1,688 motor vehicles, eight vessels, 76 fuel tankers, 215 unmanned aerial vehicles, 31 units of special equipment and four short-range ballistic missile systems.
Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were among the eight legislators who voted against the Asset Seizure for Ukraine Reconstruction Act on Wednesday. From the Republican Party, Greene was joined by Representatives Madison CawthornThomas Massie and Chip Roy. The other three lawmakers were Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush, progressive members of the so-called Squad.
The Soviet Union was established in December 1922 and eventually grew to encompass 15 nations: Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, according to History.com
Russia, Belarus Form New USSR, Call On Ex-Soviet Nations to Join. “We are building a single Union State on the new principles to ensure that everyone’s interests are respected, that the sovereign independent states—Belarus and Russia—keep developing. I am sure that this union will attract other republics of the former Soviet Union.”
discussion about Nazis is being broached
aww, homewelcoming for a soldier
first refugee to get a job in Uk
“And he bitterly blamed Russia for the waste of the billion of dollars it had poured into the siege, which could have been used to build “schools, hospitals, universities…This night is just a colossal number of airstrikes, phosphorous bombs, missiles, artillery and everything that a barbarian can use against humanity…In total, it is $1,111,200,180 without expenses for fuel, equipment, medical evacuation, food, and other things…Think that this money is equal to the opportunity to build 163 schools, or 273 kindergartens, or 12 modern hospitals, 32 maternity hospitals or 82 pharmacies. This is only Mariupol. I’m not talking about Ukraine as a whole.”
“Western countries learned from that horrible experience to compartmentalize ammunition in their tanks. Russia, it’s clear now, did not…Russia has lost 570 tanks—destroyed, damaged or abandoned—on the basis of photos and videos emerging from the country.- “jackinthebox” effect of ensured emoliation if hit in the turret
“3 million ruble, or $40,000 fine, comes after the social media platform allegedly failed to remove content that included instructions for how to make Molotov cocktails and offending Russia’s national anthem and flag, Radio Free Europe reported. The news outlet also wrote that Russian officials accused Twitter of not deleting content “propagating the Nazi swastika…fined Meta, the parent company of Facebook, $54,000 after it was accused of failing to delete “LGBT propaganda,” Reuters reportedRadio Free Europe also reported the fine against Meta comes after the company had been accused of failing to remove content that insults Russia’s flag and coat of arms.”
To meet the demand amid increasing reports of Russia’s alleged use of rape as a weapon of war and the broader turmoil of the war, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has sent some 2,880 packets of emergency contraception, commonly known as the morning-after pill, to Ukraine. Russia has denied accusations of rape and other human rights abuses by its soldiers.
“The Anglo-Saxons are publicly calling on Ukraine to take the combat activity into Russian territory. And giving them the ammo to carry out that plan,” she said. “what choice are they leaving us but a nuclear strike?”
“We would like to underline that London’s direct provocation of the Kyiv regime into such actions, if such actions are carried out, will immediately lead to our proportional response,” Russia’s Defense Ministry said
Many of the natives, over time, adopted Anglo-Saxon culture and language and were assimilated. The Anglo-Saxons established the concept, and the Kingdom, of England,
If anyone intends to intervene from the outside and create a strategic threat to Russia that is unacceptable to us, they should know that our retaliatory strikes will be lightning-fast,” Putin said, He added, “We have the tools we need for this, the likes of which no one else can claim at this point. We will not just brag; we will use them if necessary.
Minnekayev reportedly said that Russia was looking to create a passage through Crimea towards Transnistria, “where there are also facts pointing to the oppression of the Russian-speaking population.”
Expanding the war in Ukraine to the breakaway region of Transnistria would potentially suit the same ideology that led Putin to order its troops into Ukraine, visiting professor of government at Hamilton College, Clinton (NY) David Rivera told Newsweek last week. Some of the Kremlin’s stated concerns and justifications for its invasion of Ukraine—namely, to protect ethnic Russians and Russian speakers from cultural and linguistic oppression, as well as physical repression—could easily be applied to the Transnistria region of Moldova as well,” he said. A possible invasion of Moldova would also “fit with Putin’s strategy to reconstitute as much as possible of the former Soviet Union as a Russian sphere of influence as the basis for Russia’s great power status,”

russia halts export of oil to Poland and Bulgaria
Countries aiding Ukraine “that get it into their heads to meddle in ongoing events from the side and create unacceptable strategic threats for Russia, they must know that our response to counterpunches will be lightning-quick”, 
ukraine hits russian armory on its own soil
“karma is a cruel thing”, ukrainina mabassador says of strike in russia, 3 areas
canada suggests using siezed oligarch funds to support ukraine, next day its reality”Joly said Canada would become the first G7 industrialised nation to allow such asset forfeitures and is proposing allies follow suit.”

a curious number of russian oligarchs have died since the invasion of ukraine
italian villa , him hanging his wife and daughters with axe wounds
anouther oligarch and his family murdered in thier mansion england found dead
finacial director cottage st petersburgh
38 prominent russians in 3 yrs (since my statehosue speech)
moldova joins bid for EU membership along with georgia and ukraine
last month the nation of about 2.6 million submitted a bid to join the European Union, along with Georgia and Ukraine.
Transnistaria is a russian abcked disputed territiory reliant on them for free gas and could be a safe place for russian troops to restock or attack from the west

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Western weapons sent to Ukraine ‘will be a legitimate target’ for Russia’s military. warns of WW3
Russia’s defence ministry claims its high-precision missiles destroyed six facilities powering railways used to deliver foreign weapons to Ukrainian forces in the eastern Donbas region.
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says Russia’s “aggression” in Ukraine is a “direct threat” to Europe’s security.
India’s Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar says his country is prepared to take a much bigger role in global affairs and would help the world with more supplies of wheat if trade rules allowed.
Russia’s president earlier this month delivered a crisp message to leaders of his country’s energy sector: they needed to plan for a decline in Western imports by shifting their focus from Europe to Asia.
Directly targeting the US, China, Russia, France and the United Kingdom – which are the only holders of the veto right – the measure would “make them pay a higher political price” when they opt to use their veto to strike down a Security Council resolution, said an ambassador from a country that does not have the veto.The measure was introduced by Liechtenstein. About 60 countries, including the US, have joined in co-sponsoring the reform.
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was referring to Washington’s determination to prevent Russia from subsuming Ukraine when he said he wanted to see Moscow “weakened”.
Russia’s foreign ministry has accused Croatia of carrying out “anti-Russian” policies, saying it failed to provide “humanitarian” passage for 24 Russian diplomats and embassy staff who were expelled from the country over the war in Ukraine.Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry, said on Monday that the government of Croatia is “systematically destroying bilateral relations”, according to the TASS news agency.
Russia checking if Wikimedia Foundation falls under foreign media law
More than 300 companies have pulled out of Russia and international supply chains have largely shut down after container company Maersk, UPS, DHL and other transportation firms exited the country.
in the Black Sea, Russia was using its submarines to “terrorise civilian shipping” so it would be free to lift its sunken warship, the Moskva.
Three NATO warships have arrived in the southwestern Finnish port of Turku to train with Finland’s navy as Helsinki considers the possibility of joining the US-led alliance.
A former US commander in Europe has said that NATO must not be cowed by Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons and should send troops to establish a base for military and humanitarian supplies in Ukraine.Philip Breedlove, Supreme Commander in Europe
The UK says it is removing all tariffs covered by the UK-Ukraine trade deal and hitting the Putin government with new sanctions.
“Russia loses last hope to scare the world off supporting Ukraine. Thus the talk of a ‘real’ danger of WWIII,” Kuleba wrote on Twitter.
Russia wants to reduce all chances of “artificially” elevating the risk of nuclear conflict, Lavrov has said in a television interview.
The UK is providing Ukraine with new ambulances, fire engines, medical supplies and funding for health experts to help its emergency services 
russia news has “brainwashed” their cosmonauts acording to NASA commander, into thinking ukrainians are NAZI

Yevheniia Kravchuk member of ukrainian parliament, i like her
Poland has supplied Ukraine with weapons to the value of $1.6bn, says Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Polish media reports say the package includes 40 tanks and about 60 armoured cars.
The International Atomic Energy Agency said Ukraine had asked for “a comprehensive list of equipment” to operate its nuclear power plants, including radiation measurement devices, protective material, computer-related assistance, power supply systems and diesel generators.
Germany must do everything in its power to help Ukraine win the war against Russia but without endangering its own security and NATO’s defence capability, finance minister Christian Lindner said.

Russian troops attempt to storm steel mill in Mariupol, Ukranians say.
Ukrainian forces retook three villages near the border with Russia after “fierce battles,” according to the governor of Ukraine’s eastern Kharkiv region.
ukraine announces a countrywide curfew for the night of the Orthodox Easter.
Russia investigates report of British SAS forces in Ukraine
‘Fierce battles’ raging in eastern Ukraine
No Orthodox Easter truce in Ukraine as Russia continues attacks
Russia-Ukraine latest updates: Deadly Russian strikes hit Odesa

Russia has slapped “indefinite’ travel bans on US vice president Kamala Harris and Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg as well as dozens of prominent Americans and Canadians in retaliation for sanctions imposed over Ukraine. The Russian foreign ministry said the travel restrictions on 29 Americans and 61 Canadians – which also includes defence officials, business leaders and journalists from both countries – would remain in effect indefinitely….Civilians are trapped under buildings in Mariupol’s Azovstal steelworks plant, deputy commander Svyatoslav Palamar from Ukraine’s Azov regiment has said. “We have wounded and dead inside the bunkers. Some civilians remain trapped under the collapsed buildings,” he told the BBC. Some children are believed to be as young as three months old…seven people were killed after a huge fire broke out at a key Russian defence research institute in Tver north-west of Moscow…Protesters gathered outside of the European Parliament in Warsaw, Poland, on Thursday.205 candles were lit for the number of children so far recorded and killed in the war…“In many coffee houses in Kyiv: Pink post-its are beverages and desserts that visitors have paid for as a treat for military or territorial defence members, who can come and claim any of them for free. It’s people’s way to thank their defenders,” she said….All the buildings in the territory of Azovstal are practically destroyed. They drop heavy bombs, bunker-busting bombs which cause huge destruction.
Rustam Minnekayev, deputy commander of Russia’s central military district, was quoted by Russian state news agencies as saying full control over southern Ukraine would give it access to Transnistria, a breakaway Russian-occupied part of Moldova in the west. That would cut off Ukraine’s entire coastline… Moldova’s foreign ministry said it had summoned Moscow’s ambassador on Friday to express “deep concern” about the general’s comments. Moldova was neutral, it said. Moldova last month applied to join the European Union, charting a pro-Western course hastened by Russia’s invasion.
Russian Defense Ministry said Friday that one serviceman died, 27 more went missing and 396 were rescued after a fire on the flagship missile cruiser Moskva last week.
“The president sleeps four to five hours a day,” Serhii Nekiforov, Zelenskyy’s press secretary…
Ukrainian PM meets with USAID Admin. Samantha Power on increasing assistance to Ukraine…
U.N. spokesperson Eri Kaneko said Friday. She said discussions about a similar visit to Ukraine are under way. Guterres asked to meet with both Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in their respective capitals. 
Russia is likely freeing up its forces near the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol for deployment elsewhere in eastern Ukraine, the British defense ministry said.
france is sending all sorts of weaponry to ukraine
Ukrainian official accused French defence electronics company Thales of violating European sanctions and selling Russia equipment used to kill civilians fleeing recent fighting outside Kyiv – claims strongly denied by the company.“A family was trying to escape but was killed by Russian murderers,” tweets presidential adviser Mykhaylo Podolyak. “Killed, as it is now proved, with French weapons sold in circumvention of sanctions in 2015.”

official said 200 residents of Mariupol had gathered to be evacuated, but the Russian military told them to disperse and warned of possible shelling. Russia and Ukraine have blamed each other for repeated failures to evacuate people from Mariupol.

putin calls off final effort to storm the steel mill 🙂
est 1000 citizens hiding out with the soldiers in Azovstal steel plant are starving 😦

when the invasion began on Feb. 24, the factory had taken measures to reduce the environmental damage in the event of being hit.”Coke oven batteries no longer pose a danger to the lives of residents,” he wrote. “We have also stopped the blast furnaces correctly.” Azovstal is part of the Metinvest group, which is controlled by Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov.Considered pro-Moscow before the war began, Akhmetov has since accused Russian troops of committing “crimes against humanity against Ukrainians.
the Azovstal plant was a suburban town. He said the caves could withstand bomb attacks and “even nuclear attacks.” “The Azovtal Factory is a large Russian building with many buildings,” said Oleh Zudanov, a military analyst in Kiev. [the Ukrainian forces]. “
that the steel factory was designed to withstand a nuclear war. “It is basically a city under a city,” he said, conceding that the Russian campaign to seize the plant had been significantly hampered by the sophisticated network of passages, rooms and communication systems connecting the basement levels of the plant…The network of underground passages and rooms, which is now pivotal to the survival of the holed-up soldiers and civilians, was originally built to transport equipment between buildings, according to Metinvest. There was no planned military use for the tunnels before the war, the company said…The plant was first established by the Soviet Union in the 1930s and rebuilt following World War II. It is a labyrinth of rail systems, workshops, blast furnaces and warehouses, with many of the buildings made of thick concrete and designed to withstand high temperatures…according to Ms. Yatsura, a number of employees remain there. They had stayed after the invasion began to prepare the complex’s bomb shelters and eliminate hazardous materialsThe plant’s defenders include members of the Azov Battalion, a force that does include far-right soldiers, some of them foreign, including white supremacists and people who have been described as fascists…Capturing the Azovstal plant would also give the Russians better access to the region’s railway system and seaport...the Ukrainian Army had arranged two operations over the past two weeks to take food to the plant
“As we’re talking to you, they’re firing on us from the air, dropping bombs,” Gasim said. “Tell America to help us.” After about 15 minutes, the video cut out and further attempts to reach the men were unsuccessful.

badass irradiating lizard monster Mallory whose rep of michigan, is fighting back against anti lgbt propaganda reframed as “grooming”.
russia begins offensive against “The Donbas is Ukraine’s primarily Russian-speaking industrial heartland in the east, where Moscow-backed separatists have been fighting Ukrainian forces for the past eight years. Pro-Russian leaders there have declared two independent republics, which Russia recognised before launching its invasion of Ukraine on February 24.”

“Wednesday, the foreign ministers of the United States, Ukraine, Russia and the European Union met in Geneva and agreed on a roadmap for de-escalating the crisis. However, armed pro-Russia separatists who took over Ukrainian government facilities in eastern Ukraine have said that none of the parties speak for them.”
“Ukraine says that several Russian warships in the Black Sea have forced to retreat less than a week after Russian Navy flagship Moskva was sunk by a Ukrainian missile attack.
Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had more than 5,000 encounters with Ukrainian citizens arriving in the U.S. during March, according to statistics released by the agency on Monday.
The bodies of 269 civilians along with seven “execution” locations were found in Irpin,
Top Chinese Officials ‘Parrot’ Some of Russia’s Propaganda
Moscow May Lose 200,000 Jobs Due to Sanctions
“enforced disappearance” of 1,110 civilians,Russian forces have illegally imprisoned 544 Ukrainian civilians,police have registered 2,750 civilians casualties, including 157 children, in occupied and de-occupied territories.More Than 4.9 Million Have Fled Ukraine.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky held a meeting with Ukrainian government officials to discuss post-war reconstruction and development.

200,000 russians flee the country
mariopule refuses to surrender
attacks dont cease on easter 😦

900 bodies around kyiv executed
N korea blows up diamond mountain tourist attraction that symbolized peace with S korea

russia threatening the US and NATO to stop arming Ukraine
confirmed that General Aleksandr Dvornikov had been appointed to lead Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in a grim omen that it may pursue even more ruthless tactics in the ongoing war.- butcher of syria
Neptune missiles made in KYIV were used to sink Moskva

US sends arms to ukraine
russian warship sunk, the Moskva
US special ops submarine base may be discontinued, the Carolyn Chouest
babakov, a member of the Russian legislature, Vorobev, his Chief of Staff, and Plisyuk, another member of Babakov’s staff, used a nonprofit organization based in Russia, the Institute for International Integration Studies, as a front for this global foreign influence campaign to advance Russia’s foreign policy objectives. Through these operations aimed at influencing the course of international affairs, the defendants worked to weaken U.S. partnerships with European allies, undermine Western sanctions and promote Russia’s illicit actions designed to destroy the sovereignty of Ukraine

russia claims 3000 ukrainina troops surrender in maripole
^ Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych did not mention any mass surrender, instead saying the brigade had managed to link up with other Ukrainian troops in the city. “In Mariupol, units of the 36th Marine Brigade, as a result of a complex and very risky maneuver, broke through to join the Azov regiment,” he wrote in a statement on Facebook. “In general, the city’s defense system has grown and strengthened,” he wrote.
Presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia reiterate support during trip to Ukraine
An extra 200 people or entities were also sanctioned including Russian oligarchs and their families, as well as Putin’s adult daughters, Katerina Tikhonova and Maria Vorontsova.
Joining NATO would open Finland to potential risks from Russia, including cyberattacks, but the country is prepared and it must not let “fear influence our choices,” she said.
Both Egypt and Lebanon are highly dependent on Ukraine for their wheat and fertilizer imports, which have been disrupted by the ongoing conflict. 
U.S. climate envoy calls for renewable energy push amid Russian aggression”Now is the time to accelerate the transition to an independent and a clean energy future. President Putin cannot control the power of the wind or the sun,” Kerry said
Humanitarian corridors will not open Wednesday in Ukraine after Russia violated a cease-fire and blocked evacuation efforts
New satellite images show Russian troops advancing on Ukraine’s east
745 of americans believe worst in ukraine is yet to come
People say that various reasons have been given for the extinguishing of the Eternal Flame, including, they say, to save gas. But the truth is that in recent years people have not actually had the opportunity to honor the memory of those who fought against fascism. Now that the city is under the control of the Russian military, this is no longer a problem.
sherriff jones was target of a cyber attack

cool! mike is helping distribute the supplies brought in by the vollunteer aid resources 🙂 he made a video an shows what their doin.
I published a video on YouTube about our team of volunteers brought humanitarian aid help to Ukrainian city Chernihiv.
If you want to see how we were do that and what is the situation in this city, please watch the video with English subtitles”

Oleg Orlov, a prominent Russian human rights activist, has been detained after staging a one-man protest in Moscow’s Red Square against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Members of Memorial, a now-banned human rights organisation of which Orlov had been a leader, shared a video of him on Sunday holding a banner before being taken away by police.

proof of chinas organ ahrvesting on living victems befor a false diagnosis of brain death 😦
they use the deathclock to randomize the process
its here in america btw 😦

*wordpress attacked*

putin claims defence for entombing civilians, has started “denazification” of a large part of the populous. in ukraine is seen by russia, recent scewed pole claims 80% in favor.
Putin has in the past enjoyed popularity for bringing stability and relative prosperity to Russians after the chaotic, crime-ridden 1990s. At the same time, many Russians have been increasingly dismayed by Western nations. In their view, their country, once a superpower that had sent the first man into space, has been increasingly disregarded on the international stage. They have accused their Cold War rivals, which have crept up to their borders, of meddling in the 1996 presidential election – when Boris Yeltsin defeated Communist challenger Gennady Zyuganov, and of breaking international law two years later to bomb its ally Serbia into submission. And Putin is seen as challenging the US’s self-appointed role as the world’s policeman.

“I would like to remind you of Article 1, Chapter 1 of the UN Charter. What is the purpose of our organization? Its purpose is to maintain and make sure that peace is adhered to. And now the UN charter is violated literally starting with Article 1. And so what is the point of all other Articles?” he [zalenski] asked. “I am addressing you on behalf of the people who honor the memory of the deceased every single day and in the memory of the civilians who died, who were shot and killed in the back of their head after being tortured,” he told the UNSC.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier Tuesday, who called the allegations not only “groundless, but … a well-staged tragic show” and “a forgery in order to try to denigrate the Russian army.”

poisoned apples and pastreys along with vodka were distributed to russian troops
Two troops from the 3rd Motor Rifle Division died after being given stuffed buns laced with poison. Another 28 soldiers are in intensive care after civilians in Izium gave the poisoned gifts to the invaders. It comes after more than 500 Russian troops were hospitalised after drinking poisoned alcohol
Ukrainians claimed Russian forces ‘booby-trap corpses and execute civilians while retreating from recaptured Kyiv area’.Foreign Secretary Liz Truss tweeted her outrage at the scenes.Truss tweeted: ‘Appalled by atrocities in Bucha and other towns in Ukraine. Reports of Russian forces targeting innocent civilians are abhorrent. The UK is working with others to collect evidence and support [the International Criminal Court] war crimes investigation. Those responsible will be held to account.’

black helicopters hovering up..
russian oil is attacked by 2 black helicopters flying low, they claim its ukraine, ukraine claims its not them..
skeletor has entered the fray.

ukrainian withces
ukrainians in maroupul flood the streets with music ❤ “My music can show that we are still human,” she said in an interview. “We need not just food or water. We need our culture. We are not like animals now. We still have our music, and we still have our hope.”
A cellist performed Bach in the centre of a deserted street in Kharkiv, with the blown-out windows of the regional police headquarters behind him. A trumpeter played the Ukrainian national anthem in a subway station being used as a bomb shelter. A pianist played a Chopin étude in her apartment, surrounded by ashes and debris left by Russian shelling.
[the indian express is owned by META and really shouldnt be trusted]
similarly besieged, blockaded and pounded from afar by Russian troops, Chernihiv’s remaining residents are terrified that with each blast, each bomb and every additional body that lies uncollected on the streets, they’re caught in the same macabre trap of unescapable killings and destruction.
U.S. will provide an additional $100 million in civilian security assistance, including armored vehicles and equipment to the Ukrainian State Border Guards and National Police, who are on the front lines rescuing victims and protecting civilians from Putin’s brutal assault.
Three explosions were reported near Ukraine’s western city of Lviv as US President Joe Biden wrapped up his visit to neighbouring Poland on Saturday.
US President Joe Biden on Saturday called for Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s removal, saying, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” Biden also used a speech in Poland’s capital to make a vociferous defense of liberal democracy and the NATO military alliance, while also saying Europe must steel itself for a long fight against Russian aggression. In what was billed by the White House as a major address, Biden spoke in front of the Royal Castle, one of Warsaw’s notable landmarks that was badly damaged during War II
The Second World War brought complete destruction to the building [royal castle]; in September 1939 it was targeted and ignited by Luftwaffe fighter aircraft, and then detonated by the Nazis after the failed Warsaw Uprising in 1944. In 1965, the surviving wall fragments, cellars, the adjacent Copper-Roof Palace and the Kubicki Arcades were registered as historical monuments. Reconstruction was carried out in the years 1971–1984, during which it regained its original 17th century appearance.
Lithuanian Ministry of Defense said in a tweet early Sunday that military aid from the Baltic country has arrived in Ukraine.
South Korea’s National Security Council (NSC) said North Korea’s missile launch on Sunday is “undesirable” while the world is trying to resolve Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to shock the world, people all over the planet are watching in horror and disbelief. Rallies, vigils and prayer meetings are being held across the globe in support of Ukraine. Many of those attending have personal or family ties to the country. And they’re asking world leaders to stop Russia’s attack. From Berlin to Buenos Aires, Moscow to Minneapolis, people are showing their anger at the Russian invasion and solidarity for the Ukrainian people.
Germany has ordered the ban of Russian aircraft from entering the country’s airspace
A fire at an oil storage area was seen raging at the Vasylkiv Air Base,
defenders of the small Ukrainian island of Zmiinyi in the Black Sea may still be alive, according to a statement released on Saturday by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine 
Ukraine Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov tweeted Saturday that Kyiv was “creating an IT army” to “continue to fight on the cyber front” as Russian forces continue their assault on Ukraine.During a Saturday news conference, Shmyhal said Russia shelled kindergartens, residential blocks and “buses with children.” ohnos 😦
Russian state media outlets will no longer be allowed to run advertising or otherwise monetize their content on any platform owned by Meta, the parent of Facebook and Instagram, the company said Friday evening. 
YouTube has blocked Russian state media outlet RT from Ukraine and suspended its ability to monetize its content on the platform globally,
Twitter says it is being restricted inside Russia
Pope Francis had a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The Holy Father expressed his deepest sorrow for the tragic events that are taking place in our country,”
 Czech Republic, Netherlands and Portugal will send reinforcements to assist Ukraine
Germany will deliver anti-tank weapons and missiles to Ukraine, In its [postww2] coalition agreement, the German government had agreed on a restrictive arms export policy that does not allow any weapons deliveries to crisis regions. The delivery of such weapons also has historical connotations post-World War II.  “The Russian attack marks a change in times. It is our duty to support Ukraine as much as we can defending themselves against Putin’s invasion army. Therefore we will deliver 1,000 antitank weapons and 500 stinger missiles to our friends in Ukraine,”
Biden says Putin’s invasion is bringing Europe and NATO closer together..“He’s producing the exact opposite effect that he intended,” Biden said of Putin. 
Russian thermobaric “vacuum bombs” launcher seen by CNN team in UkraineThese types of weapons do not use conventional ammunition. Instead, they are filled with high-temperature, high-pressure explosive. They are sometimes called “vacuum bombs” because they suck in the oxygen from the surrounding air to generate a powerful explosion and a large pressure wave that can have enormous destructive effects. 
Ukrainians try to block Russian tanks with their bodies and bicycles,”They are throwing their bicycles underneath the Russian tanks,”
Nearly 2,700 people detained in anti-war protests in Russia since Thursday
The Russian Ministry of Defence says its troops have been ordered to resume their offensive “in all directions,” after a suspension was ordered for negotiations with the Ukrainian government. 
Some Russian government websites, including the Kremlin and Ministry of Defence, have been down for a third day in a row. The hacking group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for the attacks. [anonymous are abducting US citzens without trial]
Estonia, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia will ban Russian airlines from their airspace, the countries announced Saturday.
Royal Navy ships, British Army troops and Royal Air Force fighters have been deployed in eastern Europe to bolster NATO’s eastern front, according to a statement from the UK’s Ministry of Defence on Saturday.
Hungary will not block sanctions against Russia, including on SWIFT, foreign minister says
Russia bans flights from Bulgarian, Polish and Czech carriers
Japanese-owned cargo ship hit by a missile off Ukrainian coast
Zelensky tweets it is time to decide on Ukraine’s membership in the EU


The Russian military is moving troops stationed in the country of Georgia into Ukraine as reinforcements,
Mariupol’s mayor said about 600 people are believed to have survived a Russian airstrike on a theater in the city on March 16.The Mariupol city council said earlier that based on eyewitness reports, it now believes around 300 people died in the strike.
Ukrainian military said in a statement Friday that Russian forces launched cruise-missile strikes on the Ukrainian Air Force command center in west-central Ukraine, causing “significant destruction” to infrastructure.
United Nations has received “increasing information” corroborating the existence of mass graves in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol, and it has been able to get “satellite information” on one such grave, estimates around 200 people.
“The public and individual experts are wondering what we are doing in the area of ​​the blockaded Ukrainian cities,” Rudskoy said. “These actions are carried out with the aim of causing such damage to military infrastructure, equipment, personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the results of which allow us not only to tie down their forces and prevent them from strengthening their grouping in the Donbas, but also will not allow them to do this until the Russian army completely liberates the territories of the DPR and LPR.”
French President Emmanuel Macron will speak with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to discuss the terms and conditions of an “exceptional humanitarian operation” to evacuate civilians in Mariupol. if allowed france greece and turkey will evacute thsoe citzens.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia has lost more than 16,000 troops so far. 
 refugees hoping to settle in the UK say they are facing a host of obstacles in the process.
senior adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of Defense told CNN the notorious Russian private military group Wagner was involved in an alleged assassination plot against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.
Gen. Glen VanHerck told a Senate hearing that “the largest portion of the GRU members in the world is in Mexico right now, those are Russian intelligence personnel and they keep an eye very closely on their opportunities to have an influence on US opportunities and access.”
Nadya Tolokonnikova, a member of the Russian punk band and activist group Pussy Riot, expressed her support for Ukraine on Friday, telling CNN she was terrified for her loved ones’ safety. In 2012, Tolokonnikova and another Pussy Riot member were imprisoned in Russia for two years after they performed an anti-Putin protest song called “Punk Prayer” in a Moscow cathedral.

Nadya Tolokonnikova, a member of the Russian punk band spoke with CNN recently. (CNN)

russia loots the lab used for testing at chernobyle [this will be for transport an storage fo the rods hes giving he gonna give all the dictators, earlier the raditiopon detectors at chernobyle were turned off]
“state-of-the-art laboratory’s role was to provide detailed scientific analysis of every stage of radioactive waste processing. This was achieved with 100 advanced pieces of equipment that the agency describes as having no counterparts in Europe.
analytical capabilities, can provide services at any stage of RAV handling, from air conditioning to burial, as well as at the research and development stage of technology.
“The laboratory was based on highly active samples and samples of radionuclides, which are in the hands of the enemy today, hoping it will harm himself, not the civilised world. The Russians who captured the site last month kept workers there for weeks before allowing some to be released.
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi said yesterday, 23 March, that the IAEA stands ready to send experts and equipment to Ukraine to help ensure the safety and security of its nuclear facilities and prevent the risk of a severe accident that could threaten both people and the environment. Ukraine’s 15 reactors, located at four sites, the regulator said eight were continuing to operate, including two at the Russian-controlled Zaporozhye NPP, three at Rovno, one at Khmelnitsky, and two at South Ukraine. Personnel at the four operating plants were rotating in eight-hour shifts, also at the Zaporozhye. A research reactor in the capital Kyiv was in a safe shutdown state
Looting in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone existed almost from the first day of the appearance of the Zone itself and, in one form or another, continues to this day.  The plunder of the Zone can be divided into two waves – the first wave was in the late eighties, when looters dragged household appliances, furniture, carpets, and everything else from Pripyat more or less valuable…All valuable things more or less were taken to the Rainbow store (for further use for the needs of the Zone)…The second wave began around the middle of the nineties and was actively developing in the two thousandths – after Pripyat was finally abandoned and many research projects that were based on the city’s infrastructure were closed.  Those few household items that were in Pripyat at that time were already obsolete and did not represent any value.  The “second wave” came mainly to the city in search of metals...Most likely, the security at the checkpoint was bribed and pretended not to hear the sound of punchers and not to see trucks driving through the checkpoint loaded with aluminum…The main problem of the illegal export of things, equipment and materials from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is that radioactive objects and materials fall into uncontrolled circulation.  The tile from Pripyat now lies at someone’s house, the re-melted irradiated metal continues to “shine” in new details, and people continue to breathe radioactive dust from old radio sets.
Five Western scientists have written a letter that calls on US policymakers and the rest of the scientific community to “avoid shunning all Russian scientists” in response to the invasion of Ukraine...“Shutting down all interaction with Russian scientists would be a serious setback to a variety of Western and global interests and values, which include making rapid progress on global challenges related to science and technology, maintaining nonideological lines of communication across national boundaries, and opposing ideological stereotyping and indiscriminate persecution,”

belarus is premptive about joining in russias war in ukraine 😦
“Belarusian opposition source said that Belarusian combat units are ready to go into Ukraine as soon as in the next few days, with thousands of forces prepared to deploy. In this source’s view, this would have less of an impact militarily than it will geopolitically, given the implications of another country joining the war…Russia has launched its attack on Ukraine in part from Belarus’ territory, and thousands of Russian troops amassed in Belarus ahead of the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine last month, which the two countries had claimed was for training exercises.
It is not about what Alexander Lukashenko wants,” the official explained, referring to the self-proclaimed Belarusian President. “The question is: Does Putin want another unstable country in the region? Involvement would destabilize Belarus”, the official said.

omg, trans women are being denied refugee status labeled as men 😦 fuck you ukraine your no better than anyone else. 😦
“Ukrainian border guards undress you and touch you everywhere,” Judis says. “You can see on their faces they’re wondering ‘what are you?’ like you’re some kind of animal or something.”Judis is a transgender woman whose birth certificate defines her as female.Legally, there is no reason why she should not be allowed to pass with the thousands of women who are crossing Ukrainian borders to safety every day.Yet, on 12 March at about 4am, after a long and humiliating search, border guards determined she was a man and prevented her passage into Poland.it is estimated that hundreds of Ukrainian trans people have attempted to cross the border… despite their legal status as women, dozens have been mistreated and pushed back at the borders, with many fearing for their lives in the event that Russia’s transphobic regime takes over.
“Faámelu, who is transgender, said that transphobia is pervasive in the city and neighboring countriesThis is not a very rainbow-friendly place. … Lives for trans people are very bleak here,” Faámelu said. “If you have a male gender in your passport, they will not let you go abroad. They will not let you through.”
transphobia and discriminatory laws keeping her hostage in Kyiv
march 2020 tattler became first russian magazine to have a trans woman on the cover
meanwhile a sellout trans man gets away with it by being girly
The House of Bishops voted unanimously to issue statements condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and political actions targeting transgender people at its March 15-21 meeting.
3/22 While Russia wages a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. Army is putting its soldiers through training on gender pronouns and coaching officers on when to offer soldiers gender transition surgery
2/22 russia demands liquidation of lgbt center
10/21 Russian President Vladimir Putin called the movement for transgender acceptance “a crime against humanity” in a Thursday speech he said that to have children “taught that a boy can become a girl and vice versa” is “on the verge of a crime against humanity,” The Washington Post reports. He claimed supporters of transgender rights are pushing for an end to “basic things such as mother, father, family or gender differences.”
11/21 trans woman runs for russian parliament
bill issued that bars trans women from identity in russia back in october 2020 😦
^bill was repealed! nov
tokyo olympics sparked rife anti trans commentary on russian televison
President Vladimir Putin said Thursday [dec 21] he hoped Russian society was protected against the influence of gender-fluid “obscurantism” and compared cancel culture to the coronavirus.
In 2013, Russia introduced a law banning homosexual “propaganda” aimed at minors, which served as a pretext for banning Pride marches and the display of the rainbow flags that are a symbol of the community.Russia has also banned adoptions by gay parents.In 2020, the Russian constitution was amended to specify that marriage is a union between a man and a woman in a move that effectively banned gay marriage
8/20 high school student discovered a decapitated and dismembered body in a swimming hole on the Mga River just outside St. Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city. Using the serial numbers of Irish-made breast implants found on the body, police identified the victim as 23-year-old Jamshid Hatamjonov, a transgender sex worker from Uzbekistan who preferred the name Tamara. She had disappeared in St. Petersburg five months earlier, on the night of January 12-13. Last week, a court sanctioned the arrest of 53-year-old actor and theater producer Yury Yanovsky in connection with the case. Investigators allege that Yanovsky was Hatamjonov’s last client and that he killed her in a St. Petersburg hotel using a knife and a saw.“For them, the state is a greater threat than even the most insane client,”
n a victory for a transgender parent’s right to maintain contact with her children, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on July 6 that Russia’s denial of her visitation violated her rights to family life and freedom from discrimination.
2019 russian court decides in favor of trans woman denied employment! The employer claimed she was dismissed because she was in a job that by law can be performed by men only.A Russian government resolution, adopted in 2000, bans women from working in more than 35 industries. More than 450 specific jobs are deemed ‘dangerous’ or ‘arduous’ for women.
2019 the nightmare for M. — a trans man — began. For more than two years, the Russian republic of Chechnya has been rounding up gay and bisexual men, torturing them, forcing them to give up the names of other men, and killing them — or ordering their families to — as it launched a brutal anti-LGBTQ campaign. At least 150 people have fled the region. M. knew now it was not just gay men being targeted but trans people and queer women as well.
trans women cant even drive in russia for the past 7 yrs
trans woman and her gay freind flee russia to join isis o.O
2013 top russian lawyer comes out as trans in protest of anti lgbt laws
The ‘Cavalry Maiden’, ‘hero of the Patriotic War of 1812’, the ‘Russian Amazonian’ and the first female officer in Russia. This is how Nadezhda Durova – or to be more precise, Alexander Alexandrov, as she was called in the army and in everyday life – is known in Russia.

^images are not of ukraine , but of what white phosphorus rounds do to human beings, as seen other wars. you are about to learn a very hard lesson in human decency or lack thereof..
“White phosphorus burns at a temperature of up to 2,760 degrees Celsius (5,000 degrees Fahrenheit).”
the toxic properties of white phosphorus are specifically intended to be used as a weapon, that, of course, is prohibited, because the way the convention is structured or applied, any chemicals used against humans or animals that cause harm or death through the toxic properties of the chemical are considered chemical weapons.
In 1669, a German merchant and alchemist, Hennig Brand (1630–1692) who was intent on searching for the “Philosopher’s stone”, a legendary object that could turn base metals into gold, was unintentionally preparing white phosphorus [1, 2]. Brand prepared a mixture of dried urine and sand by means of boiling [1, 2]. As a result, the vapors created were passed through water causing the white  phosphorus to become a soft, waxy, white solid material [1, 2]. Hence the new element was named, phosphorus deriving from the Greek word phosphoros (Φωσφόρος) meaning (light bringer or bearer)
Highly fat soluble, white phosphorus absorption results in necrosis of the liver or kidney [4, 14]. Although not evident in our case, white phosphorus can produce serious physiological alterations including hypocalcemia, hyperphosphatemia with calcium-phosphate shifts, as soon as 1 h after the burn is sustained
Burns from white phosphorus are reported be intensely painful and are akin to those from hydrofluoric acid. Irrigation with cool, as opposed to warm, water is necessary [4, 9]. However, aggressive irrigation with copious amounts of water may result in adverse effects with phosphorus particles transported to uninvolved areas of the skin and reignite when exposed to the air.

holocoast survivor dies after shelling in ukrain at 96
Ukrainian official has accused Russia of using banned phosphorus munitions in the besieged southeastern town of Kramatorsk.“You will burn the way this phosphorus burns,” police chief Oleksiy Bilochitsky said…
Ukrainian Sappers has said that at least 82,525 square kilometers (31,863 square miles) of Ukraine’s land area now contains explosive devices.That amounts to an area bigger than Austria.
Demonstrators in London have beamed the colours of the Ukrainian flag onto the front of the Russian embassy in protest against the killing of journalists reporting on the war in Ukraine.
Ukrainian news outlet, is reporting air raid sirens “in almost every region” of the country. Putin has flown over 300 sortes in the past 24 hrs without sky domination.
4,431 residential buildings destroyed, damaged in war.
Ukraine’s military says Russian forces now hold the land corridor with occupied Crimea and are blocking access to the Sea of Azov.
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has posted a video on his Telegram page that purported to show the arrival of Chechen fighters in the encircled Ukrainian city of Mariupol. “They directly started the assault on the town, liberating district by district.“We will completely liberate Mariupol from Ukrainian nationalists and Banderites [followers of a nationalist movement] shortly,” it added.
US president has described India as an exception among Washington’s allies with its “shaky” response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
“They are also suggesting that Ukraine has biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine. That’s a clear sign he’s [Putin]considering using both of those.”
“The magnitude of Russia’s cyber capacity is fairly consequential, and it’s coming,” Biden said.
Biden and other top officials from his administration have met with 16 CEOs of major companies to discuss dealing with the economic effects of the war in Ukraine, the White House has said.
groups of residents have staged regular rallies in the centre of Kherson, protesting against the occupation and showing their support for the government in Kyiv by waving Ukrainian flags. “Russian security forces ran up, started throwing stun grenades into the crowd and shooting,”

watch purchased to support Mike, he has many others but this one seems relevant somehow.

Hello, Jayla!
Thank you for your purchase it’s a good support for me at this dark time.
I have a good news. In my city, post offices have resumed their work. The watchmakers I work with also come to work. This means that I will send you your watch in due time.
As for me, I’m perfectly fine. I’m glad I can sell vintage watches again, but I’ve also started learning a new craft – barbering.
Regarding the move to my girlfriend, at the moment it is impossible, since in Ukraine President Zelensky decreed that men aged 18 to 60 not leave.
Of course, I miss my beloved, but I try not to despair too much, because thank God in my city it is quiet and peaceful. I believe that soon we will win this war.
Thanks for your support, it’s appreciated.

Best regards, Mike

“Russia has urged Ukrainian forces in the port city of Mariupol to lay down their arms and surrender in exchange for safe passage out of town, but officials in Kyiv immediately rejected the offer as out of the question…Mariupol has suffered some of the heaviest bombardments since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. Many of the city’s 400,000 people are trapped, with little food, water and power, while city officials say at least 2,300 people have died, some buried in mass graves…Moscow’s call for surrender came hours after Ukrainian authorities said the Russian military bombed an art school in Mariupol that was sheltering hundreds of people. 😦
“a Russian shell struck a chemical plant outside the city of Sumy early Monday morning, causing a leak in a 50-ton tank of ammonia that took hours to contain…new 24hr curfew for KYIV, “Authorities say anyone seen on the streets (without a special pass or not making their way to a shelter) will be considered an enemy,” he added…Ukraine has managed to rotate staff working at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant for the first time since Russia seized it…leaders of the United States, France, Germany, Italy and Britain are scheduled to participate in a call Monday to discuss what the White House called “their coordinated responses to Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified attack on Ukraine.”…Video released by Ukraine’s State Emergency Service Sunday showed a large blast in the Kyiv suburbs followed by firefighters scrambling to rescue people stranded beneath the rubble…U.N. says 10 million people are now displaced both in and out of Ukraine.”

“damned if you do damned if you dont”

russia strikes munitions warehouse in ukraine using the first ever hypersonic missile o.O “5xs the speed of sound highly maneuverable, can hit a target up to 2,000km (1,240 miles) away and can fly faster than 6,000 km/h. “The Russian leader unveiled the Kinzhal four years ago as one of a series of “invincible” weapons that he said would evade enemy defences. The other hypersonic missiles are the Zirkon and the Avangard, which is both faster and has a far greater range. The Kinzhal can carry a nuclear warhead as well as a conventional one and recent reports said MiG-31 fighters had been sent to Kaliningrad, bringing numerous European capitals within reach. There is no indication from where the attack on the arms depot was launched.”
russian astronauts wear Ukrainian colors on the space station ❤
moscow continues arrests of thousands of russians for protesting
36 hr curfew added to KYIV
Artem datshen dies, ballet star from Ukraine
Ukrainian forces kill 5th Russian general
Biden refuses to send jets to Ukraine 😦 your in ww3 already dude
“ww3 may have already started”-zalenski in responce to biden

federal tip line


russia aquires Metrepol’ Mayor.
Kharkiv in ruins.


reports that some ukrainians are starting to fight over supplies like food 😦
the US approves 1.5trillion spending bill in support of Ukraine ❤
we also ban russian oil
Japan exhibits painitngs done by Ukraian kids 😦
“studying the history and the present of the formation of Japanese
collections in Ukraine not only represents an interest in understanding the
general picture of the development of Ukrainian culture,”
Putin welcomes fighters from the middle east to join in Ukraine o.O

one of the many casualties;
the maker of Super Everdrive is located in Ukraine and has shut down his business due to the war.
they will auction off whats left on ebay this week
“Meanwhile, Belarusians living in Ukraine’s capital have reportedly created a separate battalion named after 19th-century revolutionary Kastus Kalinouski to defend Kyiv.
a children’s hospital in the besieged city of Mariupol was destroyed by Russian air raids.”
 renewed concerns over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after Ukraine’s State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate warned that the facility had lost power. The plant is currently under Russian control and employees are unable to access it and restore power. According to Kuleba, the generators only have enough diesel to power the plant for 48 hours, at which point a leak will become “imminent”.
Endurance was found in the arctic..1905 [this is one of the things sarah said were scheduled not found they lways knew it was there, it was a way for her group to talk to others about a triggered timeline of abduction for me. just like the items dad keeps bringing home. the 24/7 cigs are a signal for the fraction stealing trash. th brass windchime and yellow curtains is a signal for the fake protestor guy somehow, whose working with land of illusions and hellfyre tech crew an ritans houseboy, to develop a show that frames me as a monster of some sort. i intererupted their filming by talking to the bounty hunter at wallmart the first run thru they did, lol. sigh, endurance is the national if not international turn on of buttons having to do with transport of bodies to the arctic. these include a fresh catcvh of pedophiles and.. The Lamb.me o.O
on womens day the fake caseworker illegally ordered me a phone to get me to go to columbus an im not to go on any roadtrips without gun im told- im about to be abducted as a citizen by the United States Government. locked in the arctic in a coffin as if i were a pedo caryring out a hit from an anti lgbt bigot named larry sims who couldnt accept his gay son or his own role in their suicide in the 20s :/ because america is evil apparently? OK- so, history isnt so black and white, my Goid is interjecting. that speech which spurred all this contained alot of information, which is why it wont be found on NPR but youll remeber it; same as they did trump sayn “hed run as a republican cause their stupid” in the 90s during the election. America has been exporting organs stolen from the poor and political targets here in a local “bermudah triangle of missing persons cases” for 20+ yrs- if not longer. cincinnati is tip of an inverted pentagram on a map, washington DC is anouther, an if you googled sonya belmont, that cosplayer is envolved an would give you a rough idea of a 3rd in canada; this is a secret society of satanists called hellfyre club that has existed in our sociopolitical culture of the west ,since they first started misussing confessionarys in the roman catholic church of ireland (1700s) to effect a form of social controle now known as Illuminati. somone has to fight you, your evil, their evil, 2 bullies are about to beat the hell out of each other or start a cold war that fuels advancements in solar with development of a defencive laser system. ive known what your doing, for a long time, i know about the framing and the the 50k hit put on me by trump.
i myself am a trigger of the end of your world, you are deciding your fate thru your treatment of me. so i used the rootkit program i was told not to, that started a neighborhood blackout like i was told it would, which cued the endurance post, which was a cue to start moving members of their group to abduct and bring in their catch, womens day phone from fake casewoker was a cue to get me on my way to columbus, im not to make any roadtrips without a gun im told. did speak to hellfyre thru freind finder which they own along with reddit even developing the ruby on rails program for fetlife and not least mychart and many vehicles used by clubs across the nation as this is a bunch of event coordinators abducting citizens for illegal business reasons. im also hacked an prevented from contacting certain offices and people so believe in our nations corruption. cant leave a message but i left a opinion on the Russian Federations site that will be seen, asking for audience with Vladamire Putin- while giving him that pentagram as a target. this is a souless business that you wont stop on your own, this is the behavior God wants erradicated from the face of Gaia, this Apathy to your fellow humans and animals, we want to see Love. heres your incintive: im protected by Death for Raphael, theres something im supposed to be doing to guide you to a place your able to lead in the future. if endurance doesnt leave port without me, you all are sooooo fucked.

“You sit collapsed as an empty mind
Last sparks dissolved until your last breath
And the droning sound of tallow
Replaces pulse with ink
It is lonely here
Living in the hazy moment
Between the alarm and the awakening
Where the dream precipitates
Madness as its encore
You are only half there
The other half erased
And brushed from the paper
By the same hand that
Fingers your id like a fresh scab
Until you bleed a river of ridiculous
I see now it’s not division, but subtraction
You peddle your pieces
To a man called compromise
For a place in the greater scheme
Until the only thing left standing
Is the place where you once stood
You have just reduced yourself from static
To dead – air – tonight

Or it could be the other way
Take the wire to the other side
Of this metal sky
And you will see
These stars are just projections
This is not real
Which means their thunder is merely a threat
Do you want to know the truth?
They need you
They are mechanical, maniacal, derived
You couldn’t drown in their gene pool if you tried
But they’re all made up in brilliant disguise
Selling the very thing they most want
But cannot possess – You
And magic is the key to their success
A simple sleight-of-hand steals your autonomy
Leaving you believing you are in control
Tell me, do you trust your judgement? (laughs)
My friend, your id’s been tripped
Welcome to Metropolis”

Ukrainian troops stall russian troop advancement.
World Bank gives Ukrain 350million ❤
Human Rights Watch files agaisnt Russia over civilians after russia attempts a treaty over 5 cities to let civilians flee.
Brittney Griner an american athlete arrested in Russia over drugs.
Japan finally files anctions against Belarus and Russia, with the rest of the world.
Ukrainian president Zulenski warns,”Everyone thinks that we are far away from America or Canada,” he said. “No, we are in this zone of freedom. And when the limits of rights and freedoms are being violated and stepped on, then you have to protect us. Because we will come first. You will come second. Because the more this beast will eat, he wants more, more, and more.”


1.2 millilion refugees 😦

the letter Z marks diffrence in munitions between russian and ukrainian forces, while being aquired for pro-war propaganda
zhytomyr oil rig inflames after russian attack

Thank God everything is fine with me and my family.
Yana left Ukraine.
I have added digital items to my store. I will be very happy and thankful if you buy one of them. This will be a good support for me and for the army of Ukraine, because I will give 50% of the payments to volunteer organizations.
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3/3/2022 (my birthday)
russia seizes secound power plant, Zaporizhia, after shelling sets it aflame. largest power plant in europe.

Odessa in southern ukraine braces, their opera house surrounded by sandbags.

russia and Ukraine are in ceasefire talks.
END OF CORRESPONDENCE ill leave it up for those i sent it to, to read it, edited parts of this post in semi-compliance, out of fear of what russia might do with it.

“Jayla, I’m asking you to delete all information about me from your blog, I’m sorry. (Under all the information, I’ll make the whole article clear in full, and don’t expose anything else about me) I don’t think it was the right decision to agree to the publication of such information. I do not know how this may turn out for me in the future, so for now.– mike

Now my girlfriend is in the same city with me, but she is with her parents.
Jayla, some of the information you posted is incorrect:(
My whole family is from the Luhansk region. Not only father. Now it is an occupied territory, but we left it when it was not yet proclaimed as the “Luhansk People’s Republic”
The photos that I attached, thank God, were taken not in my city, but in other cities of Ukraine where there are fights now.
The planned wedding date is not correct. The correct scheduled date is ??/??/????.
I put it wrong about Russia. There are no battles in Russia itself, Ukraine is not attacking and is not going to do it on the territory of the Russian Federation. I meant that Russia started riots on the territory of Ukraine.
My first and last name in English is spelled correctly as ????????. (??????? in Ukraine is like Michael in US)
If you need any clarifying information from me, ask.
02.26.2022 the day passed without shelling in our city, but fierce fighting is still going on on the territory of Ukraine. Russian troops are trying to take over Kiev, but the Ukrainian army is fighting back. Many Russian soldiers taken prisoner claim that they did not know where they were going, because they were told that there would be military exercises.

“I was running away from the war in 2014, but it caught up with me in 2022..

“Hello! My name is ?????????, I am 21 years old. (??/??/2001) I was born in the city of Alchevsk, this is the Luhansk region. I was born first in a believing Protestant family. (My brother was born after me, and our sister was born after him) Until I was 13, I had an ordinary life, with childish joys and sometimes sadness.
But one beautiful summer morning, Dad at 5 a.m. heard and saw a military fighter flying over our house. Before that, he had been praying for some sign from God, whether it was worth leaving, and this was the very sign. My family of five quickly packed up their belongings, got in the car and left for the central Ukraine in the city of Kirovograd (now Kropyvnytskyi)
Leaving, there were already checkpoints of the occupiers on the way, where there were both adequate men and complete idiots who sent AK-47s to our car without protection. But thank God, we arrived in perfect order.
For people from my new class at school, it was a bit wild that refugees from the Luhansk region had arrived. There is nothing wrong with that, because before that they had only heard about the war on TV.
By the way, after leaving Alchevsk in a couple of days, he[dad] became part of the LPR (Luhansk People’s Republic).
In April 2015, my parents decided to go to Poland as refugees. (Before leaving, Dad sold the family car)
Already on April 28, we were on the territory of Poland. At first we were in a refugee camp in the town of Biala Podlaska, but after ~two weeks, we went to live in Wroclaw. (Almost immediately, Dad bought a car)
I finished two months of the eighth grade in the most ordinary Polish gymnasium. It was strange for me that they were also studying for the first month of summer, because of this they were losing their vacation time. The summer holidays began, and it was great for me as a 14-year-old boy from Ukraine who was in a European city for the first time. We walked a lot, both in the city and on the local beach.
All this time we have been waiting for an approving letter about the official refugee status for our family.
Summer was already coming to an end. I had the 9th grade ahead of me, and my younger sister had the 4th, in Ukraine, after completing these classes, state exams are held. My parents were afraid to be refused refugee status in winter, because we would have to leave in the cold.
They decided to return to Ukraine, but already to the city of Cherkasy.
We left. (The car was sold before leaving)
Upon arrival, we stayed for several days with our friends who left with us at the same time from the Luhansk region. My parents were looking for an apartment, God Blessed a good option for an apartment in which we have been living for 7 years.
At school, I met my future wife, she was a grade smaller.
I will not describe in detail my life in Cherkasy, because it was normal and ordinary for a teenager.
On June 26, 2021, I proposed to my girlfriend, and the next day I received water baptism.
Preparations for the wedding have begun. The planned wedding date is 2.27.2022.
My girlfriend is studying at the university in Kiev, I’m in Cherkasy. She works in one of the Kiev McDonalds, I work selling vintage watches. Because of covid-19, she was often transferred to work in Cherkasy, but then there was a chance that she would start full-time studies and she was transferred back. (This information is for you to navigate further events)
February 24, 2022. 6 am.
My phone rings- it’s ???.
A frightened, trembling voice sounds on the phone “Just now, there were two explosions.”
We both understand what this is because the situation has been tense in recent days.
Russia has started a war against my peaceful, sovereign country – Ukraine.
Russia claims that this is a special military operation to demilitarize Ukraine, because it poses a threat to them.
But that’s a lie.
Russia has attacked almost all airfields of our country with missiles.
Russia attacked military depots.
(It is also recorded that the missile launches were made from Belarus) Simultaneously with all this, the Russian occupiers are engaged in fierce battles to seize Ukrainian territories.
Russia has started a complete mess.
There’s shooting at civilians. Rockets arrive at hospitals, kindergartens and residential buildings.
Yesterday at ~20:00 an air alert sounded in my city and we had to go to a bomb shelter.
Ukrainian air defenses repelled all missile attacks aimed at our airport.
We returned home.
In conclusion,
I would like to say that we know that adequate Russian people do not want war. We don’t want war. Russian people should take to the streets and shout about it. Yes, you will be arrested, but as a result they will run out of strength, they will run out of human resources, there will be more of you!
Glory to Ukraine!
Glory to the heroes!
Thanks God!
Let Him save every soldier, let the bloodshed end.

P.S. I attached several photos of the consequences after the Russian shelling of “military facilities”.

adorable couple 🙂
are you together now or still seperated?
i started documenting our correspondence on a blog.
im noone but ill try to get your voice to somone with more reach with it.
is there any other identification your willing to share such as last name an age?
regardless, what would you like to say without knowing which american reads the blog?
i will post your words with your picture an short bio and tell your story, ill try to give you a point of contact with our nation besides just me a citizen.
ill build the page an email it to places.
if you have your own blog or anything youd like to share ill add links to anything you have and stay in contact with you while this happens.
its scary and im going to try to help.
know that the world is outraged at putins actions.
1700 russians citizens were arrested in moscow yesterday, today prominent members of russian society joined them.
other nations are demanding an imediat end.
russia has sanctions agaisnt it globally which will cripple its economy.
like australia has your back sanction wise, how cool is that 🙂
in america there is bipartisan support for war against russia on your countrys behalf.
i have no authority or position but will stay with you so your not alone.
im also under attack though an i dont know who im going to talk to or if theyll listen to me. but ill forward this to the CIA or somehting, maybe they wanna talk to you 🙂

????? and ????? (edited upon request for safety)

“her name is ???? and this was our last photo together.”- mike
“whats her name Mike?”-me

“thank you very much, best regards”- mike
“may angels protect you and yours”- me

“your english is just fine Sir.
you are doing very well learning our cool english 🙂
it is a hard language to grasp i hear because all of our words can have multiple meanings.
like “couldn’t tell which witch is which?” was a childhood thing they taught us
all 3 sound the same, but have diffrent meanings.
which- is used as “asking for information- which one is it”
witch- is a female who practices magic in storys
which- used the last time is being used to define which one

i like this girl, shes one of my favorite singers, shes haunted but beautifull
im here when you need someone to talk too, Mike.”- me

russia aquires Chernoble. “A picture taken on April 13, 2021 shows the giant protective dome built over the sarcophagus covering the destroyed fourth reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

“Jayla, sorry about this question but it’s interesting for me, how old are you?
I’m 21 :)”- mike
“40 sir, im so sorry.”- me
“Hah, it’s interesting for me because you have cool written English.
I have a bad English, sorry, but for me interesting to chat with you.” mike

russia invades ukraine

“go fuck yourself russian warship”- ukranian responce to attack of Snake Island.

“Thank you for your purchase, at that time it was a miracle for me.
A lot of time has passed since the purchase of this strange device, and I wonder if you managed to use it for its intended purpose?
I woke up today at 6am because of I had a phone call from my future wife she is in Kyiv now, and she said “I’m heard 3 times “boom” just now”
It was a bad news in the morning.

In next time a lot of ukrainian cities heard “boom” near there. I live in Cherkasy it’s 180 km to Kiev there is a military base 20 kilometers from my city, and it was shelled..
In my city Thanks God, nothing wasn’t happen.
Now there are battles on the borders of Ukraine and the self-proclaimed republics of the LPR and DPR, as well as from the Crimea.”- 21 yr old in Ukraine
[Mike, for anonymity in fear of russia] runs a etsy shop ??????????????, id bought a unique electrolysis machine from him yrs ago.

Machine ordered July 1st 2020


“we fear noone” ukranians fly flags in opposition

russia mounts its troops on the border

i gave a statehouse speech in ohio that changed the course of history. we deregulated the hardest state to work in for any hair feild, im there for the electrology added in with hair braiding. hair dyeing an all sorts of other hair feilds feilds beyound the scope of the intial Barbering Bill. as a democrat i helped republicans separate democrats from funders that overegulated those feilds. we also uncovered a bunch of other bad stuff going on- at equal to greater value than the forced resignation of our Speaker of the House over a nuclear buyout in Cleveland OH at the time.
one repurcussion i didnt think of was the international reach of that NPR broadcast. im told it went over swimmingly in europe. the US, not so much,various fractions in the US are angry with me dropping their business out like that as well. i fear russia took it as a call to war.
in that speech we described a weapon system needed for the earth to defend ourselves, currently being built off nuclear, solar and many other forms of powerplants working in unision, exchanging plasma from the ground to the strtosphere, while guised as satellites.
would he have realized the rods in chernoble still held power eventually , yes. would he have invaded Ukraine for its nuclear resources eventually, yes.
yet im the one who told him 😦 im so sorry.

global conflict tracker keeps you up to date on everything.
lpr, dpr, and crimea are organizations that pulled away from the ukrain, russian apologists 😦
heres ways to finacially help those assisting in Ukraine
imigration steps
the Ukrainian people are valid.

Castlevannila; a white picket fence and a dungeon in the basement, focus on trans-feminism in gaming

*work in progress*

In memorial to Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was assassinated July 8th 2022 😦
His signature “Abenomics” policy, which sought to lift the world’s third-biggest economy out of decades of stagnation, attracted more international attention than is usually reserved for Japanese leaders. On the foreign policy front, his support for a more prominent role for Japan’s military to counter growing threats from North Korea and a more assertive China won praise.

there are so many stars dieng that deserve a place in this game even if its just a cameo appearance in a random room (id like to see this envolve way more characters) in so saying ill start a list towards bottom but start here with Nichelle Nicols who played Lt Uhura on star treck

Castlevania, was one of my favorite games as a child; love for all the major monsters prolly spilled over from my mother letting us stay up late to watch black and white movies on saturday or friday whenever it was with the ghoul or elvia, crypt, twilight etc.
im also a trans girl. who went thru conversion efforts denied my true self as a child, so games and media in general became a way to live vicariously in my head. think always playing Chun-Li in street fighter, Peach from mario, or maintaining my excursion group fem populated in final fantasy.
though i feel the game castlevania takes a certain precedence, and was inspired by angels to retell a basic sence of duty in a familiar ethos of right vs wrong, and plan to keep a level of chivalry added into my feminism.
for context as to why castlevania and transitional feminimity belong together; at one point in the past i had a great vintage game collection that was stolen by a “friend” back in my “parttime” days as a teenage trans girl. swore off games forever knowing theres more important things going on an devoted myself to fixing society. anyhoo, so now ive started rebuilding off castlevania, to walk myself thru time, back out of the hole i was put in by my abusers. the goal was to do this as a relaxation hobby at the same time i studied housewifery with a perfect BF/GF an in a dream world ill never know prolly. so ive started playing again this winter for first time in yrs, and ill incorporate the feminism found from the housewife books (think buying power) in an among the female representation within these games. slowly the main characters will turn to female as we come to modern day playing across vintage systems. befor any arguments this is an overcompensatory part of my own social transition as a trans woman denied assistance from a mother or peers to emulate in a timely manor. I did have help from the women of Wikipedia and Fandom, who have done alot of research in this area for me as i start this attempt at socializing female via study of media miss/representation. i need prayers an luck as everything is against me; all scared anxiec alone and destroyed yet again trying to heal from another broken heart (still love you Sarah an hope your ok).

taking the liberty of self-defining castlevania-esque games to category of “jump whip shoot”. while missing all those componenets it can still be argued that Adventure on Atari was first gender neutral video game character (colored squares), the dragons loosely resemble those double heads found in castlevania and mixed with return to oz mirror dragon scene, still scare me to this day. Super Mario being the first “jump” with Princess Peach Toadstool playable in two (and her own solo game Super Princess peach!) also portrayed beautifully by Ceciley Jenkins and survived not only thru mario lineage but her own fanmod games. Metroid being the first “jump shoot”, castlevania was the first to add short range melle. while metroid may hold title of first trans-female character with Samus and attributed to the sidescrolling genre weve termed Metroid-Vania, merely deserves honorable mention as this is sort of a case study of how it came about and therefor how we got here.

* currently the following playable list is in order of its games timeframe, not its release yr, this may change when i run thru production*
* focusing on the female characters not necessarily the main character.
* i would love to one day influence the build of an amalgram game using only the fem characters 🙂 if anyone knows an ethical game designer who’d want to work with me? initially this is a collection of the characters and ill elaborate a general potential cannonesque’ storyline that could be used… initial opening stage you meet an immortal Bat, who taunts and dives to rush you inside the castles doors where it keeps you (it attacks on balconys rooftops and whever theres an open window) untile youve saved Deaths Dragon, who has Dysphoria and claims to be a bird, “but your a dragon” ,”no im a bird” storyline would have an activist component; let terf and trans discussion happen politiely (Carmilla can be a countess trying too lock trans girls in boxes alive) as one girl is loading hearts in all the candles as she goes thru, to hide them from Bathory. then here are the middle grounds… because someones a witch they save the dragon from dracula an let the dragon be a bird and thats Marias dove. Death as final character, dracula (or simon) nothing but a side note the whole time (treated the same as they did the lost wives of main characters in the offical games) with more of an understanding between Angel and human than a final fight (but have one, dont loose any of the action). Death as female identified, rib number between that of atypical male or female (half and half), as she explains evolution and how shes been building up characters to counter evil inclination personified by dracula; like how she raised you all the skeletons on level one to help you learn to fight (same as shes done for other heros, using the corpses of dead heros). instead of a peacefull marriage “peace comes to translyvania” ending scene, both trans women and cis women are going off to fight patriarchy (i mean dracula) together…

sprinkle Nancy Drew on everything with the Girlscout field manual. all the worlds religions have common overlapping storylines that happen to various characters in those books that instill ethic; combine the red/green/yellow/etc letter as a core ethos for storyline and personal development for each character in our game. it is your children who will be playing this game, your training and exsposing them to various technical skills from knitting to audio, using augmented reality.
we could use the “weird book generator” to re-invent or inspire various storylines for each character so each has their own unique steampunk -1920s type adventure 🙂

BLOOM is a randomized text generator that would give a unique experience to each character
a castle in london planted the mote with red poppy back in 1994 to commemorate WW1
theyve let it go to wildflower superbloom in 2022 to celebrate natures pollinators and combat global warming
but watch out for LaMDA waking up, lol
a focus on a characters elegance, her poise and deportment (the training we didnt get)
for costume design lets be as historic as possible, Bernadette has been making period pieces her whole life an can tell you what and where, based on age of individual characters story. other women who are helping are the WikiVictorin, Catherion Curzon,
once a level is completed let the player rearrange the castle in a Minecraft way. this snapshot app would allow players to personalize their castles using everyday objects, which can then be incorporated with Geo-caching at museums to gain that unique sword display or cool plate set..
initially being all female casted, the game would later bring the guys back in through another port overlayed on the castle, with Hardey Boys and the Boyscout feild manual. the castle itself is the military survival guide then overlayed with gender; so both releases have the same core that diversifies through character rotation and recombines. to help us raise our children with ethic.

after you save “birdie” an leave the main castle to explore the countryside, you will encounter the mansions in castlevania 2
1- Berkley which is Berkley Castle, place where king edward the second was murdered.
2- Rover
3- Brahm’s
4- Bodley
5- Laruba

1094 Castlevania Lament of Innocence– mentions Elisabetha Cronqvist, draculas lost love. we meet Sarah Trantoul who was killed by her beloved leon on her own request after being vamped, whose energy created the sacred whip Vampire Slayer- which we can follow thru games, has variants of fire, ice, and poison. enemies we face Medusa and the Succumbus, while Frost Elemental could be precursor to Syphas’ powers as that and the other elementals match her spellcastes in C3 dracs curse.
Castlevania Lament of Innocence 2D– fan game version in ps1 style grafix!
Leons Quest– fan game in 2d^
Lament of Sorrow- unfinished fan game, mixing castlevania and devilMayCry, main is Alucard

1450 Castlevania Legends– while the first belmont its actually the 14th game released, befor we get a female solo main character named Sonia Belmont who with alucard beget the Belmont family line of vampire hunters. 🙂 Medusa as a mainstay, we get a cool new Ghost and we will claim the Death Dragon.
they removed the entire legends game from the storyline because a strong female rolemodel conflicted with some other timeline, im arguing she belongs; you follow the female in genetics an thus when doing a geneology (male family last names are just that in name only), her game was released first, it fits my own deffintion of what castlevania is. in so saying it is alot more probable that patriarchy couldnt handle having a female lead the family line and invented an entire new storyline to erase her :/
*encorporate the hydrocycle, known as the water velocipede in the 1870’s when you meet the “meermen”
gameboy player– is a hardware adapter that allowes you to play gameboy/gameboy color/gameboy advance games on the Gamecube- while there is no castlevania game on gamecube itself there is Pandoras Tower ,which fits the criterion and even has a chain weapon with a focus on love..

1476 Castlevania III Draculas curse– the first playable trans-female character in the series is Sypha Belnades, simons mother, who disguises herself as a monk in a blue robe to evade being killed as a witch. she has a doppleganger Sypha who must be defeated. at the end she unveils herself and falls in love with trevor. arguments of “retconning” the original tellings of the storys is tantamount to burning books- i offer this page as a feminist trying to hold onto history. as the third NES game in the series, we are expanding skeletons and animal characters to the likes of Ravens and Owles. im also going to claim Slime as pre-Larvae, and befor you get mad an quit Death herself 😛 have to of been born to die, i dont know a more gender neutral character.
* for those that care, it is rumored to have a black seal canadian release.. 1986-1989 was black seal, 89+ was gold, castlevania 3 was released in 1989, but the canadian market didnt switch over until the next yr.
* the famicon version of 3 used a VRC6 chip that allowed 8 channels over the 5 channels the NES version used for sound in the japaneese version of dracula dujentsu
^music chip history of cartridge based games, “The 8 and 16-bit eras introduced more advanced programmable sound generators (aka sound chips) capable of producing polyphonic digital music consisting of 4 or more sound channels.”
^how to solder your NES to read the famicon sound channels that were merely never hooked up, ha!
^even easier, buy a card and simply plug it in the extra port on the original NES’ bottom, the 2nd gen NES fixed it internally.
Castlevania Anniversary Collection– updated sprites and colors
Draculas’ Curse 2020– Ivan Ivanov fan remake
Castlevania Chronicles: Draculas’ Curse– fan game remake of c3 using SNES graphix ❤
Sawakos Curse– hack changes characters to K-ON! girls, story subweapons change
Castlevania: Cadence of Agony – fan game of Dracula’s Curse with new backgrounds, levels, sprites, and a Symphony of the Night era cast.
Castlevania III – Ressurection Hack– updates the sprites an graphics
Dos Yeam CS hack– fan made imediate sequal to C3 done in dawn of Sorrow using C3 Sypha ❤

3rd pic of julia the shop owner, beutifully done by Kylie ❤



Mage Pumpkin Queen


1479 Castlevania Curse of Darkness– mentions anouther lost love Rosaly who was burned at the stake blamed for witchcraft while healer of the church (which is why Sypha is disguised in C3). Julia Laforeze is the younger sister of your opponent and she sells potions at her shop. three female fae are also found Tiramisu, Tiara, and Comet Star; along with Twinkle Rod familiar. for feminit weapons we have a collection of alloys, witch stones and broaches 🙂

Mourning hair brooch, 1818. Victoria & Albert Museum;

seems to be a super fun focus on alchemy, though as far as foes, theres not much fem asides their use in evolved forms of familiars, standard animals and monsters; notable the Wolf at various levels- fitting in that this is one of the few games with open countryside exploration, while bats were noticeably missing (was only game without). the series needs more multiracial ethnicity encorporated, which starts to come thru the Netflix series with Isaac who could follow a john henry storyline around the clocktowers deconstruction…
Castlevania Curse of Darkness 2d -PS1 style fangame version!


1576 Castlevania the Adventure– originally on gameboy, we only have She-Worm/ Anthroverta ? im going out on a limb here and saying that half the bats and skeletons are also females.. and we will consider this thru-out the games for all animals.
Konami Gameboy Collection V1– redone adding color official GBC
Castlevania the Adventure DX– redone in color fan made
Castlevania Anniversary Collection– updated sprites and colors
Castlevania the Adventure Rebirth– redone with better graphix an new levels on the WII, adds the appearance of the Succumbus

1591 Castlevania 2 Belmonts Revenge– contains the first appearance of the Giant Spider, why insects are the only fem in these early GB carts could be reflective of the targetted advertisement of videogames in the 80s to boys not girls until the late 90s, not a limit on data as some have suggested. due to lack of female representation im contemplating considering the mer”men” and lizerd”men” to be on a beast level/halfF-halfM same as i do the bats, this is what being a girl is like in a mans world, jeesh :/
Konami Gameboy Collection V4– redone adding color
Castlevania Anniversary Collection– updated sprites and colors
RL serenade of chaos– fan game similare to zelda gameplay, continuing the storyline

1600‘s Castlevania Order of Shadows– 2 sisters Zoe Belmont and Doloris Belmont both hunt for clues while the main antagonist fights; Zoe brings him a gauntlet that allows alchemist abilties, while Deloris seeks the altar of the inner sanctom. the game has a much lighter art style that im in love with.
whip- leather, flame, vampire killer; you get a dove as a subeapon, how cool!<3
originally for the phone, so internet download and a emulator?
Soleiyus’ Legacy– fan game that takes place soemhwere between christopher>soleiya>desmond>simon

*fana art top L-R made by; Antone Pyers,??????????,and VisInfinita
*cosplay by CelestialShadow19 Sarah England Photography.
1666 Castlevania Resurrection– was a scrapped continuance of the Sonia Belmont (and her brother) storyline from Legends,for Dreamcaste, though there is a playable beta version! one boss medusa and couple levels to explore, seems ripe for a fan mod to finish her up? Storyline goes, “yrs later Sonia is resurrected from her own grave..” all we got to go on until someone does. 2000
Castlevania Bloodstorm– discontinued/ unfinished fan game that would of had Sonia as simons daughter?
Castlevania Eternal Night– fan game with mario components, and a female lead!
moonlight requiem– fan game with a female lead witch+vampire named Jena Cross ❤ but is unfinished 😦
sonota in red– overhead rpg fan game set to erase Sonia :/ stealn her 1666 timeline 😦
sonota of blood– overhead rpg game continuance- you wouldnt have feminism if sonya didnt go fight patriarchy in 1997 on GB color (and rise from the grave in 1666).

1691 Castlevania– the US NES version, holds a Gargon sister, Medusa the first female boss, from lore (who beget pegasus upon her beheading.) we can start to see a pattern based soley on the release yr that females were added in an evolutionary step to this genre; from insects to reptiles.. for our media to be a projection of our cultural attitudes this is alarming 😦
*Mermans first appearance, “she” is grown from Hydrosaurus, and you need this outfit to talk to the queen

Classic NES series Castlevania– if you want a carbon copy to play handheld on your advance
Skels Revenge– play as a skeleton, levels redone, hack
blood moon– fan game
extreme- fan game
Castlevania: Kyuketsuki no Kirachimu– fan game, NES with multiplayer
Anacrothe’s Castlevania NES Remake – A PC fan remake of the original Castlevania game.
VS Castlevania– was and arcade rendition with a harder difficulty level an slight pallete diffrence
Vampire Killer– Castlevania 1 had a euro version for the MSX2 that added open world an makes you hunt for keys! totally needs find english version somehow without needing an MSX :/
GGMSX is an adaptor you can use to play MSX games on your portable, halfway there as i still got a gamegear!
^heres an italian safe utilizing 4 keys we could use as a puzzle
Castlevania Anniversary Collection– updated the colors and sprites keeping the 8 bit feel
Castlevania Chronicles– was originally released yrs earlier an only in japan on the X68000 Sharp, later remade for the ps1, this is castlevania 1, graphicly redone at a later point, same storyline. adds the first appearance of the maid Persephone (made Persephone? oh god. got a maid kink, an shes drug into the underworld 😦 ancient Goddess of Spring abducted by hades. March is my birth day o.O but it says she returns so?)
Castlevana– fan game, redone in SNES 16 bit glory
Castlevania Remade in Unreal– fan game, 3D world version!
Ieyasu’s CV Game– fan game using characters from first three NES games

Haunted Castle– Selena looks just like princess peach 🙂 the first apearance of medusa was as a “wicked mermaid”. game was released as an arcade game completly diffrent from its console counterpart Simons Quest. first game with Harpy the mythological bird women of lore, so were now on an avian representation along with snakes an insects?
Oretachi Gēsen Zoku: Akumajō Dracula– in physical copy only PS2 in japaneese
PS4– rereleased it online recently in english, allows “beatable difficulty” supposedly
was able to aquire the arcades original owners manual.
Haunted Castle 2– fan game, continuance of grafix style set in 1792 with trevor as main
Haunted Castle 3– fan game, ^


Castlevania IV– was what my generation X fell in love with because of the teenage timeline we found it in. the only game with a Gold Room. due to an error in type set, we are considering this a re-telling of castlevania 1 (which is why the year isnt mentioned for these 3 games). Series first introduction to the ghost dancers, Paula Abghoul is led in an enternal dance with her beloved Fred Ascare, observed by and un-named ghost of a dead noble woman in red. by this point Medusa is a mainstay as a boss in the series. We could consider the Larvae as “asexual-pre-female-pre-male-evolving-dimorphism” thats yet to reach a final form that we could then assume is being cultured by frankenstien to regrow draculas body (frankenstien was written while pregnant and greiving by Mary Shelley, so originated in a female mind now extrapolated).
how to reverse emulate the SNES,”Game developers were able to add extra chips and circuitry into these cartridges to do things like add extra sound channels and even improve animation, squeezing more power out of the system than it shipped with…These systems had to accept signal interference even if it would make them operate incorrectly, and he’s able to use that to his advantage.”
an official prototype was leaked with bolder colors and diffrent enemies, unfinished, thatd be fun just to run thru.
every SNES game manual online for free
Castlevania Anniversary Collection– updated sprites and colors
Castlevania IV Other Castle– one of my abusers hacked the hell out of my favorite game just to “hurt my hands” im told, and it does oh so good! like what do you think replaying the first 3 on those square NES controllers was going to do,lol. he did a real good job of it, thank you for leaving the 1up right befor the ballroom dancer boss! as i write this im on level 9 playn around in the second gold room an clearing on average a level a day [8-2 right befor frankenstiens level theres a 1 up n roast you cant get unless your hit by the medusa head, an it throws you into 4-2 but you dont have to play it to go back to 8-2 an keep getting unlimited lives.] update: so got all the way to mummy, which is where sarah said he cheated. beat em once an got to end of 4 more rooms. but its somethn weird im told like setup to fail, an i figured hes gonna cheat im gonna cheat, find a old snes gamegenie, but alas tid not end well. apparently only ones beating it are cheating with a insta-save feature?
there was a minor mod that gave simon run ability we could use, forget the name of that mod.
bloody crusade, snes IV hack, religious tone
Super Vampire killer– fan game
Super Castlevania 4 uncensored– returns the blood and religious symbols removed from US version

1698 Castlevania II Simons Quest– stands out due to countryside exploration an open world RPG style as you pieced dracula back together again just to kill em, again. introduces Carmilla a woman who seeks to retain beauty thru fealty to Dracula via resurection. fitting in that Carmilla is the name of a lesbian vampire predating Bram Strokers story and this was the genres first attempt at multiplatforming as they released a series of world of power books based on games; that gave you the tornado and rib trick at Deborahs Cliff to beat the game in 15 mins at the end (note- rib is also used to defeat Carmilla).
game contains the first mention of simons lost love Linda Entwhistle/aka Selen in Haunted Castle.
Castlevania Anniversary Collection– updated sprites and colors along with enemy deaths
Holy Relics– fan game remixed levels sprites story fights a necromancer
seal of the curse– fan game concept art looks great, has a darkside mode
Quest– fan game combining 1+2+gb
Quest 3D– fan game revision of Quest in 3d updated graphix and gameplay similare to N64
Simons Destiny– fan game that revisioned it as a first person shooter 😛
Draculas Shadow– fan game modeled after Quake
Vampire Blood Chronicles– fan game modeled after Quake3
Spectral Interlude– russian fan team developed a story about simon dieng an coming back as a ghost o.O

1748 Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance- child hood girlfriend taken.
Castlevania Advance Collection– download on steam x1 ps4 switch
super retro advance
and the ADadapter for SNES, is like a super gameboy cartridge, that lets you play on a bigger screen than the handheld, as well the advance didnt have backlight, so when considering what is and is not cheating/ what is and what is not a hack, im suggesting ways to play old technology on diffrent paltforms understanding limitations and access to the originals. the old system the game is designed for is what i consider to be the proper way to play as it was created within those forces of acclamation present in its human timeframe of development. but if you can play your non backlit advance on the snes do it 😛
Castlevania Darkness of Death– fan game continuance

1792 Castlevania V- contains 2 heroins (marie antoinette) Maria Renard a young vampire slayer and Annette richters girlfriend who gets possessed and turns into Carmilla.
Dracula X/US + Vampires Kiss/EU- same game pretty much
Castlevania Advance Collection– ^download dracula x on steam x1 ps4 switch
Evil Trevor- is a fan mod that merely replaces a sprite and adds new fan based story
Rondo of Blood– this version allows you to play as Maria after you save her ❤ an english port can be found on the WII
Castlevania Draclula X Chronicles– allows more limited playability of Maria (she doesnt have all her stuff!), this is Rondo of Blood for the PSP graphicly redone in 2.5d, though it also contains the original which is unlockable 😛
evil trevor- fan game with evil trevor
Castlevania NKN– fan game following a reluctant inexperienced hunter who doesnt believe in monsters,lol
Castlevania Millenium – fan game with trevor
Castlevania Destiny– fan game, uses knives instead of whip
Soleiyus’ Legacy- fan game that takes place between
DraculaXX– fan game with an older white haired belmont
Death’s Defiance – A hack featuring a playable Death.
the Blood Way– fan game
? Castlevania the Bloodletting- a cancelled game for the 32x o.O (woulda been awesomes) that followed off Rondo of Blood, continuing Maria as a playable character ❤
the Bloodletting– fan game, finishing it up 🙂
Twin Moons– fan game consisting of one of the mains from cancelled bloodletting

1797 Castlevania Symphony of the Night-starts to maintain more female characters both new an derived of former legacy. holds a fake Sypha zombie impersonation and a Frozen Shade derived of the ice elemental in Lament of Innocence. continuing the insenuation of reptilian ancestry of females comes the Amphisbaena, a half lizard half girl monster, historicly ascribed as a double headed snake born of Medusas’ blood from her severed head. Marionette is a possesed manican killer doll o.O Amalaric Sniper is a fallen angel of unknown gender based off the death of amalaric after he beat his wife Clotilda untile she renounce her faith.
SoTN was the first game to expand your inventory beyound the basic axe/cross/water/knife “shoot” weapon incorporating many things from wardrobe to rings to boots and gloves etc. Alucard was very effiminant with long white hair an could be considered gender neutral, an with the rainbow cloak could be turned pink or whatever color you wanted.
Maria is playable from getgo on the saturn version of SoTN,omg! ❤
and the SoTN bonus on dracula x chronicles, but shes said to be a better character on the saturn version than the PSX which lost alot of her moves an weapons.
an english patch mod for the saturn version!
Castlevania Requiem SoTN+Rondo remake with original, it says Maria is playable in SoTN! ❤
sanctuary of illusion– fan game in SoTN style
castleZombies- fan game using sotn sprites, main is Annettes’ BF!
Symphony of Destruction– fan game using characters in a final fight layout , on dreamcaste.
Symphony of the Night Hacked– fan game that puts it into a 3d environment 🙂
VampireHunterX– fan game extension of dracula X in SoTN
Dawn of Symphony– fan made prequel to SoTN featuring Maria ❤

Castlevania Puzzle Encore of the Night– the Succumbus is a playable character along with Maria in a match 3 type puzzle game, the characters fence and use special moves against each other as you play.
Konami Quiz 2- Lost Cartridges– quize game
Pixivania– fan game

1830 Circle of the Moon- Lilith, first that there is no damsel in distress to save. Carmilla resurects dracula.
Whip– has a spin attack and magic cards to effect its attack rate.
Castlevania Advance Collection– download on steam x1 ps4 switch
again you can play advance games on the snes via the Super Retro Advance and ADadapter

1844 Castlevania Legacy of Darkness– while it preludes castlevania 64 it is a remastered expansion of it, holding the original characters storylines within it playable after beating it with the new main characters. Ada is the step-sister of the werewolf who fights dracula to save her this time. Henrys storyline is the only way to unlock Carries new outfit.

1852 Castlevania 64– may have been the first US female fighter choosable from the very beginning, a young school girl named Carrie (my middle name!) Fernandez who has an alternate wardrobe like Maria from rhondo, and the first to add witches as enemies. Rosa a young maiden who hasnt turned full vamp first found in the rose garden. Camilla Fernandez, Carries cousin, whose been turned vampire (and whose character was originally ment to be a wrecked Sypha). Actrise, the one who turned her, is a boss fight specific to Carries runthru.
a woman codenamed Coller2 was scraped from the beta version believed to be a creation of frankenstien (and i personally speculate to be an evolved form of Larvae.)

1862 Order of Ecclasia-
“I always love going round the Tower. On this occasion we were able to enter the Chapel Royal, St Peter ad Vincula. This has such resonance for those who have read of the final hours of Anne Boleyn  Lady Jane Grey and Catherine Howard  who all lie beneath the altar pavement. I have never forgotten the accounts I’ve read of Anne Boleyn’s death, both in fiction and non-fiction: when it was clear her execution hadn’t been expected and no coffin had been made ready. So her ladies had to hastily bundle her decapitated body and her head into an arrow chest, and take it into St Peter ad Vincula and deposit it unceremoniously in the crypt beneath the altar pavement. Later, Lady Jane Grey and Catherine Howard both joined her, and they were both probably only about 16 years old. What poignant and horrific associations this church has, and yet of course, today, it is a place of serenity and peace.”
rom hacks
order of Ecclasia Fanmade– contains playable Maria, Shanoa
Shadow of ecclasia– fan game, think ecclasia 2
Ponyvania Order of Equestrian– fan game mixing my little pony, so cute!

1870 Castlevania Moonlight Rhapsody– yet to be released mobile game for the chineese market. Leah, Florie, Sarah, Yolanda, Marie Renard, Yoko Belnades, Shanoa

1917 Castlevania Bloodlines– this time around Elizabeth Bartley seeks to raise the count, draculas vampire neice who having learned witchcraft from an old woman named Drolta Tzuentes (based off a servant convicted along with real life Elizabeth Bathorys bloodlust) after being forcebly married as a child, became the first main female boss and instigator of WW1, and made the mistake of turning Lucy Seward/Gwendolyn fiancee of a main character into a vampire. Eric Lecardee (considered trans by unruly fanbase comments on the feminite appearance an frame) would later re-marry an unspecified woman, giving birth to 2 daughters, Stella lecarde (strength) and Loretta Lecarde (magical). common characters are Harpy and Medusa, but adds the Princess of Moths a character based off Marie Antoinette! this goes back to castle5 whose maidens names are also a pun, both games a mere yr apart in release date.[making the yr she was reborn 1994or1995.. Sarah were supposed to be doing something important, forgive me.]
a lost playable female character that was cut was Yoko Belnades ancester of Sypha Belnades.
the Lecarde chronicles– fan game continuance set in spain
the Lecarde chronicles 2– fan game continuance

1944 Castlevania Portrait of Ruin– during WW2 we get a new female lead, a sorceress named Charlotte Aulin (play off bram strokers mothers name, Charlotte Mathilda Blake Thornley) who can caste spells and shapeshift using magic. note the character is unnecessarily sexualized in a pose during periods of inactivity while playing, as well there is a Lilith breast plate (lilith is nude o.O). she helped uncurse Stella and Loretta Lecarde from Bloodlines being related to the Belnades. first time inventory has been segregated by gender, though i dont see why she wouldnt be able to wear the other guys armor or he wear the holy veil. first to have a co-op mode between handsets on same game so a cis-het boy and a cis-het girl can play a game together (what if he play the girl an she play the guy, so cute). oh wow, one of the goddesses i used to pray to, Astarte, is a boss who has a temptation move that only affects the male characters (this is why i say cis-het). enemies we have an acrobat named Coppelia, and the Student Witch, who turns into a cat when defeated =^.^= while the hint about the vacume tugging on skirts is a real delima,lol. the succubus drops Europas dress for Charlotte (ohno Europa is named for a woman who, in Greek mythology, was abducted by the god Zeus) – Jupiter in Roman mythology. +23 defence
potential for life; “Life as we know it seems to have three main requirements: liquid water, the appropriate chemical elements, and an energy source. Astrobiologists believe Europa (one of Jupiters moons) has abundant water and the right chemical elements, but an energy source on Europa has been difficult to confirm. On Earth, life forms have been found thriving near subterranean volcanoes, deep-sea vents, and other extreme environments give scientists clues about how life may be able to survive beneath Europa’s ice shell.”-my edit, see im being bullied, a trans girl cant even edit wiki 😦 contacted a ceo, their all bullies.

1999Castlevania Grimoir of Souls– Head Researcher for the Elgos corporation that protects draculas possesions is Hermina, she is also in charge of the Grimoires’ that tell the tales of all the battles, that she burned one day! (if anyone can verify Sonia its her). starting off with Alucard you gain playable Charlotte Aulen, Maria Renard, Shanoa, Lucy westerna, Maria Renard, and Annette ❤ extends the multiplayer to 6 people at once, released only for the phone originally in 2019 and closed within a yr. though being re-released with updated graphix?
Tears of Pain– fan game hack

2035 Castlevania Aria of Sorrow– succumbus pretends to be Mina Hakuba, a guardian of the shrine that sealed dracula during the solar eclipse of 1999. a girl named Yoko Belnades… 3 new ghost dancer couples, soma cruz is dracula reincarnated, battles light and dark choose your path.
Castlevania Advance Collection– download on steam x1 ps4 switch
Persephone hack– play as Persephone ❤ story edited, hack
Reapers Reckoning– play as Death, story edited, hack
Bloodstained crossover– play as the villians from bloodstained, hack

2036 Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow- Succumbus pretends to be Yoko Belnades.
Dawn of Dissonance– new fan story, sprites, weapons, levels, hack
Spirit of Lords– fan game, 2player coop with soma and alucard

2037 Castlevania: Reminiscence of the Divine Abyss– written novel cannon continuance of the Sorrow storyline.

2056Castlevania Melody of Chaos– fan game

1691-2036 Castlevania harmony of despair– Charlotte Aulin, Shanoa, Yoko Belnades, Maria Renard are all playable in a 6 person coop mode for mobil, stages are smaller various castles. originally on xbox live rereleased on xbox 1 download no physical copy.
a rom, need a emulator

Akumajō Special: Boku Dracula-kun-

Kid Dracula- first Witch

This is a time split between realitys

Castlevania Judgement-
Castlevania Retribution– 2d 16-bit sprite rendition of Judgement
Castlevania Fighter– 16-bit fan game with multiple female playables! fighting game like Judgement
Castlevania Bloody Zombie– unfinished 16-bit fan game, dodge and jump based on riding a wolf as a zombie
Castlevania Dark Millinium– fan game RPG
rivalries– fan game RPG

1047 Castlevania Lords of Shadow-

1073-1101 Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate-

1102-2057 Lords of Shadow 2-

  • Hasslevania– fan game, spoof
  • Gastlevania– fan game, spoof
  • Sebastian EXE Gunshots Awakening– Jane is main character an looks fun, not a castlevania
  • Sebastian EXE Gunshots Overture-
  • Cassaroid- fangame, spoof. this game is named after a rapist pedophile in northside cincinnati whose also using steroids, the hacker writitng it is part of a bully hategroup and doing it to spite me somone he dont know who likes castles but the rapist its named after doesnt know or care, its just part of this fucked up bully gang attacking trans girls. but he has slick moves, and might be readjusting. im suggesting encorporating everyone doing the fan games into one fangame to end all fangames!
  • i wanna be the guy– fan game using various aspects of diffrent games
  • Vamprotector– Castlevania mixed with Contra
  • Castlevania Labrynth, NES bugs bunny crazy castle hack

“…As Dracula is defeated and is dying, he asks his son what Lisa’s final words were,
to which Alucard responds “She said, ‘Do not harm the humans . . . For theirs is a hard lot.’ She also said that she would love you for all of eternity.”
Dracula says, “Lisa, forgive me. Farewell my son” as he dies, and one can see that even in the purest form of evil, there can never be true evil.
This game reveals a lot of truth in it representation of characters, but the most important revelation that one can take is that there is always some good, even in the hearts of the most evil men.”

in the Graveyard
Jackie Walorski, Ivana Trump, Mrs. Keith Spalding,

Modern Holocaust 1/27/22


today is holocaust memorial day.
didnt know this until i found myself researching pink triangles which were just thoughts came through my head, today of all days.
in america we have lost our hardline of basic human decency.
unless we can change its mind, this machine wont stop.
we let them use our hatred of terrorists to create an open wound that never heals.
that disdane for others spread into the prison industry.
it developed a taste for the imigrants.
now feasts on citizens in an ever dwindling standard.
a weapon of inhumanity.
may god help us all.


attempt to quit eating meat of animals

Una and the Lion– Revier Briton

the mass production of food has created horrors.
we are no longer taking what we need for the betterment of the flock,
we take way to much having lost the whole quality of life aspect.
diffrence between free range eggs…
may be minimal in that we tricked the fish, lied to the chicken, an conquered the cow.
ethics dictate we find another source of sustenance or at least try to defer away from its mechanically derived overabundance, utilizing buying power to refresh food options via our purchasing dollar.
i cried at wendys once when i realized how much cow we went thru a day.
an my parents always there like the devil “well just leave chilli cheese fries out..”
its wrong whats done to the animals, that rely on us to protect them as stewards of our world.
so join me in attempting vegetarianism or at least adopting it into my meal routine.
this is as much cultural conditioned as it is ethic revolution, i was taught to eat meat.

to help you as you yourselves reduce carbon imprints and blood lusts, they have given us various guidance in our religious texts which i hope to pull all together and find commonality and overlap, in dispursing new guidance that i dont know enough about at this point to decree.
for fowl, we have clean and unclean birds. we are not to eat predator birds- as these are keystone species within the hierarchy of life. even a chicken though has a quality to its life that youve taken away an in so doing they are developing biologic warefare against you. seventh son of the seventh son is a genetic leap in a species combining all its learned thru the past generations; which is where you get these “flues” and these poxes, this swine flu, this bird flu, this corona virus.

yesterday i spat out an eggroll with pork in it and a hotdog.
today i havent really eaten anything but know i dont want meat!
wish me luck! ill comment daily while i attempt this.
ill still eat eggs an maybe stop that too later but right now ill need some sort of protien from anouther source than im used to. feel free to coment your thoughts on eggs. it passes the sentience aspect.
personally feel like a baby raptor from the book red raptor,lol
on a side note a theoretical benefit would be to loose muscle an tone down to a femmer’ frame?
cat was meowin for his night treat, usally its piece of sliced meat from the drawer, an i usually shred half n eat the other- spat it out 🙂 went ahead n gave kitty his. thisll become an ethics issue,lol. “hi im vegetarian but i feed my pets fresh meat from the deli”

found the dollar store helpfull in making meat unapetizing
the only meat we got was pepperonie pizzas but plan take those off each time,
and dad got pork beans but i dont eat em anyway.
got chips for first time, fake crab, those little crustacean tail thingys,
and some ramen bowles cause ima have to fill in somethn till i find new things!
ill stay with fish n eggs for now based on sentience and quality of life 🙂

doin good not eatn meats 🙂
but mom decided to test me with lasagna 😦
so i scraped everything off of one noodle, an tried that, but i could still taste the meat so i stuck a finger down my throat and made myself throw up.
i cant handle meat anymore?
like my body isnt accepting it at all in small amount.
i can still do broth thats in the ramen noodles but thats it
lets hope im done with meat forevers 🙂

tricked! 😦
was a pizza had peperonie on it under buncha cheese
i removed the pepronie once i realized it on later pieces

just a mere 2or3[week]days in, an my pooo has changed to a healthier lookn pile,lol
light brown earthy, almost compost

doing good with ramen 🙂
add peppers

after aprpoached by a memeber of hellfyre on fetlife concerning a cat not dog comment i went lookn into cat allergys the guy has, an found various breeds of cats are are considered hypoallergenic so he might be able to pet one 🙂 an then that gets into are cats allergic to people sometimes an it says is possible. an then cat allergys to food, so 10% of kitties cant digest beef and soy in general. so then theres other cat foods made specialy for the hypersensitive ones. it does talk about a “novel diet” thats venison or kangaroo and potatoe sort of as a fasting device to then reintroduce certain protiens an find the allergen one. but all contain animal protien as cats are obligatory predators who cant digest most plants at all. so there is no vegetarian housecat 😦 but theres still a potential vegetarian housewife- me 🙂 picked off peperonies on a pizza, ramen, orange, applesauce, couple chips an glass of milk oh an like 2 mini candys.

new years resolution of quititing cigarettes is failed 😦
but, im doing good on the vegetarianism 🙂
ive noticed you “process” food stuffs quicker as in time it takes to eat it to expell it is shorter.
an your more apt to fast because the normal foodstuffs havent yet been replaced.
id like to acredit cheese pizza for gettn me this far,lol.

pineapple does belong on pizza!

adding the protien blend steamables to ramen noddles is great idea!

ried to eat lasagna cause it looked like there wasnt meat but its like a ravioli sauce an felt a chunk go down my gullet. eew! the macncheese n scalloped potatoes was ok though an there is califlower center i can scrap off

failure 😦
on my birthday i woke up in kidde of the night an ate a bag of beef jerky mom had laying out, feel so bad about it like i just ruined 4 months of no meat -.- it was like my body craving protien, i think ive failed in replacing not quiting.
today on 3/7 my mom made an awesome beef vegetable stew and i had 3 cups of it.
but its a big pot of awesome juice, like a step up from broth?
here i am making excuses 😦
lets do better!

i ate a lamb gyro yesterday symbolically, in that you are what you eat.

Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome

sexy as it sounds,
its where your fight and flight are messed up.
they took me off my meds during the election cycle 5 yrs ago, plays off the ptsd so well.
starting today ima document everytime i throw up.
ive had this my whole life, tired of this being my normal.
left my primary care Dr Sarah Pickle
after 5 yrs, in mid march, after having 12 cruisers out at leelah alcorns highway memorial lookiing for me on my birthday for dariung to ask for help that doesnt exist. because sarah and my old sych Shanna Stryker are trying to kill me to erase me from my own work their trying to steal. stryker took me off my meds 4 yrs ago, satrahs just been wathcing me deteriorate.
youtwo wanted credit for electrology? i gave it too you. now im giving you credit where its actually deserved.
these people claiming to be drs have been watching me dissolve , intentionally denying acces to services and legal help.
which is a long line.,. .,. ,.. ., ,., .. .

^3/20/21 hamburger two hrs later, first thing ate in afternoon

^3/20/21 11:55pm, cherrios an milk from hr ago
3/21/21 slept through the entire day
3/22/21 went off on my dr via email, an feel better havn that off my chest.

^3/23/21 5:30pm, breakfast eggs n ham from 4 hrs ago ate at 1pm

Transgender Advocacy Council, 103 William Howard Taft Rd Cincinnati, OH 45219-2191

Transgender Advocacy Council103 William Howard Taft RdCincinnati, OH 45219-2191

is a fake censor org unconcerned with whats happening, their only here to cover up their own hatework.
just had 12 cruisers out at leelah alcorns highway memorial looking for me, swatted by my own fake orgs whod rather censor an kill me than face blame. how much louder do i need to get befor anyone cares?
these people dont do research, these people dont care about poor trans people, these people censor trans people, they do not represent trans people. when i am dead, you can thank our trans “community” leaders for puttn me down with their apathy and hatework.

“We are happy to inform everyone that TAC has been awarded the 2021 Silver Seal of Transparency by Guidestar.”
^ ha just censored by them
Ari and ___
and thier fake group

who is my advocate?
ya know, that trans girl you all left for dead over birth certificates and state services, who had 12 cruisers out at leelah alcorns highway memorial on march 2nd?
that trans girl whose fighting for everyone as i pioneer hair removal coverage prioritizing face over genital, 99+ hrs won, for the past 5 yrs under medicaid?
the pigs were sent by you, in responce to being called out for your hatework.
now even trans lifeline has policy against such deeds.
telling me your only here to cover up the hatework being done at the highest levels in Heartless, Trans Ohio, Equatas, and Equality Ohio.
see the fairness act (yall really need to start doing research, an stop trusting your fake lawyers) would of destroyed caselaw and created religious arbitration befor an eventual nationwide civil rights act.
in ohio theres state specific corruption barring trans people from surgery, by denial of the preop. this is an OAC code from 93. i just did a bunch of stuff to destroy those barriers, people are getting laser coverage thanks to me proving discrimiantion to medicaid oversight. also realized i was gonna have to be the one to do it for anouther. but trans healthcare isnt a trans issue according to our fake orgs.
our fake orgs also didnt care trans people couldnt access state services ment to keep them alive, due to discrimiantion from job and family services over a birthcertifcate non of them were ever legally allowed to use. just a thing it took me to fix.
im now in greivance agaionst the lack of mental helathcare in ohio with disability rights ohio against Equatas and North Central. i created Nern’s position at central clinic but was the only trans person denied access to her.
ill ask again..
how much louder do i need to be befor anyone cares?
is a public suicide really what you want?
your not gonna be able to silence that.
i need a lawyer fuckn 10yrs ago.
ive done more to fix society with nothing running on negative energy and student loans, than you all have done with all the funding in the world youd rather waste.
^ that was the email i tried to send but they shut down ability to contact them, cause they dont care. march is also my birthday..lol

May be an image of text that says 'OCTOPUS Support 5pm Trans Month of Visibility 4pm Social Positive Progr Group Support Transcendence Social Man (POC) OCT Suppo Group 6:30pm Gru7m pm How Support Better Ally 12pm Man Love Family Support Group at 4pm ansWel InTransitic Support pm nary Lived TransYouat Crossport Trans Family Social Group a8m OCTOPUS Group 3pm 12pm Transcendence Social Group 7pm TMan (POC) Group :30pm Crossport Third Thursday Group 7pm Group 20 ransYoua Masculine Visibility Man (POC) Night 7pm at2pm Crossport Support Grou OCTOPUS Support 5pm 27 rans 8pm The Impact Aging Trans Community TRANOIO TRANS CONMUNITY. isibily Event'

they killed her on my birthday. our fake trans orgs would rather send police after me, day befor my birthday, then help me fix society. if there was a community wed be up and running,Ms. Sanders would of been a priority client as we cleared her face and genitals, and perhaps that would of been enough to help this one evade the violence that consumes to many of our lived experiences simply by being somehwere on a schedule with her transition instead of whever she was. but our fake orgs dont care about any of us. they dont represent us. they hurt us. for every dollar donated to a fake trans org in cincinnati, ohio or the US: they shoot 2 trans kids in the face, this death is placed square on their heads. fuck the Transgender Advocacy Council these people dont care about us.

Ms. Robinson, 

As I indicated in my initial email to you DRO is not agreeing to represent you in any legal proceedings such as filing a lawsuit or appearing in court on your behalf. We can generally offer resources, referrals, and brief advice. We are not generally an investigative or oversight body, while we do have some access authority, we do not have any enforcement authority over providers or local/state agencies. We serve as a legal services organization providing legal assistance in line with our annual priorities which can be found on our website HERE. We do not have the authority to oversee the decisions of State or Local agencies who provide funding to non-profits or corporations such as Stonewall, Equitas, or Equality Ohio. As I stated in my earlier email I wanted to provide you specific resources or referrals for the areas of concern you highlighted. Unfortunately, based on the information you provided I don’t think DRO can provide you direct representation regarding your concerns, however I did want to provide referrals or resources wherever possible. 

  1. Gender Discrimination by ODJFS – Based on my research it seems likely that OCRC was correct in finding they did not have the jurisdiction to handle your Gender Discrimination case against Hamilton County ODJFS. State Agencies often have their own internal civil rights complaint processes that consumers must go through. I have included the link to an information page on how to file and pursue a civil rights complaint against and ODJFS agency. https://jfs.ohio.gov/civilrights/Filing.stm 
  2. Firing of Mental Health America’s Advocate – Unfortunately, we would not have any ability to assist in advocating for someone who has not contacted DRO or requested our assistance. Further, unless the advocate was fired for a reason related to their disability it would likely not be within our scope of advocacy. 
  3. Grievances against Stonewall / Equitas  –  I apologize for the energy and effort you have expended under the recommendation of others to use DRO as a place to file a grievance against your providers. Unfortunately, I feel like you were misinformed about our role in resolving disputes between clients and providers. We do assist clients who need accommodations from providers or who believe they are being discriminated against on the basis of their disability. We assist by providing brief legal advice and self-advocacy assistance such as how to file and OCRC complaint etc. We do not have the ability to enact any grievance process that would hold providers accountable. However I did get ADAMH to provide their grievance document which provides further direction on how to resolve grievances that have not been satisfactorily addressed. I have attached the ADAMH Grievance process document to this email. Additionally, in the past I am aware that some clients have had success reaching out directly to Ohio Department of Medicaid and Addiction Services to discuss the grievances against specific providers. The current contact for licenses and certification questions is Rosland Hawkins who can be contacted by email Rosland.Hawkins@mha.ohio.gov or by phone 614-644-8317. If you would like to file and OCRC complaint against Stonewall or Equitas you may do so at https://www.crc.ohio.gov/ .
  4. Equality Ohio Grievance: As I mentioned above DRO does have any enforcement power over other non-profit organizations, in particular we do not have investigative or legal authority over other community legal aid  organizations such as Equality Ohio. If you believe a prior counsel has violated any rules of ethical conduct you can contact the local bar association to file a complaint. I have included here links to the rules of professional conduct as well as to the Columbus Bar Association. Rules of Professional Conduct: http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/LegalResources/Rules/ProfConduct/profConductRules.pdf  Columbus Bar Association: http://www.cbalaw.org/cba_prod  
  5. License Issue: DRO does have the expertise to assist in the changing of gender markers on either driver licenses or birth certificates. However, as recently as December of 2020 the State of Ohio lost a case which alleged the refusal to change birth certificate gender markers on the bases of trans identity as a violation of their right to informational privacy and substantive due process under the Fourteenth Amendment. As far as I can tell the state of Ohio has not yet created a policy for how they will comply with the federal court ruling but this is a significant change in the legal landscape.  You can find the link to the order in Ray v. McCloud here: https://www.aclu.org/legal-document/ray-v-himes-order-and-opinion.   
  6. O.A.C. Electrolysis Reimbursement Rate – Unfortunately the changing of specific reimbursement rates is not currently included in DRO priorities for advocacy, however I will forward on your request for advocacy to our leadership for evaluation in future priorities.
  7. First DRO Service Request: I did follow up regarding the initial service request you initiated with DRO in November of 2019. I cannot speak to what did or did not occur since I was not involved with DRO at that time, however based on the notes it appears the service request was never opened because there was not a request for assistance included. I apologize that there was an apparent miscommunication which occurred about the status of the service request.

I hope the resources and referrals I have provided will be helpful, and I apologize that there is not more I am able to do to assist you in these matters.

Best Regards,

Maggie Scotece

cid:image001.png@01D5F07C.B38BEB40Maggie ScoteceAttorney Ohio Disability Rights Law and Policy Center, Inc.200 Civic Center Drive, Suite 300Columbus, Ohio 43215-4234614-466-7264 or 800-282-9181www.disabilityrightsohio.org

3/20/21- ima start taking pictures everytime i throw up and post them here.

office of disability rights ohio intake form/greivance

Office of Disability Rights Ohio


Full name: * * *, preferred name: *, or *, haven’t decided yet- She/hers

Date of Birth: **/**/****

Home address: has been mailing addresses for years, just got an apartment under HUD I don’t trust. via section 8; **** * * * * ****, OH *****- ive yet to update any addressees with fed or state but it will be my address. Im in a heavy transitional phase rn touching every aspect of my life with little to no support structures. My phone is stolen back in October and ive applied 3 xs for safelink which is a government assit phone only to be told to reapply each time- its now April(July) and I still have no phone, email is my best contact point kittysbelle@yahoo.com

City/County: Columbus/ Franklin

What would you like DRO to assist you with?:


Hiya 😊

Beyond the inability to find treatment for cyclical vomiting syndrome which is my genetic response to stress messing up fight or flight, and shutting down my digestive tract through signals that trick the function while not shutting off acid production, hence the vomiting is merely a recurring consequence of stress I can’t escape, happening to various degrees from social anxiety to pure systemic dred, which plays off my PTSD soooooooo well. This clenching knot in your stomach, the physical response to vomit. theres still multiple things that you may be able to help with.

“Anxiety promotes nausea and nausea which in turn leads to more anxiety as a result episodes tend to become more frequent and more disabling.1 Sleep becomes poor. Their attendance at work or school falls off.5 Deterioration in the course of CVS is characterized by coalescence of attacks, increasingly frequent episodes and more anxiety, dyspepsia and nausea between episodes. Complete coalescence of episodes causes the patient to be sick for weeks or months at a time and sick more than well.”

“Outcome: Latest discharges have shown good response to benzodiazepines. Unfortunately, tricyclics (TCAs) have not been able to achieve prevention of relapses.”

“Treatment goals are to: Prevent episodes, abort episodes, terminate episodes”

So the first obviously is what I reached out to you for, there is a current ongoing grievance against north central for denial of medication and case management which merely reflects 4 yrs wasted at Equatas. Phill Heddon from ADAMH and LeeAnn Matis from Mental Health America, have attempted several mediations with North Central a stonewall affiliate to no avail. Matt diamond from north central outright told me during a meeting (that Malcom who I originally called from Mental Health America was fired for setting up) that he would not give me referral and assistance with the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation as I was going thru all the case management needs in front of everyone including a therapist I had said was no longer my therapist because id already done this for her to no avail, and without the psychiatrist who refused medication only offering to continue what was already prescribed by my primary care. whole point of this was to have everyone in the same room to get everyone on the same page. I found it frightening that Malcom who had scheduled a meeting in 2 days he planned to be at was fired, and that my psychiatrist, the only one in the room who had read letters from my prior healthcare team in Cincinnati was glaringly missing. This meeting is what my handler LeeAnn who replaced Malcom, refuses to collaborate, leaving Phil with nothing but erasure to refer up. Though I no longer trust those in charge in this system based on the way I’ve been treated as a client denied services and watching how its corporate aspects protect its ass-essettes. Phil and LeeAnn are to close to each other to trust multiple conversations that happened after I left. This link is my stated grievance against north central as handed to ADAMH.

E:\greivance\North Central\official greivance filed with adamh.docx

North Central is one of only 3 places to receive specialized care for trans patients who need specialized diagnosis and subsequent specialized medical necessity letters built that require a strong practitioner advocacy. not truly found in any mental health system but supposedly these 3. Equates if you don’t have aids you can’t access anything, their set up like north central with a symboxin clinic in the back and new LGB-t funding obligations unfulfilled. My medication is for a lifelong genetic condition with little to no academic research and thus guidance. My insurance won’t work with Clintonville, and I can’t afford to keep paying 200 out of pocket to build that practitioner/patient history. Mental Health America tried to refer out to Access, in talking with KC who was highly receptive and forthright when he told me he has no one on staff able to meet my needs.

One thing missing from everyones “best practices” is advocacy to get the healthcare that I need.


 Stonewall here just slaps a sticker on these people and their proclaimed competent but they don’t even know of the 2 largest federally funded discrimination surveys ever done on our population? Seriously stonewall never provided this basic level of training?

 Statistically I’m dead; our minority owns every horrid stat imaginable, our suicide rate is 43% with that rate rising when you factor in other social prejudices and conditions such as racism, disability, if you were abandoned by family, denied employment, access to housing, raped..

the follow up study 4 yrs later only showing it getting worse, remember no one I talked to through north central or Equatas knew of these studies, which is reflective of the lack of authority they have on this subject- to claim to be culturally competent enough to be be educating on it nor dare pretend to be professionals holding our lives in their cis-privelaged hands.


what of the consequences of rural areas I happen to be escaping from in greater Cincinnati?


what of the expected rejection experienced by this patient demographic?


there was no social celebration when I came out, realize being trans is much different than being gay. For one your in conversion to create shame from the age of 3, taught to hate yourself. its a lot more awkward as you un-re-learn social scripts norms roles and expectations you were never taught via emulation of a mother or peers in a timely manner. Which left you somewhat feral and outs you in almost any scenario initially, remember your fulltime now because if you didn’t let yourself transition you would have been a statistic already. Let alone the undercurrent of social rejection toward our existence in favor of appeasing social prejudices which in turn leads to abandonment from our parents and peers.


I’m a citizen turned refugee, escaping from the Baptist wasteland of greater Cincinnati. This is my experiences from where I come from denied basic human rights clawing at the brackish water for air in a PowerPoint. Both ^ these experiences almost killed me and affect my world view to this day. https://kittysbelle.wordpress.com/2018/10/20/my-second-social-annexation-soc-pp-community-project-middletown-oh/

 If it wasn’t for stray cats coming into my life and giving me one of theirs, they would have. I need to get my cat registered as a comfort/service animal, as the apartment complex receiving the HUD voucher doesn’t allow pets and my cat helps me more than you know. My cat is the only semblance of mental healthcare that I have.


Continually denied the trifecta of basic service that constitute mental healthcare; a therapist to talk about the genocide, a caseworker to do something about it, and the tools of medication to deal, compartmentalize, abort and prevent . At no point in time have I ever had all three at once except for a brief moment at Central Clinic did stars align and we started to get somewhere untile the sych who was training the staff left, leaving the terfs again in charge.

Now the definition of TERF academicly in gender studies is somone who premeditatedly uses or seeks positions of power over trans people to harm and deny us access. They are hard to spot unless its your core identity being attacked. Feel free to google “terfs and trans healthcare”.

..\+health+\central clinic internal greivance emails\Central clinic, finale responce to greivance,Nov 29, 2018 at 5.docx

Might have had a caseworker and a therapist but not a psychiatrist, or a therapist without a caseworker or a psych, or any combination of the above at any given time at any given mental health organization. Though this disregard for our lives is part of a larger systemic ill. We’ve gone from gatekeeper psych’s denying our hormones ..

to gatekeeper psych’s denying us our anxiety meds, in a field that demands our interaction to receive medical healthcare. Prejudice and discrimination is alive and well in Columbus just this version has learned to smile when they sacrifice our needs like barter chips in their own corporate and political adventures.

I’m being erased because of a 50k grant stonewall just got from the city.

Meanwhile this link is my experience trying to access nonexistent homeless resources in Columbus, all these so-called resources are misusing funding better spent elsewhere.


I’ve been denied social services designed to help those who need them stay alive. like sustenance programs, housing and vocation through Job and Family Services for a decade over the states refusal to recognize the F on my ID. Demanding a birth certificate correction the state and its systems knows full well its refusal of proper identifying documents. which isn’t even used for gender but nationality purposes. spanning 4 counties each with their own staff discrimination stemming from the systemic discrimination that outright tells them to discriminate against us by denial of our legal identity. Cincinnati even lied about me receiving benefits for a yr. its why I was unsafe and needed a port of a HUD voucher away from Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority who gave it to me this yr, on April fools. this case is currently being investigated thru the Office of Civil Rights Dayton regional. This link explains why the state is acting illegally by its own standards and holds a PDF at the top with scans of internal and external documents from those named that prove intentional denial of services spanning these years.


Both HUD and OCR came back saying they have no jurisdiction. Mentioned for context so you understand the lack of help ive never been able to receive. I couldn’t access state services until I got far enough away from greater Cincinnati’s job and family service hub. I am a refugee though natural born citizen without basic human rights because my “gender identity is not recognized as a protected class under state law”, according to the ACLU who threw this away because it’d be inconvenient to fight for something as opposed to let Equality Ohio harm our future by prizing religious bias over our human rights with a religious freedom act guised as and equality measure, in doing so even sacrificing due process of law.


 I hail from Lellah Alcorns’ graveyard in warren county, she was the trans teen who walked in front of a semi 4 yrs ago around Christmas renewing the call to end conversion therapy. I am what she would have become had she survived her own ordeal as I did, not without damage, we have been terrorized by a religion that denys our very existence and unfortunately permeates every aspect of social services to some degree.

Now no matter what you may think you know of trans women were a multitude of intersex variations and social conditions that overlap to infinite degrees. Dysphoria, (different then my dysphonia diagnosis which is where my I can’t control my voice when I’m nervous making it hard for people to understand or hear me), dysphoria is defined as a “consistent, persistent, and insistent crossex identity to that assigned sex at birth, resulting in significant impairment and distress.” Though now moved to a sexual health category called “gender incongruencys” in ICD11. This reflecting any number of “ambiguous” anatomical structures from brain through systems to internal and external primary and secondary characteristics. By definition, our group of medical conditions will not allow us to sign for anything under a deadname or gender unreflective our stated core identity. Yes, I fought appeals and “won” gender correction under Job and Family Services, but it was another 3 yrs before I ever received any assistance offered by the state meant to keep someone who needs it alive. And only just recently because I got far enough away. though this is a statewide issue, if I hadn’t already fought appeals in another county it would still be an issue here. Though thankfully it isn’t now I need to attempt to access those resources I’ve been denied. this should never happen again to another person, the state is supposed to recognize detriments to accessing care and fix these issues within these systems, as cited in the current OCR case which is another set of standards the state is already supposed to be adhering to.

Concerning north centrals denial of services

(D) The board subscribes to codes of ethics and practice standards for counselors, social workers, and marriage and family therapists promulgated by the “American Counseling Association” and the “National Association of Social Workers” and the “American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy”. These association standards shall be used as aids in resolving ambiguities which may arise in the interpretation of the rules of professional ethics and conduct, except that the board’s rules of standards of ethical practice and professional conduct shall prevail whenever any conflict exists between these rules and the professional association standards.


meaning they must advocate and,

 “Be knowledgeable about recent events that pertain to trans clients”

  • “Examples include the Black Pride 4, the proposal to ban trans folks from the military, and the high rates of violence against trans women of color (Human Rights Campaign 2017)”

The irony being that those named in my grievance are associated with an “trained” by an organization that committed violence against our community during its pride festival 2 yrs ago, such an act of violence that the LGBT community is now split between prides as we had to make a new one. This was the consequence of the same police violence used to intimate me as a white trans person for speaking up. Some people will never support stonewall again, I’m advocating for adherence t`o guidelines they should already be adhering to for lack of any peer-advocacy within this organization.

Equates imediatedly thought the terf Rothman we had resign from pride was the kind of person they wanted and picked her right up. All these two organizations did was trade some people around, making both effectively useless.


“…the authors believe that counselors are in the unique position to endeavor to make institutional changes in the environment in which they work safer for transgender people.”

“Best practices for professional counselors working with clients from marginalized communities (e.g., AGLBIC, 2003) articulate the need for counselors to be familiar with all eight domains of these competencies in order to demonstrate cultural competence with transgender clients”

“… domains of competencies for counseling with transgender clients. The competencies are organized according to the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs standards (CACREP, 2009). They are divided into eight domains by the eight training domains of CACREP standards, as the expectation that the CACREP standards are the minimum standards for the delivery of ethical and competent counseling services, training and practice of counselors in the profession…, the authors encourage counselors to move beyond competence into the role of conscientious consumers of these standards by becoming social change agents, and allies for transgender clients.”

“C. 7. Acknowledge that physical (e.g., access to health care, HIV, and other health issues), social (e.g., family/ partner relationships), emotional (e.g., anxiety, depression, substance abuse), cultural (e.g., lack of support from others in their racial/ethnic group) ), spiritual (e.g., possible conflict between their spiritual values and those of their family’s), and/or other stressors (e.g., financial problems as a result of employment discrimination) often interfere with transgender people’s ability to achieve their goals. Therefore, it is important assist them with overcoming these obstacles and regulating their affects, thoughts, and behavior throughout this coping process. C. 8. Recognize and acknowledge that, historically, counseling and other helping professions have compounded the discrimination of transgender individuals by being insensitive, inattentive, uninformed, and inadequately trained and supervised to provide culturally proficient services to transgender individuals and their loved ones.”

“D. 5. Recognize the impact of power, privilege, and oppression within the group especially among the counselor and members and between members of advantaged and marginalized groups.”

“E. 2. Acknowledge and address the gatekeeper role and subsequent power that mental health professionals have historically had in transgender clients accessing medical interventions and resulted in mistrust of mental health professionals. This power difference needs to be minimized in the counseling relationship with transgender clients.”

“E. 6. Be familiar with and know how to assist transgender clients access community resources where appropriate. E. 7. Facilitate access to appropriate services in various settings for transgender individuals by confronting institutional barriers and discriminatory practices”

“E. 11. Serve as advocates for transgender individuals within professional counseling organizations, and specifically advocate for anti-discrimination policies concerning transgender individuals. E. 12. Collaborate with health professionals and other individuals, groups, agencies, as indicated by the individual in order to provide comprehensive care.”

“H. 2. Consider limitations of existing literature [CVS] and existing research methods regarding transgender individuals such as sampling, confidentiality, data collection, measurement, and generalizability (e.g., LGB literature applying results and content to transgender individuals). H. 3. Be aware of gaps in literature and research regarding understanding the experiences of and assisting of transgender individuals and family members.

Standards North Central is either unaware of, or deliberately provoking, when they tried to intimidate me with police force by having an officer sit in the lobby as I spoke with my therapist for the last time under threat of nonconsensual hospitalization. This intimidation shows a lack of understanding why the police use of force against 4 POC trans protestors asking for a moment of silence for the dead at pride was unconsciousable. This act in their offices affected another client as well, who wasn’t the target, and is resulting from attempts to seek leverage by me going to stonewalls Facebook page about the lack of services through north central- hence it is retaliation.


Not addressing its failures only shows a willful disregard for our lived experiences within their systems.

“Marquette University and UC San Francisco has found that researchers are not reporting sexual orientation and transgender identities in psychotherapy outcome studies for anxiety and depression, which the authors say poses significant challenges for determining whether these treatments even work.”


Point being under job and family services umbrella is the Bureau of Vocation Rehabilitation, that which North Central was denying me help accessing, one of the many case management needs they threw away. It is the only potential pathway to learning what I’m called to do to help those facing hirsutism, as an electrologist. Could fill your feed with a detailed walkthrough explaining systemic corruption enforced by the DoH upon the field that destroyed 3/4th of itself including 27 yrs of “regrowth”, with an ORC code from 92’, currently barring me from school even. Rules and systems meant to cater to the already well off, keeping this life affirming therapy from those that need it most. Devised to leave those left able to practice uncompetitive with pricing or technique. The only hope of achieving accreditation to practice legally for those of us under poverty in this state, besides leaving state, is the Bureau of Vocation Rehabilitation to help find a way thru the corruption meant to leave us “vulnerable and thus visible”. If I’m forced to leave state which im truly financially unable to do, the only feasible plan involves a school in Massachusetts that accepts regular student loans that im merely surviving on in ohio denied routes to learn what im called to do,  and can accredit for anywhere in the world but Ohio, because our state is the only one that has this level of corruption which refuses to allow out of state licensure in a field more restricted than in any other state. this policy is not to the benefit of any hirsute patient or any practical application within the field other than selfishness with intent to do harm by excluding demographics as clientele or practitioners. My healthcare team at University of Cincinnati has helped me win coverage for both hirsutism and preoperative hair removal in the genital region which must be done before any trans person can get their surgery. Though part of that corruption is denial of a billable medical code Medicaid needs to cover the procedures, coupled with a rampant transphobia amongst technicians leaving few options if were even able to afford the out of pocket medical costs, effectively denying us surgery by denying us the pre-op in direct contradiction to the state’s obligations under the affordable care act to do so. But I “won”, 3years ago and just this yr proved discrimination from CareSource to the state, now have Medicaid oversight and legal aid following this case. Yet I can’t get a case manager to save my life, lol. I’ve been denied not only mental but medical healthcare by the state’s own illegalities. Forcing me to somehow become the missing component to trans healthcare. Which may be the only way for me to support myself as my conditions and lack of employment protections bar me from regular venues for employment. I would be in position to help my people, working for my people. I am now the first person to have electrolysis treatments covered under Medicaid, which has been denieng surgery by denying the pre-op hair removal via a 93 OAC amendment that gives it a zero reimbursement rate. This is my research.


ill show you where it stalled after 5 yrs in 2 screenshots. First is Cleveland clinic who prior authed the second time we won, after just proving discrimination from caresource to the state allowing me to switch providers befor were allowed (something equates pharmacy saw reflected in records during internal grievances just befor I left their pharmacy last yr, but ignored)

And the only electrologist in the state willing to try, explaining why she cant.

Equatas promotes 2 businesses as trans competent, one is Cheri and Kay at Ghanna skin care, who wont work with Medicaid due to tax fears. The other is Vickie Mickie who runs the school About Face here in Columbus, whose the TERF that created the 92 ORC code (that bars me from school), the 93 amendment added too(denying coverage under medicare giving it a zero reimbursement rate). Charging 3xs as much as anyone else, having her students slave the work out, no trans person goes through her as we couldn’t afford too- and she didn’t claim to do trans clients until cheri and kay did, 7 yrs ago- this insider knowledge is why Equatas refuses to allow me to speak at transforming care, a conference on my own healthcare?!

Unraveling Injustice: Race and Class Impact of Medicaid Exclusions of Transition-Related Health Care for Transgender People

begin rant* – ever since the war on the poor took the knee jerk reaction of taking Americas mentally ill off meds that work during an election cycle, because they can’t stomach that their sons an daughters have a character defect wrought of a society that privileges business over people which in turn causes people to seek forms of escapism; instead blaming compounds that have been in our DNA since the Egyptians, I haven’t been able to deal. Consequences of this is that no one can get their meds now whether for pain management or mental health; one mg klonopin was abortive therapy for cyclical vomiting syndrome for 6 yrs… it worked, I could do my schooling, I was a community volunteer, saved an opera house. As needed, I’m not addicted, can pass a drug test, the tool of medication that allowed me to be in a social scenario that’s been missing from my medication list equivalent to the relevantly recent loss of my calendar planning skills and academic career. I use light therapy, vitamin d supplement, controlled breathing, maintain a blog to use writing as a therapy when I can, and try to be active with projects to distract myself though end up destroying myself in them, self-care is a concept for those able to step away. On a basic medication for anxiety and depression called Lexapro, my Omenezaprole is years over its intended use and doesn’t really help I still drink liquids like broth for days depending on the severity and duration of my attacks in which I can lose not days nor weeks but months in spells of despondency, its treating a symptom not the cause, I’m doing all that I can to maintain and it isn’t enough. Ask my hairdresser about the knots, lost half my hair,lol. they took me off my meds 3 yrs ago because its close enough as a benzo to the opioids their truly afraid of, to make those employed in the field too afraid to prescribe under threat. Remember its fear that drives people and thus it is fear that drives our systems. Even with disability services thru the past 2 schools, my academic career, and only source of survival has now dissolved much like myself. I quit my volunteer work, and fought discrimination to a predictable losing end, and now have this magical ability to fall on my sword no matter how detrimental. Highly avoidant to social areas and scenarios that trigger past abuse happening anywhere from walking down a sidewalk to small crowds in stores, to police profiling and harassment, discrimination at Cincinnati State and sexual assault in school at Sinclair, to interaction within state systems with no outlet for grievance, we are attacked over bathrooms and simply standing in line at a store let alone randomly being physically assaulted every other year from people you don’t even know, police aren’t there to help us tortured for sport when you cant afford that imagined traffic fine wrought of a seatbelt exemption and imaginary primary excuse to pull one over coupled with transphobic targeting, no longer trusting people as the only thing worse than a bigot is a bystander. Im bounced between anxiety inducing issues to a point my body shakes and just has to shut down, sleep because my mind can’t handle the stress, causing me to miss deadlines or not do things. i feel like something got hurt that isn’t healing. Which leaves me unable to properly respond to such external stimuli as found in daily life. Even quit watching tv due to its random transphobic content and propaganda, we are not the butt of your jokes, or a plot twist. This whole-time expending energy and gas money I don’t have driving all over the state, running on long shots that rarely if ever pan out, homeless even now floating, missing appointments and timelines. Afraid all the time. Afraid for the future, afraid for myself, afraid for people I don’t know. My nightmares are when reality creeps itself into my dreams waking from one into another. TBH it’s amazing I found a place to accept this HUD voucher on my own literally with 5 mins to spare or I would of lost it- site unseen; looking for help that doesn’t exist, forced to fight systems that claim to be there for us over basic services, not even just to access my own healthcare but for that of my sisters coming behind me, as the knot in my gut causes me to puke in a stainless steel cup from Mental Health America given us at a roundtable meeting I stumbled into with Equates. Blame my survival on a healthy dark humor surrounding irony, not any sense of community. -*end rant

INSERT PIC OF USED CUP, maybe I won’t for sensibilities/ vulgarity of it. Though the reality isn’t pretty it’s the kind of thing you should see and be aware of. Leave the cap on for ya, I literally vomit in this cup while driving due to my untreated CVS symptoms.

One last thing. Through this grievance I’m not advocating for anything but further training beyond Stonewall and a revision of North Central/Equates hardline “best practice” policy detrimentally misapplied to treatment for rare disorders (medication management for CVS), including equal access to programs and services to trans clients (denial of case management). I know that the neglect that I face right now from North Central (denial) and Mental Health America (coverup) will be faced by every other trans person who unwittingly goes through them if there isn’t some sort of oversight and accountability held against this organization. I seek to let the harm already done be used in an educational manor to effect positive change while still needing a mental healthcare TEAM as I’m currently left for dead. When is anyone actually going to help us instead of claim to?

We are not cisgender like those who run these systems and hold our healthcare in their hands

we don’t have cis privilege, we don’t have access to all those things most take for granted, the ability to connect with another person on a relationship level, a fair shot, support structures, civil rights, advocacy…

so many of the things we face get categorized under consequences of the imperceptible.


Like Caresource misusing medication management questions moreso than any other Medicaid insurer to dox, out, and deny trans people care- which is one of the only things a pharmacist at Equatas can do to make money outside their payscale. During this time they are repeatedly referred to my change of insurance befor were allowed due to discrimination from Caresource.

Rite Aid complaint.docx

we have specific needs and face unique barriers different than other LGB clients. I offer this as a starting point, trans 201. If you would like to go further reach out to Kimberly Griffiths here in Columbus who runs Mozaic, remember Equates is not an authority, but she is. Or Johna Yokoyama in Cincinnati who runs Heartland Trans Wellness, both are licensed and can-do trainings for your staff that count towards your continuing education credits and deserve referral. http://bilerico.lgbtqnation.com/2014/04/trans_201_dispelling_myths_and_misconceptions.php

Who am I to tell leading mental health boards their best practices harm people? Saved a spikey fern on my way out from ADAMH, it was poisoned.

^ Their system had told them to get rid of the gnats, for image, in doing so they sprayed gas in their office that killed off all their potted plants too, sans one who was on the brink who had lost all its leaves and left to dry out and die, all because they were untrained or mis-trained to deal with this issue. Removing the plant from the hostile environment, flush the poison out of its root system, give it new soil direct sunlight and stability of a terracotta pot, now its dead nubs are ever so slowly turning green again… perhaps my empathy is too high or I’m in the same scenario. Just because a model excludes trans people’s needs, doesn’t mean our specific needs are wrong, see models tend to reflect reality and if they don’t, we revision them.  Just something to think about… as the evidence presented begs.

Please do not take my ability to articulate discrimination as a lack of need of services, all one needs to do is look at my dissolving academic career, OCD is another of my quirks and I have nothing but time to research things no one cares about ☹

On 7/12/20 I called the local bigot police in franklin township (not Columbus but warren) who have been harassing me since I was a teenager, trying to file grievance against the officer, and told them they only option I have is suicide due to their harassment in court I wouldn’t be returning. Not right now, im not in crisis, anymore than ive been in crises over the past decade. This is ideation taking hold, circular thoughts. The cuts on my arm from 2 decades ago equate to the paint blotches dripping down the concrete wall of a cell in juvinial detention where my mom used the court as a way to enforce conversion therapy as they had with food housing clothing toys etc. anyhoo this court has been fucking with me for years, railroading me through cases I would of won had I been given a lawyer at any point. To a point my license is suspended due to a glitch in a system claiming I was driving suspended over insurance I held the entire time even now. from a problem they created. I am harassed and misgendered by the clerk, the judge, and now the bigot who pulls me over because he learned from the top down I have no human rights. Walked away from Equality Ohio in the midsts of this over its refusal to address the job and family services birth certificate issue. Nay the suicide would be random pulled over, not next time cause I have triple aaa, but the next after that when they try to punish me for going to a dr appointment via state sanctioned torture of trans women in jail, is when I become a random suicide pulled over on the highway because proper routes don’t exist. The receptionist who responded to that call is helping me file charges against the officer, and will be getting a copy of this as well when I do.


^yes ODD does still need this, we have applied for SSDI and ODD many times but they always send something to an address im no longer at or by time comes to appeal im left for dead by yet another mental health agency.
I have tried to find help.
This is me asking for it yet again knowing it doesn’t exist.
I’m pulled between two equal possibilities; the productive citizen who spends her life helping people, or just another victim of systemic apathy.

a decade of discrimination from metropolitan housing authorities and job and family service programs

silhouette photo of person holding door knob
Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

CMHA port hearing defence

^ the rough draft hearing defence link has scans that walk you thru a decade, spanning 4 counties.

responce to HUDs intake

^ letter to HUD

OCR is fake and says they have no jurisdiction, that needs appealled twice befor i can get anyone to read it,lol. then i can ask to speak to the comissioners appointed during the cycle.

responce saying no jurisdiction
for broader context equality ohio is pushing a hidden RFRA guised as a “fairnesss act” that will destroy caselaw and institute religious arbitration within the office of civil rights, who just told me they have no jurisdiction.

equality ohio was representing me untile 8/2/19 when my fake civil rights lawyer Andy tried to talk me out of filling a discrimiantion complaint and maya explained how they have neutered themselves from ever fixing society by their own funding restrictions. plus its cis people, they dont care about gender identity cases. apparently nobody else does either, the ACLU here are run by terfs who are going for an amendment but not a correction of a birth certificate, which will still out us in any background check ever. our trans orgs are run by privelaged people with thier own dissacioatiated pet projects that will never help those in need- who see “foodstamps/devisive issue” without realizing that job and family services are your access point to most of all the state programs meant to help those in need; WIC, disability, job placement programs like workforce one and the bureau of vocation rehabilitation, insert your county here housing authority, etc. but if your over 18, dont have HIV, and are poor “go die”

i cant access basic social resources because those who run state services, specifically any under greater cincinatis JFS hub, including cincinnati metropolitan housing authority, refuse to recognize my legal sex documentation as female on the passport and ID given them, prefering to use a secoundary gender document in a birth certificate ohio wont let us correct even under court order. itd be like signing for a HUD voucher under the N word, and is an act of violence against the core of my person that comes coupled with individual staff discrimiantion in each of these counties and systems.

this is why its contractually illegal for the state to not already have a route for correction of their systems and documents , which if anyone cared could make them ineligible to receive federal funding for anything…alas. trans people dont get legal representation, it wouldnt be a proper genocide if we did.

this is how you win, with people who are being harmed by the states refusal of proper documentation, not just selectively picked privelaged peeps who were able to afford a lawyer to get a court order to have the DoH throw it away for decades. (aclu is a running joke)

Personnel Management issued guidance announcing that the federal government’s policy of providing a workplace free of discrimination based on sex includes a prohibition against discrimination based on gender identityIn 2012, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that discrimination on the basis of gender identity is discrimination on the basis of sex. Macy v. Holder, Appeal No. 0120120821 (EEOC April 20, 2012). More recently, the President announced that discrimination based on gender identity is prohibited for purposes of federal employment and government contracting. See Executive Order 13672 (July 21, 2014); see also U.S. Dep’t of Labor Directive 2014-02 (August 19, 2014). After considering the text of Title VII, the relevant Supreme Court case law interpreting the statute, and the developing jurisprudence in this area, I have determined that the best reading of Title VII’ s prohibition of sex discrimination is that it encompasses discrimination based on gender identity, including transgender status. The most straightforward reading of Title VII is that discrimination “because of … sex” includes discrimination because an employee’s gender identification is as a member of a particular sex, or because the employee is transitioning, or has transitioned, to another sex

https://www.justice.gov/file/ 188671/download

OCR frequently asked questions concerning section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act

  1. Why is the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) proposing a rule addressing Section 1557?

OCR is proposing this rule to educate consumers about their rights and to help covered entities understand their legal obligations under Section 1557. The proposed rule builds on the standards of the four federal civil rights laws referenced in Section 1557 and their implementing regulations: Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975.  In addition, the proposed rule provides new standards that apply to sex discrimination in health care and establishes standards that apply to the Marketplaces and health programs administered by HHS.

  1. Who does the proposed rule apply to?

The proposed rule applies to every health program or activity that receives HHS funding, every health program or activity administered by HHS, such as the Indian Health Service or the Medicare program, and every health program or activity administered by an entity created by Title I of the ACA.  Examples of covered entities include hospitals, health clinics, health insurance programs, state Medicaid agencies, community health centers, physician’s practices, home health care agencies, and the Health Insurance Marketplaces.

While the proposed rule applies only to HHS and the health programs and activities it funds, the Section 1557 statute applies more broadly to health programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance from any Executive agency.  Each agency has enforcement authority over the health programs and activities it funds; HHS encourages other agencies to adopt the standards in this proposed rule in their own enforcement of Section 1557.

  1. What does the provision that specifically addresses equal program access on the basis of sex in health programs and activities require?

The proposed provision requires covered entities to provide individuals equal access to health programs and activities without discrimination on the basis of sex and to treat individuals consistent with their gender identity. This provision applies to all health programs and activities, including access to facilities, administered by the    covered entity.   This proposed approach is consistent with recent guidance and enforcement actions taken by the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


There has also been radical advancements in the fields of medicine and understandings in biology that now view “transgenderism” as an intersex variance, the National Institute of Health and the American Medical Association recognize the afflicted as a health disparency population and have also developed guidelines for treatment and care.

Whereas, The American Medical Association opposes discrimination on the basis of gender identity1 2 and 3 4 Whereas, Gender Identity Disorder (GID) is a serious medical conditionrecognized as such in both the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th 5 Ed., Text Revision) (DSM-IV-TR) and the International Classification of Diseases (10th Revision),2 6 7 and is characterized in the DSM-IV-TR as a persistent discomfort with one’s assigned 8 sex and with one’s primary and secondary sex characteristics, which causes intense emotional pain and suffering..


WHO World Health Organization, document explaining social inequality concerning access to health care and the detriment to health


APA American Psychology Association

As stated in the Policy on Transgender, Gender Identity & Gender Expression NonDiscrimination,the APA “opposes all public and private discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived gender identity and expression and urges the repeal of discriminatory laws and policies” and “calls upon psychologists in their professional roles to provide appropriate, nondiscriminatory treatment to transgender and gender variant individuals and encourages psychologists to take a leadership role in working against discrimination towards transgender and gender variant individuals[.]”


HHS U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, released guidelines

“The final rule helps consumers who are seeking to understand their rights and clarifies the responsibilities of health care providers and insurers that receive federal funds. The final rule also addresses the responsibilities of issuers that offer plans in the Health Insurance Marketplaces. Among other things, the final rule prohibits marketing practices or benefit designs that discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. The final rule also prohibits discriminatory practices by health care providers, such as hospitals that accept Medicare or doctors who participate in the Medicaid program.”


While JFS is a state run program it gets its funding from the fed and in part of that is required to follow federal contract regulations including non discrimination policy which includes gender identity and expression under sex discrimination.

SNAP foodstamp program- Nondiscrimination policy

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital and family status.

To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, 14th and Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call (202) 720-5964 (voice and TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

http://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/ eligibility​

Title 7 USC2020

(c) Civil rights compliance

(1) In general

In the certification of applicant households for the supplemental nutrition assistance program, there shall be no discrimination by reason of race, sex, religious creed, national origin, or political affiliation.

(2) Relation to other laws

The administration of the program by a State agency shall be consistent with the rights of households under the following laws (including implementing regulations):

(A) The Age Discrimination Act of 1975 (42 U.S.C. 6101 et seq.).

(B) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. 794).

(C) The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12101 et seq.).

(D) Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000d et seq.).

(t) Grants for simple application and eligibility determination systems and improved access to benefits

(1) In general

Subject to the availability of appropriations under section 2027(a) of this title, for each fiscal year, the Secretary shall use not more than $5,000,000 of funds made available under section 2027(a)(1) of this title to make grants to pay 100 percent of the costs of eligible entities approved by the Secretary to carry out projects to develop and implement-

(A) simple supplemental nutrition assistance program application and eligibility determination systems; or

(B) measures to improve access to supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits by eligible households.

(2) Types of projects

A project under paragraph (1) may consist of-

(A) coordinating application and eligibility determination processes, including verification practices, under the supplemental nutrition assistance program and other Federal, State, and local assistance programs;

(B) establishing methods for applying for benefits and determining eligibility that-

(i) more extensively use-

(I) communications by telephone; and

(II) electronic alternatives such as the Internet; or

(ii) otherwise improve the administrative infrastructure used in processing applications and determining eligibility;

(C) developing procedures, training materials, and other resources aimed at reducing barriers to participation and reaching eligible households;

(D) improving methods for informing and enrolling eligible households; or

(E) carrying out such other activities as the Secretary determines to be appropriate.

(3) Limitation

A grant under this subsection shall not be made for the ongoing cost of carrying out any project.

(4) Eligible entities

To be eligible to receive a grant under this subsection, an entity shall be-

(A) a State agency administering the supplemental nutrition assistance program;

(B) a State or local government;

(C) an agency providing health or welfare services;

(D) a public health or educational entity; or

(E) a private nonprofit entity such as a community-based organization, food bank, or other emergency feeding organization.

By not already having a statewide standard route for correction of gender within JFS systems, the state is not being compliant nor consistent in its ability to recognize and exchange documentation from other state and federal agencies.

  1. v) Data exchange standards for improved interoperability

(1) Designation

The Secretary shall, in consultation with an interagency work group established by the Office of Management and Budget, and considering State government perspectives, designate data exchange standards to govern, under this chapter-

(A) necessary categories of information that State agencies operating related programs are required under applicable law to electronically exchange with another State agency; and

(B) Federal reporting and data exchange required under applicable law.

(2) Requirements

The data exchange standards required by paragraph (1) shall, to the maximum extent practicable-

(A) incorporate a widely accepted, nonproprietary, searchable, computer-readable format, such as the eXtensible Markup Language;

(B) contain interoperable standards developed and maintained by intergovernmental partnerships, such as the National Information Exchange Model;

(C) incorporate interoperable standards developed and maintained by Federal entities with authority over contracting and financial assistance;

(D) be consistent with and implement applicable accounting principles;

(E) be implemented in a manner that is cost-effective and improves program efficiency and effectiveness; and

(F) be capable of being continually upgraded as necessary.

http://uscode.house.gov/view. xhtml?req=sex+discrimination& f=treesort&fq=true&num=14&hl= true&edition=prelim&granuleId= USC-prelim-title7-section2020

HIPAA’s new electronic health records certification requirements dictate the ability to change “demographics” including sex.– clinical decision support, Voluntary 2015 Edition Electronic Health Record (EHR) Certification Criteria; Interoperability Updates and Regulatory Improvements

https://www.federalregister. gov/documents/2014/02/26/2014- 03959/voluntary-2015-edition- electronic-health-record-ehr- certification-criteria- interoperability-updates

As such,requests for anything other than my legal identification are an undue burden of proof of that identification, which has been a detriment to my ability to access social services and which is not required of anyone else but the specific minority effectively denied thru its demand.

7 U.S. Code § 2020 – Administration

(4)Review of major changes in program design

(A)In generalThe Secretary shall develop standards for identifying major changes in the operations of a State agency, including—

(i)large or substantially-increased numbers of low-income households that do not live in reasonable proximity to an office performing the major functions described in subsection (e);

(ii)substantial increases in reliance on automated systems for the performance of responsibilities previously performed by personnel described in subsection (e)(6)(B);

(iii)changes that potentially increase the difficulty of reporting information under subsection (e) or section 2015(c) of this title; and

(iv)changes that may disproportionately increase the burdens on any of the types of households described in subsection (e)(2)(A).

For at least the past 4 yrs leaving interpretation of documentation concerning gender classification up to county case managers is what has created this inconsistency and indecision. From county to county its different, but here in Butler and Warren and no doubt other counties (i would find out its state wide discrimiantion), the biases and misinterpretation of a caseworker untrained in medical science pertaining to the condition defined as “persistent and insistrent gender identity“, is allowed to deny me proper identification (reflected in my DMV records) thus access to services. Federal guidance has explicitly made clear its intent in coverage of gender identity protections and the OCR would recognize this as a failure of the state to enact policy in accordance with its funding stipulations. Important to realize that all this federal guidance wasnt the Obama administration, it was the US receiving failing marks on the UNs human rights report card in 2010 spurring each individual branch to do its own internal investigations and study; all coming to the same conclusion that indeed we as a nation are in violation.

(b)Correction of improper denials and under­issuances

When a State agency learns, through its own reviews under section 2025 of this title or other reviews, or through other sources, that it has improperly denied, terminated, or underissued benefits to an eligible household, the State agency shall promptly restore any improperly denied benefits to the extent required by subsection (e)(11) and section 2023(b) of this title, and shall take other steps to prevent a recurrence of such errors where such error was caused by the application of State agency practices, rules or procedures inconsistent with the requirements of this chapter or with regulations or policies of the Secretary issued under the authority of this chapter.

https://www.law.cornell.edu/ uscode/text/7/2020


The administrative agency must use one of the following identity documents in combination with a birth or nationality document listed in paragraph (B)(2) of this rule. (a) A driver’s license or similar document issued for the purpose of identification by a state, if it contains a photograph of the individual or such other personal identifying information relating to the individual, such as: name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color and address; (b) An identification card issued by federal, state, or local government agencies or entities, provided it contains a photograph or other information such as: name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color and address; (c) A U.S. military card or draft record; (d) A military dependent’s identification card; (e) A U.S. coast guard merchant mariner card; (f) A school identification card with a photograph; (g) A cross match with a federal or state governmental office, public assistance agency, law enforcement agency, or corrections agency data system to establish identity, if the agency establishes and certifies true identity of individuals;

The citizenship verification requirement shall not apply to the following groups, because these individuals have already satisfied the citizenship verification requirement in order to receive the following assistance: (a) Individuals enrolled in any part of medicare, as defined in Chapter 5101:1-39 of the Administrative Code;(b) Individuals who are receiving supplemental security income (SSI); (c) Individuals receiving social security disability insurance (SSDI); (d) Individuals to whom adoption or foster care assistance is made available under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act; (e) Individuals in foster care to whom child welfare services are made available under Title IV-B of the Social Security Act; and (f) Other individuals on such other basis as the secretary of the department of health and human services may specify, by regulation, that satisfactory documentary evidence of citizenship or nationality was previously presented.

Although some documents may be listed as both birth and nationality documents and identity documents, a document may only be used to satisfy either birth and nationality or identity, not both.


About HUD’s Equal Access Rules:

On February 3, 2012, HUD issued the first of three rules focusing on ensuring fair and equal access to housing for all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, nonconformance with gender stereotypes, or marital status. The first rule, “Equal Access to Housing in HUD Programs Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity” required that a determination of eligibility for housing that is assisted by HUD or subject to a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration shall be made in accordance with the eligibility requirements provided for such program by HUD, and such housing shall be made available without regard to actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. The rule also included a definition for sexual orientation and gender identity, and expanded the definition of family in most of HUD’s programs.

Building on that rule, on September 21, 2016 HUD issued a final rule, “Equal Access in Accordance with an Individual’s Gender Identity in Community Planning and Development Programs Rule” (Gender Identity Rule). The Gender Identity Rule ensures that all individuals have equal access to many of the Department’s core shelter programs in accordance with their gender identity. Following what had previously been a practice encouraged by HUD, providers that operate single-sex projects using funds awarded through the Office of Community Planning and Development (CPD) are required by the rule to provide all individuals, including transgender individuals and other individuals who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth, with access to programs, benefits, services, and accommodations in accordance with their gender identity without being subjected to intrusive questioning or being asked to provide documentation. HUD’s rule will require a recipient, subrecipient, or provider to establish, amend, or maintain program admissions, occupancy, and operating policies and procedures (including policies and procedures to protect individuals’ privacy and security), so that equal access is provided to individuals based on their gender identity. This requirement includes tenant selection and admission preferences. The rule also updates the definition for sexual orientation and gender identity.

Lastly, on November 17, 2016 HUD issued a third final rule, “Equal Access to Housing in HUD’s Native American and Native Hawaiian Programs-Regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.” This rule applied the same equal access provisions from the first rule to HUD’s Native American and Native Hawaiian programs. Therefore, those programs are also required to make a determination of eligibility for housing that is assisted by HUD or subject to a mortgage insured by HUD in accordance with the eligibility requirements provided for such program by HUD, and such housing shall be made available without regard to actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.

Know Your Rights Under the Fair Housing Act and HUD’s Rules:

It is prohibited under the Fair Housing Act for any landlord or housing provider to discriminate against LGBTQ persons because of their real or perceived gender identity or any other reason that constitutes sex based discrimination.

It is illegal for any landlord or housing provider to deny housing because of someone’s HIV/AIDS status under the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

It is prohibited for a lender to deny an FHA-insured mortgage to any qualified applicant based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.

It is prohibited for any landlord or housing provider who receives HUD or FHA funds to discriminate against a tenant on the basis of real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status.

It is prohibited for all homeless facilities to segregate or isolate transgender individuals solely based on their gender identity.

How to File a Housing Discrimination Complaint:

If you believe you have experienced (or are about to experience) housing discrimination, you should contact HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity for help at (800) 669-9777. You may also download the Apple AppAndroid App, or file a housing discrimination complaint online. HUD will thoroughly review your allegation to determine if the claims you raise are jurisdictional under the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Access Rule.

Additionally, if you have experienced (or are about to experience) housing discrimination in a HUD-funded program or when seeking a HUD-insured mortgage, you should contact your local HUD office for assistance with alleged violations of HUD program regulations.


which im about to do becasue CMHA refuses to recognize my gender identity reflected in the legal identification documents provided, which has allowed this recent bat of staff discrimination from CMHA which includes being lied to, misgendered in a denial letter after explaining this being the very reason im not safe in cincinnati due to inability to access social resources due to systemic denial of my legal identiy. greivance routes within CMHA are non existent.